This is how Instagram celebrates tenth company birthday: meet the 'story map' and other news that you can enjoy from today. Facebook Instagram has been 10 years since the birth of Instagram as a social network independent of Facebook, which has managed to achieve incomparable success.

In order not to miss this opportunity, the platform has released several novelties. Among them is a private Story Map, which offers a retrospective of all the stories you have shared over the past 3 years. So you can remember, and even republish, your favorite moments.

It has also incorporated a couple of updates, a short summary of its history and the IGTV Shopping update.

There's even a selection of custom app icons to Redesign Your Home screen's Instagram shortcut, which will be available immediately with the latest update.

Thanks to this, iOS and Android users will be able to choose from a variety of icons in shades of orange, yellow, green, purple, black, white, as well as other special designs such as the rainbow flag, the different versions of its classic icons, and even the first ones used in the trial versions of the application. However, it is not yet known whether these will have any other function, such as, for example, a complete theme that accompanies these aesthetics within the social network.

The truth is that this may come as a surprise to some users, since they had surely assumed that the ephemeral nature of the stories implied their total elimination.

However, in line with other Facebook apps, all content will remain stored on your servers for a long time.

Instagram celebrates tenth company birthday

Also, this is not the first time that Instagram has taken advantage of this feature of retrieving stories to create a new feature with which to provoke a strong push among its users.

For example, featured stories, first introduced in 2017 and allowing users to create a permanent site for some of its previously ephemeral content.

Another 2 new Instagram features that have also been implemented with the latest version have been scheduled along with the start of the National Harassment Prevention Month.

The first, which will start as a function in Tests, will automatically hide comments similar to others that have already been reported. However, they will still be visible under the view hidden comments tag if you want to know what has been removed.

As TechCrunch has collected, this feature is similar to that of hiding Twitter responses that launched globally last year.

In addition, Instagram is also expanding its warning feature to include an additional warning when people attempt to post offensive comments, focusing on repeat offenders.

In this sense, it is an improvement of the already present function driven by AI, which notifies people if their comment may be considered offensive, giving them the opportunity to reflect and make changes before publishing.

Now, he will suggest that the person take a moment to step back and reflect on his words and the possible consequences. In addition, the company has published new data on trends throughout its platform.

Thus, it has revealed the trends of music, as that KPOP is the most discussed genre. He has also reported that more than a million posts mentioning "meme" are shared on his platform daily. In addition, 50% of users watch a video on Instagram every day and there are more than 900 million reactions with emoticons sent daily and the average person sends 3 times more direct messages than comments.

Instagram celebrates tenth company birthday

More news:

Apple quietly stops selling headphones and speakers from Bose, Sonos and Logitech shortly before presenting its novelties in the world of sound

Apple's physical stores and the company's website previously sold non-branded sound products. According to Bloomberg, Cupertino is removing non-Apple sound products from its offering. Among the products that have been withdrawn, at least in the United States, are Helmets, headphones and accessories from companies such as Sonos, Bose or Logitech.

Apple's online store in Spain continues to sell accessories from Belkin or Pioneer, in addition to Beats —although the latter is Apple's subsidiary for audio products—.

The products have been withdrawn from the online store and physical stores in the United States, causing a 7% drop in Sonos shares in recent days.

Bloomberg points out that Apple's move responds to its new strategy to expand its catalog of sound products. The firm could unveil its first diadem helmets this year. The tech would also be working on a new, smaller version of its smart speaker, the HomePod.

For its part, the multinational has assured in statements to this economic medium that they will continue to sell a selected group of products of third-party brands compatible with their devices, and that the departure of the aforementioned brands respond to the regular changes that are made in their stores as new products are launched and changes the demand of their customers.

Bose, for its part, confirms that it has received an explanation from Apple for the removal of one of its speakers from store shelves: they will not sell more third-party speakers from September.

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