This will let you know if your iPhone invades your privacy: you'll see when apps access your camera or microphone - iOS 14 alerts iPhone users privacy breaches - The latest update of Apple's operating system has reached iPhone users less than a week ago. Since September 16, iOS 14 has started to activate on the company's mobile phones compatible with this latest version.

There are many changes introduced by the new Settings, from widgets to organize and customize the Home screen, to Memojis with mask or enhanced privacy settings.

In this regard, the company has set out to help its users identify what permissions they grant to applications that are in use.

You might see some of those alerts, if you use iOS 14. The way Apple notifies you that an app is accessing the camera or microphone is simple: a color pilot is activated on the screen.

An orange light on the top right of your device will mean that an app is accessing the microphone. Meanwhile, if you find that same pilot in Green, iPhone notifies you that one of the lenses on your phone has been activated, as detailed in the operating system specifications.

iOS 14 alerts iPhone users privacy breaches

Apple has called this recording indicator feature, which describes it as follows: "an indicator appears at the top of your screen when an app is using your microphone or camera. In addition, in the control center you can see if an application has used any of them recently."

But it's not the only way the firm wants to help protect your privacy. Before you start a download on the App Store —and therefore you are likely to have access to your camera or microphone— it details what permissions you are being asked for.

This way, you'll be able to know in advance and more easily what privacy settings an app will require.

Apple's new policy, including other user improvements, is wreaking havoc on other companies in the industry. In addition to the above changes, iPhone users must give their explicit consent for apps to track them.

For example, if you download Facebook, you will be able to prevent the social network from obtaining your personal data for advertising purposes, from which the revenues of Mark Zuckerberg's company come.

For now, Apple has postponed until next year that possibility, tracking your information, because it harms companies whose business is based on ads.

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Amazon becomes more supportive: now you can donate 2.5% of your purchases to the school of your choice

Education is not at its best, because of the Pandemic, there are many schools that do not have enough resources to be able to carry out quality distance education. Amazon has just launched a plan that has baptized a click for the school with which it proposes to donate 2.5% of your purchases to the educational center of your choice.

Jeff Bezos ' company is siding with education and will try to help schools. It is an initiative created by Amazon and designed by an Italian company called Aitek.

One click for the school is already in operation and will run until March 21, 2021. During this period, purchases you make on more than 1,000 teaching-related products will be included in the program and Amazon will be responsible for accumulating that credit for non-university centers.

Schools and institutes that provide education from infancy to Baccalaureate, including vocational training, are automatically registered in the database, so you can select the school even without having to register.

The pandemic has pushed more users to shop online to be safer. At Amazon, if you are a student you can enjoy 90 days of Free Prime Student with all the advantages it offers and then at half price.

In addition to having free shipping and delivery in the day on thousands of products, you will be able to watch your favorite series and movies on Prime Video, enjoy Amazon Music HD... among many other advantages.

Without a doubt, it is a really useful subscription to get your order faster at really competitive prices.

In addition to this initiative, Amazon has launched 'Digital Lab'. It is a platform in which you can consult videos of different subjects and according to different levels. At the moment, there are not too many videos, but in the future the company will probably increase this catalog.

It should be noted that there are videos for both students and teachers, some of them very technical, but they can help in teaching.

In order for Amazon to donate 2.5% of those you buy, you must follow these steps:

-First of all, you should go to the initiative of a click for the school.
-Next, you must select whether you are a student, by clicking on the orange banner, or an educational center.
-You must then search for your school in the search bar or do so using the interactive map at the bottom.
-You must take into account, that the credit will go to a specific teaching, that is, you must choose whether your contribution will go to children, Primary, ESO, Baccalaureate or FP. The options will vary depending on the teaching offered by each school.
-Once you have found the school you are looking for, you must select the "Choose" button.
-Finally, you will click on the "login and confirm" button.

On this screen you will know if that center has been registered or not in the program, but you can support it even without having been registered, since the credit will accumulate until March 21 and the center will have until May 23 to spend it on what you need.

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