Only 2 of Facebook's initial employees are still in the company: what has become of the Information list first 20 Facebook social network workers - Who were the people behind Facebook when it was just a startup? Where are they now?

Only 2 of the top 20 Facebook employees still work at the company and you'll probably guess who one of them is.

Most left during the beginnings of the social network to work in other technology companies or create their own companies. Many have become successful investors within large venture capital companies and are now absurdly wealthy after Facebook's IPO in 2012.

Information list first 20 Facebook social network workers

Read on to find out where the top 20 Facebook employees are now.

1-Dustin Moskovitz, Facebook's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), was Mark Zuckerberg's roommate. They both left Harvard together to move to California and work on Facebook

Employed by Facebook: from February 2004 to November 2009.

Facebook post: co-founder.

Where you are now: Moskovitz is the co-founder and CEO of the software company Asana. He also co-founded Good Ventures, a company whose mission is to " help humanity thrive." He has a fortune of nearly $ 11.6 billion (nearly 10.0 billion euros at current exchange rate), according to Forbes.

2-Chris Hughes co-founded Facebook and was the first spokesperson for the web. He later coordinated the networking strategy for Obama's social media campaign in 2008

Employed by Facebook: February 2004 to 2007.

Facebook post: co-founder.

Where he is now: after working on the Obama campaign in 2008, Hughes became the CEO of Jumo, a startup that tried to use social media to change the world. In 2012, he bought a majority stake in the New Republic and became its executive chairman and editor-in-chief. In 2016, he released the magazine after it failed to be profitable.

Hughes made $ 500 million when Facebook debuted on the parquet. Recently, he has written a book entitled The Fair Shot: Rethinking Inequality and how we Earn, citing his own wealth, most of which comes from his 2% on Facebook. And, in May 2019, Hughes threw a bomb by publishing an opinion piece in the New York Times in which he called on regulators to dismantle Facebook to protect users and competition.

Hughes is now co-chair of the Economic Security Project, a group that wants to make universal basic income a reality in the United States.

3-Eduardo Saverin was co-founder of Facebook and its first CFO. He's famous for suing Mark Zuckerberg.

Employed by Facebook: February 2004 to 2005.

Facebook post: co-founder.

Where it is now: after winning a legal battle against Facebook that allowed it to maintain its co-founder status, Saverin began investing in startups like Chris Hughes ' Qwiki and Jumo. In 2011, Saverin renounced his U.S. Citizenship and moved to Singapore, meaning that the taxes he had to pay for the profits he made when Facebook went public were significantly reduced.

He says he has no hard feelings towards Facebook or Mark Zuckerberg, who expelled him from the company shortly after its launch. Saverin has a fortune of approximately $ 10.5 billion (about 8.9 billion euros), according to Forbes.

4-Sean Parker was co-founder of Napster and founding president of Facebook

Employed by Facebook: June 2004 to January 2006.

Facebook post: President.

Where it is now: Parker has invested in several technology companies, including Spotify and Asana, and was a partner in venture capital firm Founders Fund until 2014. He has a personal fortune of about 2.700 million dollars (almost 2.300 million euros), according to Forbes.

Parker is an active philanthropist, who has launched multiple foundations focused on cancer and public health.

5-Andrew McCollum designed the first Facebook logo and worked on a side project with Zuckerberg called Wirehog

Employed by Facebook: February 2004 to September 2006.

Post on Facebook: co-founder, engineer.

Where it is now: McCollum joined Flybridge Capital Partners as a private investor in 2011 and then became a partner in venture capital firm NEA. Since then he has invested and been involved in other tech startups, such as Quilt and JobSpice, and is currently the CEO of the Philo streaming service.

6-Taner Halicioglu was the first" real " employee of Facebook outside the founders. Built all the initial hardware infrastructure

Employed by Facebook: October 2004 to November 2009.

Post on Facebook: senior software / operations engineer.

Where Is it now: Halicioglu became the leading security engineer of Blizzard Entertainment. He is now a professor at the University of California at San Diego in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering. It recently donated $ 75 million to the school to create its Halicioglu Data Science Institute.

7-Naomi Gleit was tasked from the beginning to make sure that "literally everyone was on the web". Apart from Mark Zuckerberg, she is the oldest employee of the company

Employed by Facebook: April 2005 to present.

First position on Facebook: associate director of Marketing.

Where she is now: Gleit is Facebook's vice president of Social Welfare and one of Zuckerberg's top lieutenants. He directs all of the company's efforts in terms of security controls, fundraising tools, and the like.

8-Kevin Colleran lived with Zuckerberg in the Facebook-owned house in Palo Alto in the summer of 2004. Now he's an investor.

Employed by Facebook: April 2005 to July 2011.

Facebook post: Global Alliances.

Where it is now: Colleran was one of the last original employees to leave Facebook. Now, he is CEO of venture capital firm Slow Ventures with Dave Morin and other former Facebook employees.

9-Gilles Mischler built and designed Facebook's IT infrastructure from scratch

Employed by Facebook: June 2005 to May 2010.

