Netflix October featured movies list revealed: These are the movies and series that Netflix releases in October and you should not miss.

After presenting HBO and Prime Video their main premieres for next month, it was the turn of the streaming leader and they are here.

Netflix has presented its catalog of films and series of October with which it intends to conquer its users and try to add more people to its service and the truth is that it paints very well.

Netflix October featured movies list revealed

Among the premieres highlights of the streaming platform is the best superhero movie of recent times, Spider-Man: a new universe, the "continuation" of The Curse of Hill House, titled on this occasion, The curse of Bly Manor that promises strong emotions and provoke much fear or The Queens Gambit, who comes with the intention of standing out by comopleto of the biopics based on sports stars.

1 Spider-Man: a new universe

Now that Miles Morales is starring because he's going to star in one of the PlayStation 5's premiere video games, it's a good time to take a look at one of the best superhero movies —and even Spider— Man-out there today.

The animated tape is absolutely fantastic in each and every section and offers a visual quality and style that looks like a comic book.

A movie whether you're a fan of the Spider-Man universe or not, you shouldn't miss it. You can watch it from October 17 on Netflix.

2 The Curse of Bly Manor

After the huge success of The Hill House curse it was clear that a continuation would come. In this case it will adapt the work another twist of Henry James and return much of the cast putting in the shoes of different characters, obviously.

Prepare to be afraid from October 9.

3 Gremlins

A tape that will fall in love with the nostalgic. The funny horror-tinged comedy in which adorable creatures turn into dangerous creatures that wreak havoc if they touch the water or eat after midnight is one of those classics you always want to repeat.

The best? You can enjoy it on Netflix from October 1.

4 fantastic animals: The Crimes Of Grindelwald

One of the October releases of Netflix that no fan of the Harry Potter universe should miss is fantastic animals: The Crimes Of Grindelwald. This time the film becomes even darker and follows The Adventures of Newt and his friends as a dark wizard tries to sow chaos throughout the magical world.

The film arrives on the platform next October 22.

5 The Queen's Gambit

It is clear that one of the miniseries that raises the most interest is the Queen's Gambit thanks to the protagonist of Anya Taylor-Joy (The Witch) and the interesting of its plot premise.

A mixture of thriller, drama and sports film that shows the life of a young chess champion who drags a deep addiction to tranquilizers.

What is clear is that it comes to give a twist the typical biopics on athletes.

It lands on Netflix on October 23

This is it for Netflix October featured movies list revealed

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5 October HBO premieres you shouldn't miss

After the presentation of what will arrive at Amazon in October, now the turn to HBO, which has already dropped what will be the movies and series that arrive in October 2020 to its streaming platform.

There is content for everyone, but here you will find the main premieres that you should not miss whether it's the last season of a popular series, a new content that promises a lot or some movie that you should not miss the track.

Highlights, without a doubt, the wonderful animated tape Mortadelo and Filemon against Jimmy The Horny, the new series of Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant The Undoing or Season 10 of The Walking Dead.

These are the best premieres of HBO Films and series in October 2020.

1 Season 10 of The Walking Dead

The series that marked a before and an after on how to tackle the zombie theme comes to a 10 season where the group has to deal with a new threat: the Whisperers.

As usual in the franchise, unexpected deaths await you, well thought out script twists and, of course, many zombies.

In addition, it now becomes even more important after it was confirmed a few days ago that Season 11 will be the last, although the franchise is expected to continue its history for other routes.

2 Mortadelo and Philemon against Jimmy the horny

Without a doubt one of the films most faithful to the original conception of the work of Francisco Ibanez. An adventure of heights that follows aunt's most pathetic agents on a mission that has all the ingredients that made Mortadelo and Philemon great: tortazos and batons, plans that always go wrong and a lot, a lot of comedy.

Without a doubt one of the most interesting premieres of HBO in October.

3 to the edge of tomorrow

The Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt film is one of the most interesting sci-fi films of recent times. Starting from the classic premise in which one day is repeated again and again and it is necessary to get out of the loop, Cruise repeats a kind of Normandy landing against a wave of killer robots while encountering death again and again.

All changes when he meets Blunt's character and begins to understand and know how to survive on the battlefield that he has had to repeat until satiety.

4 The Oxford crimes

A film that already has a few years behind it, but it is true that the tape of Alex de la Iglesia does not age and shows in every viewing, especially if it is the first time, a fantastic plot where nothing is what it seems and fantastically well executed.

5 The Undoing

And as the most relevant October premiere for HBO is the Undoing, the series that will have Nicole Kidman and Hugh Grant as big claims.

If this hasn't caught your attention, you should know that behind it is David E. Kelly as showrunner, creator of other great productions like Big Little Lies, Goliath or Ally McBeal and holds 11 Emmy Awards.

The premise of the series puts us in the shoes of Grace Fraser (Kidman), a successful therapist who completely changes her life when she is crossed out as the main suspect in a mysterious murder.

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