Meet Google Android 11 new latest features - These are all the new features that Google has released. Android 11 is already here. In fact, we have been talking about this new operating system from Google for mobile for weeks, and we already knew some of the novelties thanks to the beta.

Finally the time has come when Android 11 is official and begins to update on the first devices. Because of this, Google has confirmed in a publication the most important news of this operating system.

Bubbles in messaging apps, better privacy control or screen recording are just some of the changes that includes in Google's new operating system for Android phones.

Meet Google Android 11 new latest features

Below are the most relevant features that appear on Android 11:

- Bubbles in conversations

With bubbles in instant messaging apps, you'll be able to respond to important conversations without constantly switching between what you're doing and the messaging app. The floating bubble will be visible throughout the operating system and not only in the application where the messages come from.

Bubbles have been around for a while in apps like Facebook Messenger.

- Improvements in notifications

Thanks to Android 11, the conversations you hold in a messaging app will be moved to a specific space in the Notifications section. So you don't have to switch between multiple apps.

- Built-in screen recording

From now on you will have the ability to record everything that happens on your phone, even capture the sound of the microphone, the device or both without the need for an app.

- Privacy improvements

With one-time permissions you'll be able to authorize one-time access to the most sensitive features, such as the microphone, camera or location. When an app wants to use them it will have to request permission again.

Android will also automatically reset permissions for apps you haven't used for a while, so you don't have to continue accessing your data. When this happens you will get a notification you can re-grant permissions the next time you use it.

In addition, Google Play will send more security and privacy fixes to your phone, as well as notify app updates.

- Android auto Wireless and other ways to control your devices

Another noteworthy novelty is that Android Auto will work wirelessly on all devices that have Android 11. However, the vehicle must be compatible. You won't need any more cables when you take a trip.

In addition, on Android 11 you can access all your devices from one place by long pressing the power button. With a single tap you will be able to control all connected devices.

In addition, Google claims that media controls have been redesigned and are now more useful.

- Additional tools in Pixel 2 or higher models

If you have a Pixel 2 device or a higher version you will have some additional tools in Android 11. For example, app suggestions based on your daily routines or new actions with which you can select text and images.

It should be borne in mind that Android 11 has been released in the first place on Pixel devices, OnePlus, Xiaomi, OPPO and Realme, and over the next few months will be updated on the other brands and models.

End of Meet Google Android 11 new latest features


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