Instagram shop section reels aesthetic changes news: Instagram is a social network that, with the passage of time, has become more and more complete.

Now, it has been redesigned including some new features such as the integration of the store section, Reels and the relocation of other icons such as uploading photos/videos or consulting notifications.

You should know that you probably have not yet received the el version that includes these new sections and layout change, because it is not a final or stable version.

At first glance, beyond the dark mode that has already been available for quite some time, several changes are appreciated.

One of them is very obvious and is probably one of the first ones that you look at and think "the button to upload videos and photos has disappeared", but quiet, it has only been relocated.

Now, instead of the Add Content button, there is the 'Reels'button. As a summary, you should know that this is Instagram's bet to compete with TikTok, videos compatible with filters, different speeds and up to a minute in length.

The curious thing is that just pressing, it takes you to another Feed different from Instagram, although the navigation is very similar. At least for the moment it corresponds to a section that has many similarities with the 'for you' of TikTok. Videos inspired by your interests but from users you don't follow.

Instagram shop section reels aesthetic changes news

The heart icon is now housed in the upper right, specifically between the button to upload a video or photo and Direct Instagram messages.

Instead, there is now an icon of a bag. This is the new shop section that is quite more complete than it may seem at first glance.

When you enter Instagram Shop, you will find different products that market different stores or brands you follow in which a photograph is shown, the profile within the social network, the price and a small description.

When you click on any of the products, it will show the possibility to add the garment to the wish list, the price and the website. If you keep swiping down, you'll find a shortcut to the Instagram profile and other products from that same store.

In the upper right, there is an icon with 3 stripes where there are different sections:

- Wish list: the different garments you add will be collected to easily find them in the future.
- Store directory: you'll explore stores you already follow and recommend similar ones based on your tastes.
- Editor's suggestions: it is a list in which lists of products related to the time of year and other holidays are put.
- Brand collections: it is a collection like the previous one, but this time created by the brands themselves to present their latest collections.
- Guides: products related to a theme such as facial care or hair accessories.

At the moment it is unknown if Instagram would apply any type of commission to sales made through the platform. This section was a matter of time that ended up coming, since Facebook has it for quite some time.

Something curious is that the stores, at least at the moment, are from different countries because the currencies in which the prices appear are really different.

What is clear is that Instagram has seen a new way of advertising within its social network and will probably empower it, knowing even more the likes of each to recommend certain advertising.

Instagram shop section reels aesthetic changes news

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Telefónica launches Tech Ventures, its new vehicle to invest in cybersecurity

Phone Tech has announced on Thursday the launch of Telephone Tech Ventures, an investment vehicle in the that you will your bets in the field of cyber security, a sector that already has nine startups invested and expected to reach 15 emerging companies, both in early stages of investment as in more mature stages, with a total investment of up to € 6 million.

This investment arm is driven by its cybersecurity company ElevenPaths and Telefónica Innovacion Ventures, the venture capital entity of the Spanish teleco, and has a double objective: to channel Telefónica Tech's investment in cybersecurity, a sector that according to the company's forecasts will attract more than 8,000 million dollars this year alone, and detect innovation in this growing field.

Telefónica Tech has made several investments and acquisitions in the sector this year, such as the purchases of the consulting firm Govertis and the cybersecurity training company iHackLabs, as well as Telefónica Innovation Ventures in this area, such as Nozomi and 4iQ.

The Spanish teleco has in computer security one of its growing businesses, which reported 497 million euros in revenue in 2019, 26.5% more than the previous year, and aims to be a leader in this field in the countries in which it operates.

Among the areas of cybersecurity in which Telefónica hopes to invest are threat intelligence( investigation of cybersecurity threats), cloud security, data protection and automation of defense against cyber attacks using artificial intelligence.

"Since we created ElevenPaths eight years ago we have been close to the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the hacking community and this new vehicle will allow us to be even more so,” commented The Global director of Telefónica's digital consumption unit and President of ElevenPaths, Chema Alonso, through a statement.

The markets in which it will invest will be the strategic ones for the telecommunications group: Spain, Brazil, Germany and the United Kingdom, as well as in the most innovative environments, such as the United States and Israel. The Spanish multinational will also encourage co-investment in cybersecurity projects with other market players.

“It is not only a new opportunity for startups to develop business with Telefónica but also an opportunity for other investors who want to rely on the experience and leadership of ElevenPaths in cybersecurity and Telefónica Innovation Ventures in the field of risk capital and co-invest with us,” added the director of Telefónica Innovation Ventures, Guenia Gawendo.

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