Millionaire revenue download records frantic activity - this is all that happens on TikTok every hour compared to other social networks - If a social network can be claimed as the biggest winner of 2020, that is TikTok.

Throughout the year, the Chinese platform has undergone exponential growth to reach 1,000 million users, half of them active, in more than 150 countries and with a time of almost one hour of use per day. Of course nothing is casual and its explosion is due, mainly, to a global pandemic that has promoted the use of the internet at home and the viralization of the clips, holy and sign of TikTok, the promotion of a much younger audience in the networks and, evidently, the incredible marketing strategy developed by the firm owned by ByteDance.

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube are already looking at the Giants of Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, with monthly active users just 3 years after its launch, already surpassing those of Reddit, Twitter and Snapchat, historical in the career of social networks. In this way, it is not unreasonable to analyze the activity of the Chinese network under the same magnifying glass with which the movements of the Big 3 are observed, mainly at hourly scale.

In total, TikTok receives more than 23 and a half million average views every hour of the day and is downloaded about 120,833 times in the same range. Thus, the most talked about network of the year generates ingresos 181,250 in revenue for every 60 Minutes Of Use and provides real fortunes to its most followed stars, such as Addison Rae Easterling (dólares 579 per hour) or Charli d'amelio (4 463).

Turning to these figures, the volume we are talking about should be put into context. Let's start with the basics.

Millionaire revenue download records frantic activity

TikTok is an application born in 2016-although its international release did not come until September 2017-focused on sharing short clips and works like any other social network, only it promotes the use of memes and viral content under a simple video editing. On average, and under this simple formula, they get 23,611,111 video views per hour; in comparison, YouTube (2005) gets around 203,333,333 views in the same span.

In terms of the number of downloads (120,833 per hour), TikTok is also the app that reaches more phones for the first time, not counting video game apps. In its sector, china accounts for 76% of new downloads among the top 5 clip and social media applications. Instagram Facebook Facebook is the only one of the five big competitors of the social network (Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger and Instagram) not to be owned by Mark Zuckerberg's company and the first to break the historical record of quarterly downloads (315 million).

If an app increases your downloads, the logical thing is that it also increases your revenue. In the field of money generated per hour, TikTok is the application that has raised the most so far this year, with 130.5 million dollars (about 125.972 dollars per hour, more than YouTube) as of September, that is, 6.3 times more than its earnings during the same period of 2019. Of all this, approximately 89% of this sum comes from the network business in China, 6% from the US and about 1% from Turkey, according to Sensor Tower estimates.

It is also a good symptom to look at how the referents of each social network are doing. According to Forbes, influencer Addison Rae Easterling earns around 579 dollars per hour to amass a total of 64,5 million since the account was opened 2 years ago. In the same vein is Charli d'amelio, the content creator most followed by TikTok, who after only a year since creating her user (and 15 years of age) has raised the impressive figure of 92.6 million dollars (463 dollars per hour), although many of them come from sponsorships and revenue shared by YouTube.

That's not to say TikTok doesn't generate its own money. The Chinese social network is the no-profit app that people have spent the most money on in 2020 (not counting video games), with more than dólares 130.5 million invested in it. These figures, despite the open war that the app maintains against the US government, still do not decrease, both in revenue and time invested in the app, rather the opposite. As much as it gets banned in the US or changing hands, it seems that there is still TikTok for a while.

Millionaire revenue download records frantic activity

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