Netflix top modern series films catalog list, Filmin the most classic: X-ray library of streaming platforms: If you are looking for new film and TV content, Netflix is your best choice; if, on the contrary, you are more of classics and old shows, subscribe to Filmin.

These are the latest findings from the internal data of JustWatch, a platform that compares the data of video on demand companies and localizes their contents, verified by Business Insider.

As the ratings of the site differ, the tables of seniority of series and films between the different VOD leave a clear overview on their commitment to the different decades of cinema. In this case, Netflix would take the largest in the case of the most modern, with content dated, on average, in 2010, followed by HBO (2008), Amazon Prime Video (2005) and Movistar+ (2003).

On the other hand, as you can see in the chart below, the only ones that bet on a catalog more focused on the twentieth century are Disney+, with an average of programs from 1998, and especially Filmin, from 1994. La española is also the one that has the oldest films, with a total of 90 titles before 1930, and with the oldest on the list: The Adventures of Tillie: the romance of Charlot, from 1914.

Nothing to do with the rest of the platforms, whose oldest programs are advanced until 1921 (Amazon), 1928 (Disney+), 1931 (Movistar) and, much later, 1942 (Netflix) and 1961 (HBO). Even so, the Spanish company leads in the number of contents in almost all the decades of the last century —only surpassed by Amazon in the 1990s—, in many of them adding more than all the others combined.

Netflix top modern series films catalog list

Thus, if you look at the total of films and series, the list of more to less titles would be loosely led by Filmin (7, 920), followed by Amazon Prime (4, 773), Netflix (3, 919), Movistar (1, 549), HBO (1, 236) and Disney+ (995).

In terms of total numbers, the most famous mouse platform in the world suffers a little in front of its competitors, scratching some remarkable results in distant decades —especially in 1930, where it accumulates 36% of the content— but remaining out of play in the most modern ones. In 2010, for example, it added only 396 films (3.3% of the total) compared to the next one with the fewest titles on the list, HBO, with 790 (7%).

The only decade in which Filmin does not achieve the first position in content offered is in the 1990s, where the 368 titles of Amazon Prime Video (31%) slightly exceed the 332 of the Spanish firm (28%).

As for the others, it is surprising that the classic and independent film platform also leads the 2010s above Netflix, which leads all viewing rankings.

Netflix top modern series films catalog list

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Golden State Warriors shooter and star Stephen Curry asked billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates for advice on how to answer job interview questions during the conversation they had in their interview series, known as State of Inspiration, in which they also addressed topics such as COVID-19 or unemployment.

Curry interviewed Gates as if he were a junior engineer applying for a job at Microsoft in the middle of 2020.

Gates is the second richest person in the world, with a net fortune of dólares 122 billion and much of Microsoft's shareholding, with a market capitalization of mercado 1.6 billion. The tycoon co-founded the company with Paul Allen but left Microsoft's Board of directors in March to focus on his philanthropy.

Here's what Curry asked Gates:

You are applying for a junior engineer position at Microsoft. Why should we hire you?

"You should look at the code I've written. I make software programs above any class I can teach them and keep improving. So check it out," defended Gates, author along with Allen of the Microsoft Basic programming language.

"I think I can work well with people," he added. "I can evaluate and improve your code, but overall I like working as a team. I like ambitious goals and thinking about how we can anticipate the future of software. I want to participate."

How would you define your strengths and weaknesses? And how can you work as a team?

"Well, I'm not someone who knows much about marketing. I would not like to sell the bike," Gates acknowledged. "I have closely followed the history of the industry and read about the mistakes that have been made, so I understand about the definition of products, their creation..."

"I'm not part of those people who understand customers, sales and marketing, it's not something I can contribute, but I would like to work with them."

In the current environment, with all the uncertainty there is, we want to value the talent we have in our team and make sure it is appreciated. What would be your salary expectations for this job?

"I hope that the package of options is good and that it can take risks," Gates mentioned. "And I think the company has a great future, so I would rather get stock options, even above that cash compensation. I've heard that other companies are paying a lot, but they treat me fairly and emphasize options."

This is probably a clever tactic —Gates earned much of his wealth by being a Microsoft shareholder, with an estimated 100 million shares worth 2 21 billion—.

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