Post on Facebook: security and systems engineer.

Where it is now: after Facebook, Mischler left for Game Developer Playdom. It was only there a few weeks, as the company was acquired by Disney for more than 700 million dollars. Mischler worked at Dropbox for 5 years before becoming an engineer at WeWork. During the pandemic he started working on Pinterest as a network engineer.

10-you can thank engineer Scott Marlette to be able to visually control all your friends: he created the first Facebook photo app

Employed by Facebook: June 2005 to January 2010.

Position on Facebook: engineer, product director.

Where she is now: Marlette co-founded medical startup GoodRx. He is now a partner of the venture capital firm Slow Ventures with other Facebook employees.

Information list first 20 Facebook social network workers

11-Aaron Sittig was soon signed from Napster by Sean Parker. Created the concept of tagging friends on Facebook photos and the'Like' button

Employed by Facebook: from May 2005 to December 2010, from January 2011 to December 2012.

Post on Facebook: Head of design strategy, product architect.

Where it is now: Sittig was the first Facebook designer and a close friend of Mark Zuckerberg. He left the company in 2010 and returned in 2011 for a two-year period as a product architect. In 2015, he became managing partner of Public Studio, A Brand Design Studio in San Francisco.

12-Nick Heyman took care of controlling the explosive Facebook traffic, although he wasn't there long

Employed by Facebook: April 2005.

Position on Facebook: director of operations.

Where he is now: Heyman has worked at other tech companies, including Twitter. He has also invested in startups like Nuzzel and ShopPad. He is currently managing partner of DynoVC.

13-Steve King led Facebook's media sales and was responsible for getting its first big advertisers, such as Panasonic and Microsoft

Employed by Facebook: April 2005 to July 2006.

Position on Facebook: Director of media sales.

Where it is now: after Facebook, King joined LocaModa as vice president of sales. He now runs a real estate investment firm in Boston.

14-Tricia Black worked at Y2M, a company that sold ads for college magazines. Facebook's Facebook co-founder, Eduardo Saverin, arranged a meeting with Black, who began selling ads for Facebook and eventually became its first commercial vice president

Employed by Facebook: from March 2005 to June 2006.

Position on Facebook: vice president of advertising sales.

Where she is now: Black is the founder of AmplifyHer Ventures, a venture capital firm that invests in women entrepreneurs and culturally diverse teams.

15-Steve Chen left Facebook after a few months to help launch YouTube

Employed by Facebook: for a few months in 2005.

Facebook post: senior Software Engineer.

Where Is it now: Chen co-founded YouTube, which sold to Google for 1.650 million dollars. He co-founded another company, AVOS, in 2011. He now advises the Google investment branch (GV).

16-Matt Cohler was hired by Facebook's first investor, Peter Thiel, and was one of LinkedIn's founding members. Now, he is a partner of the firm of 'Venture capital' Benchmark

Employed by Facebook: February 2005 to October 2008.

Facebook post: Vice President of Product Management.

Where you are now: Cohler is a senior partner at Benchmark Capital and is an advisor to several companies such as Tinder and Asana. He occupied a chair at Uber's top management body when he relieved Bill Gurley in 2017, but has resigned.

17-Ezra Callahan was Sean Parker's roommate and was hired to " cut " the responsibilities of CFO Eduardo Saverin

Employed by Facebook: December 2004 to July 2010.

Facebook post: Internal Communications Manager, Product Manager.

Where he is now: Callahan is co-founder and head of the Investment Office of the Boutique Hotel Company Arrive, which has offices throughout the United States, such as Palm Springs, Memphis and Albuquerque.

18-James Pereira was the seventh employee of Facebook. He left three years later

Employed by Facebook: July 2004 to August 2007.

Post on Facebook: engineer.

Where he is now: he is a software engineer at the boy Gorilla company in Portland (Oregon, USA), according to his Facebook profile.

19-Daniel Neff spent five months: he was the twentieth employee of Facebook and responsible for launching the new functions of the web

Employed by Facebook: may 2005 to October 2005.

Post on Facebook: engineer.

Where he is now: Neff has been at Adobe for 11 years, according to his LinkedIn profile. He is currently an operations architect at the company.

20-Mark Zuckerberg founded Facebook. The blue design of the site is due in part to its color blindness

Employed by Facebook: from February 2004 to the present.

Facebook post: CEO and co-founder.

Where it is now: still on Facebook, but much, much richer. Forbes estimates that his current fortune is $ 106.8 billion (90.18 billion euros).

21-Bonus: Adam D'angelo was a friend of Mark Zuckerberg in high school and ended up leaving Facebook to found Quora

Employed by Facebook: November 2006 to June 2008. Although technically not one of the top 20 employees, d'angelo was one of Zuckerberg's best friends in high school and worked on the social network long before he was on payroll.

Position on Facebook: Technology Manager (CTO).

Where he is now: d'angelo is co-founder and CEO of Quora.

Information list first 20 Facebook social network workers

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