The New iPhone 12 models increased water resistant thanks to an existing technology in the Apple Watch, according to a new patent - The next models of the iPhone 12, which are still pending their presentation, could be more water resistant.

Apple filed a patent application last year that just appeared published in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, according to the portal Patently Apple. The patent protects a technology that will be able to expel water entering the mobile phone.

The premise is identical to a technology that Apple already uses in its popular wearables, the Apple Watch. Since the series 2, the smart watches of the technology firm have a system thanks to which they are more resistant to water.

What this system does in practice is to take advantage of the vibrations of the speakers of the device to be able to expel water, after the device has been splashed or even submerged. You can see this technology in action in this slow motion video.

According to Patently Apple and have collected several media, such as 9to5Mac, the next iPhone 12 will use the speakers and vibrations that these generate with certain sounds to expel water or liquids that are inserted into the housing of the device and is between the components.

New iPhone 12 models increased water resistant

In addition to these vibrations, the terminal components shall be coated with a hydrophobic material that de facto repels water and other types of liquids.

The patent reveals that this technology will go a step further: it will not only be able to expel liquids from the iPhone; it will also be able to clean up the waste left by seawater. If you lose yourself and end up bathing in the sea with your iPhone in your pocket, you wouldn't have to worry about anything.

You wouldn't have to worry about anything, because apparently this patent ensures that with this technology it will be possible to remove salt crystals that remain even in the speaker mesh, however tiny they may be.

At the moment it is not certain that this technology will appear in the next iPhone 12, for whose presentation date is being shuffled next September 15 or the next weeks. On September 15 there is an event at which Apple will announce new products.

If it doesn't appear on any of this year's iPhone 12 models, the patent could be ready for later years.

End of New iPhone 12 models increased water resistant


The Swedish fund EQT buys Idealista for 1.300 million euros in the biggest sale of a technological in Spain

The Swedish fund EQT has announced Thursday that it will buy Idealista for 1.300 million euros from its current owners, the fund Apax Partners and the founders of the real estate portal, in what represents the largest sale of a technological in Spain. In a statement, EQT says it will keep Idealista's current management team and its CEO, Fernando Espinar, "to build on its solid growth and innovation track record."

The company scandinavian stresses that "the underlying market Idealist relies on megatrends secular favourable, as the change increasing spending on marketing offline to online, as well as by important network effects driven by the strong brand recognition of the platform", which highlights that there are 40,000 real estate agents and 38 million unique users a month.

EQT also states that the policy Idealist, "will reinvest significantly into the company", although the fund Swedish clarifies who will hold a majority stake with the that seeks to foster "the growth of the real estate portal leader in the south of Europe, found in Spain, Italy and Portugal" by investing in its digital platform, and "further developing its portfolio of value-added services for real estate agents".

In addition, the Swedish fund believes that Idealista can leverage its internal digital and technological expertise, global presence and network of advisors to achieve these objectives. "Together with its founders and executives, EQT will support idealista's plans to further penetrate its core markets," the statement said.

Bert Janssens, partner, global co-director of TMT and investment advisor at EQT, noted that" Idealista represents a truly thematic investment, within one of EQT's core sub-sectors", noting that this operation "fits perfectly with EQT's approach to investing in high growth companies" and that they are "impressed by the market leadership position idealista has built over the past 20 years".

For his part, Jesús Encinar, CEO of Idealista, said that "we are very excited to partner with EQT and look forward to working together over the next few years", adding that they hope to take advantage of " EQT's experience in online classifieds and real estate market, the local presence in Spain and Italy and the extensive network of consultants "and noting that both sides share"a similar culture and a passion for growth".

The purchase of an Idealist by TEQ is the second largest investment of draft fund Swedish in Spain, having bought in may, on Freepik, the Google Spanish digital images, in a bid that beat the other competitors such as the fund for american investment KKR and he could have spent around 250 million euros.

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