The LG Velvet Android smartphone gains design performance, but some nuances are missing for you to fall surrendered to this model.

LG is not the king of smartphones. Nor does it cover the stalls of the best sellers, since their portfolio is very wide, and mobile phones are not the protagonists of the House. However, the South Korean firm can boast of doing well in this segment despite not being as successful as other brands.

The manufacturer strives to be a guarantee of quality: and convinces. It usually offers good screens, design and good performance, among its virtues. Nor does it lag behind when it comes to specifications —it already proved this by being one of the first manufacturers to offer 5G—.

In addition, as for other minor details, your phones are interesting and you always find different features. If you want to discover what stands out in the LG Velvet, the company's latest high-end phone, read on...

The LG Velvet has an elongated design (167 millimeters). It is a large mobile, a tonic already usual in smartphones-that occupy more and more—. The important thing here is balance: despite its size, it is comfortable and light (179 grams).

Although it stands out from the pocket, it is a comfortable mobile when picking it up, handling it and, above all, in the day to day.

This LG model is characterized by its elegance. The back is simple and subtle, especially in this gray tone (Aurora Gray). The integration of the cameras is excellent, with a vertical arrangement, in which the lenses are placed from top to bottom: "inspired by water droplets when they fall," as the manufacturer explains. The main one protrudes a little and the other 2 and The flash stay inside.

LG Velvet Android smartphone gains design performance

The front is smooth and even. When the screen is locked, we find a black surface, only interrupted by the camera notch. So, if you like discreet and classic terminals, the LG Velvet will fall in love with you.

In this model, LG takes advantage of every millimeter of surface and every inch of screen, with a coverage ratio of 88.8%. It is not a higher percentage than that of other phones, but this feeling increases thanks to its curvature.

The screen wants to reach every corner of the mobile, without escaping the side edges. It looks like it occupies practically the entire lead. It's 6.8 inches and it'S P-OLED. You'll see all your content in high definition, plus a good brightness.

The only thing that will interrupt the black surface of your LG Velvet —besides the notch— is the animation of the fingerprint reader. It works well, without being particularly fast.

But, what can't be overlooked is that it has no facial recognition. I love this alternative to unlock the mobile because it works with just making a gesture. I took a little disappointment in not finding her.

The NFC and minijack are 2 details that I'm always glad to find on a device. The possibility of paying by mobile in 2020 seems to me key. In other words: it has to be.

As for the headset connection I like to always have this alternative, in case my wireless runs out of battery.

The heart of the LG Velvet is a Snapdragon 765g 2.4 Ghz Qualcomm, one of the best processors of the firm. Without a doubt, performance is a strong point of the smartphone. It is fast, light and without traffic jams. You can't stick to this paragraph. Is he the best in the American firm? No, but it will be more than enough for demanding users.

To its good performance is added that you can enjoy 5G, in case you already have the latest technology or something to consider in the near future. It has 6 GB of RAM and 128 storage. This is the only option. But, if you need more capacity, you can add an external card.

The LG Velvet does not boast of autonomy: it lasts 24 hours and barely stretches beyond. I must admit that, for the price of the device, I expected a little more. Is that enough? Yeah, but not amazing. It has 4,300 mAh of autonomy and 25 W of fast charge.

You will have 50% battery in 45 minutes and it is completed in 120 minutes. Although it might be better, just charge the phone more times.

The operating system of this model is Android 10, although it carries a layer of LG, something that gives it a touch of its own. Its approach is almost identical to that of any smartphone that opts for the development of Google.

LG brings its health app (LG Health), the best of the ones that come by default. With it, you won't need your activity bracelet: control your weight, the water you drink, monitor various sports and count calories. On the other hand, it includes other apps that do not contribute too much (up to 4 preinstalled games).

By the way, we can not fail to mention that the Google Assistant has a specific button below those of the volume on the side.

You will entertain yourself with the video, which includes the most original options. You can record sequences with ASMR and enjoy good quality, with image stabilization. In addition, you can choose various filters or shoot in black and white. The good resolution and versatility of the video add an extra to the photo frame.

The photos are quality: the 48 megapixels meet expectations. The colors and image processing are more than correct. From my point of view, the camera doesn't fail. However, if you are very demanding, it is not the best you can find. For the price of this smartphone, there are 64 megapixels, going a little further than the Velvet.

You will find better cameras, if this is your number one requirement, but, if you want a good image, we can not say that the LG does not have it. By the way, you're going to discover a manual option that replicates a photo machine.

As usual, it loses sharpness as you zoom in. This is regulated very well thanks to a wheel that appears on the screen. I liked that detail. To put it mildly, the settings to find the camera modes are not too intuitive: there are many and each is activated in a different way.

The wide angle has convinced me too. The quality is good and has the necessary breadth. As we said in the description of the camera frame, what you will not find is a macro lens, common in mobile phones of this range.

Everything fits in this panorama, without sacrificing the final results. On the right side, on the horizon, you see the sea. This mode goes far and you will be able to capture the landscapes very well.

Portrait mode continues to complete the good performance of the camera. Yes, it also brings good results.

The selfies are correct and complete the photo section. The 16 megapixel lens is more than enough to make a good use of the front camera.

Night mode is fine. You can see that it gives more life and intensity to the image (especially in the light of the horizon). However, it is a matter of nuances, since the difference is not abysmal between the two images.

All in all, the LG Velvet is a good phone, in which quality prevails. Design and performance are its strengths. The pity is that we can find some sticks, as we have mentioned so far.

Although one is used to everything: to unlock the mobile without facial recognition or to charge the mobile more often. These nuances are salvageable.

However, we may not be able to avoid taking them into account, for their price. Rub the 700 euros (to be exact costs 699 euros). That is, a considerable number. Especially, because in this range we can find very competitive offers.

As always, it will depend on what you're looking for on a mobile. The quality is assured, you will have 5G and the design flame, among some of the virtues that do differentiate the LG Velvet.

LG Velvet Android smartphone gains design performance

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