New PlayStation 5 requirements checklist: Here's what you need to do before your PlayStation 5 arrives to be fully prepared when you have it at home. A few days before the release of PS5, even less if you are from the countries that will receive it on November 12, there is already less left for the successor of PS4 to arrive, and thus jump to the new generation of consoles. But before you take that step definitively, you'd better take a look at these 6 things you need to do before you have your PS5 to be prepared the day you receive it.

Although the main thing, and what would have to be taken into account before it arrives, would be to look for a good place and suitable for the console. PS5 is large, with dimensions of 390x104x260 mm, and to prevent the same thing that happened with a PS5 in a demo station, it is more than advisable to look for a spacious and well ventilated place. If you box it and it can't ventilate well, you may have problems.

Once you've decided where you're going to host your new PlayStation 5 console, you can prepare other things. If you have a PS4, here are all the steps you need to follow to have all your data ready for when PS5 arrives at your home... and start enjoying the console from the first minute.

Move your games from PS4 to external storage

PS5 backwards compatibility only covers PlayStation 4, but it works great and you can enjoy thousands of PlayStation 4 games with improvements in various areas such as resolution, FPS increase, shorter load times, you'll want to have them ready to play as your console arrives, and it will be good that they are on an external medium ready to run them.

This way, you have everything ready and save space on the PS5 SSD. But make sure you do it in time, it will be a process that takes quite a long time and during all this you will not be able to use your console for anything else, so decide quickly if you want to do it or not.

How to move your PS4 games to external storage

First of all, go to Settings, Storage, System Storage, Applications. Press the Options button (to the right of the touchpad) and "move to extended storage", before continuing make sure the games you want to move and press OK. By doing so, they will no longer be in the internal storage. If this is your first time using external storage on PS4, you'll need to format it first.

New PlayStation 5 requirements checklist

You can do this in Settings, Devices, USB storage device and when you select it choose "Format as extended storage". Certain PS4 games will not work on PS5, as we indicated last October, so if you have any of them it is not necessary to move them to an external storage.

Have your PS4 to PS5 save files ready

The easiest way to do this is through the cloud, but you will need a PS Plus subscription, although if you have it make sure that your PS4 is as the primary console before doing so and that they are done automatically. Go to Settings, Power Saving Settings, and set features available in sleep mode; uncheck " stay connected to the internet." Then go back to Settings, managing saved app data, Auto Upload, and uncheck "Enable auto uploads." By doing this you will be able to choose what will be uploaded and from which games to the cloud, but from your main PS4.

Now go to Settings, management of saved application data, data saved to System Storage; select "Upload to online storage", choose the games/files you want to upload and select the option, or select" Copy to USB storage " and follow the same process. When you upload to the cloud, you may need to overwrite the save files you already have (if you have), but you can check which will be newer to avoid losses.

Sync all your trophies

Trophies don't always update in your profile on their own, sometimes you'll have to enter the trophy area on your PS4 and they'll update-as you've ever done. Before disconnecting the console, it is worth checking that all this remains in order and is up to date... in case you don't want to lose any of your most recent achievements.

Although this process can be forced manually by pressing the Options button and selecting "sync with PlayStation Network" from the trophy screen that will be right by pressing the button.

Manage your saved screenshots and videos

The new PS5 has more than interesting features and functions to know what you spend your playing time on, such as collecting the time you've spent on each game and creating a gallery of the files you've shared on Twitter and/or Facebook on PS4. But if you also have screenshots or videos from PS4 that you want to keep, you can easily copy them to a USB.

It's quite easy, all you have to do is connect a USB storage device to your PS4, go to the image and video gallery on your console, press Options and select all the ones you want to copy and then choose "Copy to USB device" to transfer them all.

Check your login credentials

Once you turn on your PS5, you'll need to log in with your PSN account, so you'll need to keep your password in mind to do so; and in the meantime, we recommend you turn on two-step authentication, if you don't have it active. This will save you time and possible headaches by not remembering your credentials on a new system, or if someone tries to access your account.

Although, Well, you can always use the classic option of "I forgot my password", because otherwise you will stay out of your account when playing with your new PS5 games or those you want to play from PS4 through the console backward compatibility.

Have you ordered your PS VR adapter yet?

We told you just last week, you could already request the adapter to be able to play PS VR on your new PS5. It is a fairly simple process, it has no cost and so no PlayStation VR game will stay through in the new generation of consoles through the already mentioned backward compatibility.

Once you've done that, just by connecting it through this adapter will fix this problem and you'll enjoy certain advantages on the new PS5. In addition, we have already been able to see a first look at PS VR and the camera adapter on PS5 with incompatible load times, improvements and games.

New PlayStation 5 requirements checklist

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