Netflix movie series hookup strategy revealed - Netflix is aware that it only has 90 Seconds to get the user accessing its platform to start playing content. If you do not succeed in that time, the person may start to do another activity, return to traditional television or try another video platform.

The American company fights this new digital zapeo and uses all the available information it has about us to try to catch us. It collects both the data you provide during registration as well as the Trace we leave with our online consumption or navigation (place of connection, device, time, etc.). Everything influences.

Netflix categorizes each viewer based on their activity. Remember your preferences to recommend content related to a certain age or sex and their audiovisual tastes (genres and subgenres, actors, etc.). Even consider whether you are particularly interested in LGTB content.

Netflix movie series hookup strategy revealed

Users spend 1.8 seconds deciding whether or not they like content. That's why Netflix gives absolute priority to photography illustrating its series and movies. That frame, image or “work of art” as Netflix calls it, influences more than 80% in the final decision of the viewer, according to an internal study of the platform.

How important were the movie posters before and how important they are now! The difference comes with customization through algorithms. These allow you to choose a photo for each categorization of users highlighting what may be more relevant and attractive to them.

End of Netflix movie series hookup strategy revealed

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Buy an electric car and rent your battery: the idea of a Chinese manufacturer to make these cars reach all over the world

Chinese automaker NIO Inc and technological Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd. they have decided to lower the price of electric vehicles by allowing their customers to rent the batteries of the cars and buy the rest of the car, as announced this Thursday and has collected Bloomberg.

Batteries are by far the most expensive thing in an electric vehicle. Hence the idea of buying only the car shell, and hiring a monthly rent for the battery.

This option also gives the possibility to use a newer battery as technology advances.

At the same time, it could trigger sales from manufacturers such as NIO, Tesla's big rival in China, reaching customers who previously did not consider buying an electric vehicle for its high price.

With this new model an electric car ES6 SUV NIO, without battery, would cost about 33,300 euros (273,600 yuan), and the monthly rent of the battery would start from 120 euros (980 yuan), according to NIO.

Similarly, customers can purchase the complete vehicle, with its battery included, for about 41,900 euros (343,600 yuan).

In this regard, analysts at Credit Suisse Group AG have pointed out this week that this system of batteries under service could "significantly lower the purchase price," according to Bloomberg.

Subscription models are becoming increasingly popular in the transport and mobility sector, with some very recent innovations.

In Spain, the Spanish startup Caravelo has created a technology so that airlines can use subscription models in the style of Netflix or Spotify: thanks to it, the Mexican Volaris offers a subscription of 25 euros per month for a national round-trip ticket.

In the same way, the Spanish technology company Bipi has launched a subscription service for electric bikes starting at 99 euros per month, an initiative that could put in a hurry the motosharing of eCooltra, Muving, Movo (Cabify) or Acciona, which also follow models similar to renting but without periodicity.

In the case of sharing (scooters, motorcycles, bicycles or shared cars), users pay for the minute of use of the vehicle, thus saving the outlay that would require acquiring it in ownership.

Similarly, last week it became known that the bicycle manufacturer Brompton will launch a subscription model to its bikes, a mode of transport in boom with the pandemic.

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