IBM quantum computer 17 times powerful 2023 launch than the current - Quantum computing is still at an early stage and both technology and its real-life applications are still far from showing the full potential they have. A slow progress but that does not stop. The latest big news is that IBM technology has announced that by 2023 it will have ready a computer of 1000 qubit, which means multiplying by 17 the current capacity.

Qubits are the quantum equivalents of classical computing bits. They are an advanced sibling capable of storing more information, since they can not only be set to 1 or 0, but can represent both at the same time.

IBM's launch of the Quantum Condor in 2023 with a processing capacity of 1,121 qubits means you can see quantum computers starting to tackle large operations related to real-world problems. Leaving behind the current phase where its use is limited only to experiments carried out in laboratories.

"We think of Condor as a turning point, a milestone that will mark our ability to implement bug fixes and scale our devices. At the same time it is complex enough to explore all the potential advantages of quantum computing. There are problems that we can solve more efficiently on a quantum computer than with the best supercomputers in the world, " said physicist Jay Gambetta , a member of IBM and vice president of IBM Quantum, in a statement.

The goal set by IBM is very ambitious considering that the largest quantum computer currently has 65 qubits. The company has marked the way to reach the 1,121 qubits step by step. By 2021 they will present a machine of 127 qubits, by 2022 of 443 qubits, in 2023 the one of 1,121 qubits and at some point unspecified expect to reach the million qubits.

IBM quantum computer 17 times powerful 2023 launch

IBM hopes that by committing to these goals it will be able to better focus its quantum computing efforts, and that other companies working on the same technology will know that it will come in the coming years, adding some certainty to an unpredictable field.

"We have reached the point where there is enough investment and what is really important is to start having coordination and signaling mechanisms so that we do not misallocate resources and so allow everyone to do their part," Dario Gil, senior executive at IBM, told TechCrunch.

Scientists believe that it would take a million qubits to extract the full potential of quantum technology, but with 1,000 qubits it would be enough to maintain a stable system where they interact with each other. "You could achieve quantum teleportation between computer chips to simulate chemical reactions," explains the software company.

According to IBM, one of the privileged companies with their own quantum computers, having more qubits provides better error correction, a crucial process to make sure calculations are accurate, and reduces the impact of interference.

It should be remembered that quantum computers are very delicate and require complex configurations and installations where the temperature is low, there is no interference from other devices and there is no big noise.

End of IBM quantum computer 17 times powerful 2023 launch


Telefónica eliminates permanence in all its contracts and becomes the only major operator that does not apply commitments to its tariffs

The teleoperadora offers from today all its contracts free of this commitment and apply also to all customers who have any permanence in force.

The move is the continuation that the company led by Alvarez-Pallete began in 2013, when it decided to eliminate permanences from its mobile tariffs. Two years later, also eliminated it on some Movistar Fusion TV products and last year was expanded to fusion rates.

Movistar tariffs linked to fixed voice lines, copper broadband and fixed radio access and fibre are now added.

As highlighted by Emilio Gayo, President of Telefónica España, "with this initiative we promote our goal that customers choose Movistar for the quality and variety of its services, in a free way".

On the other hand, Telefónica improves the promotion of Infinite contract of 24,95€ / month for all new subscriptions, portability and migrations from prepaid to contract increasing from 6 to 12 months.

The operator joins the big companies that are betting on being more flexible in the services they offer to customers.

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