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Between 2013 and 2016, in connection with the group CardiffJobs, I assisted actively and personally their recruitment specialists team to help people into the work force.


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Jobs in Barcelona, Cardiff and London


Jobs in Catalonia, Spain
Barcelona is the biggest city in the Catalan region of Spain. With thousands of positions available, jobs ranging from temporary hospitality work all the way to call center operators, you will love your stay here. You will get access immediately to the famous and healthy Mediterranean cuisine, be charmed by touristic landscapes and probably have the best time of your life here in Barcelona. Get started with a new job now.
Jobs Barcelona October 2021

Jobs in Wales, UK
Cardiff is the capital of United Kingdom's Wales, a continuously growing and prospering city! In Cardiff you can always find new job opportunities, friend from all over the world, many new and interesting cultures, varied music, nightlife and more. It's also recently been dubbed one of the best regeneration projects of the Europe Union, so work opportunities and jobs will always exist. View new positions now.
Jobs Cardiff October 2021

Jobs in England, UK
Want more European and Asian diversity? Want to see the river Thames daily? Why no give London city a chance? Recognised by many as the most traveled city in the world, London is also the home of many famous pubs, and with its renowned restaurants chains, and with its higher average wages (due to higher living prices), you'll probably find the job opportunity you were looking for and need here.
Jobs London October 2021

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