Nintendo celebrates 35th anniversary Mario Bros with ' Super Mario 64', 'Super Mario Sunshine' and 'Super Mario Galaxy' - This September Nintendo's most important pet, Mario, turns 35 years old and the Japanese company has wanted to celebrate it by all means.

Almost by surprise Nintendo has announced through its official social media channels an endless content focused on Mario in which stands, without a doubt, Super Mario 3D All-Stars, a pack that will bring inside three of the most important works of the plumber: Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy and will be available on September 18.

The three titles will be remastered versions of these games, have Switch-adapted controls, better resolution and will incorporate the possibility to listen to the soundtrack of each game-even with the console in sleep mode-all for 59,99 euros.

Nintendo, however, has not wanted to stay only in that pack and has announced several new games all of them focused on their pet.

Nintendo celebrates 35th anniversary Mario Bros

This is all they have presented in the Super Mario Bros. 35th Anniversary Direct

  •  Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit: this is an augmented reality game that will allow you to enjoy the Mario racing saga in the home salon. The most interesting thing is that the circuits are designed entirely by the players. It will be released next October 16th.
  • Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.: this is a console based on the classic Nintendo machines of the 80s where you can play the classics of Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels. It will be available on November 13.
  • Super Mario Bros. 35: this has been the most curious title of the presentation, as it is a Battle Royale in which 35 players face each other at a time while each one overcomes his own world and sends obstacles to the rest. In the end, obviously, there will be only one standing who will be the winner. It will be released on October 1st but will only be available until March 31st and will only be available through Nintendo Switch Online.
  • Super Mario All-Stars: they are simply improved versions of Super Mario Bros., Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Levels, Super Mario Bros. 2 and Super Mario Bros. 3 for the Nintendo Switch Online Catalog, which are now available.

In addition, the Japanese company has explained that they will celebrate Mario's anniversary throughout 2021 with nods of the plumber in other Nintendo games such as, for example, a mobile collection of Super Mario for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

End of Nintendo celebrates 35th anniversary Mario Bros

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The Secretary of State for digitalization and AI confirms that it will open the COVID Radar code so that " anyone can audit that the app respects privacy"

From 9 September, the application code Radar COVID will be open to "anyone can view and audit that the app respects privacy", as confirmed by the Secretary of State of Digitization and IA, Carme Artigas, in his speech on the final day of the 34th Meeting of the Digital Economy and Telecommunications organized by AMETIC.

Carme Artigas noted the work done by her department since the beginning of the pandemic in the search for "technological solutions for the management of the pandemic" and highlighted above all the launch of Radar COVID.

The Spanish tracking app uses a Bluetooth protocol that lets you know if you have been in contact with a person infected with coronavirus.

The secretary said that the implementation of the application was "an unprecedented effort in the field of European innovation" and highlighted the three lines in which Radar COVID was a novelty.

First of all, Artigas has pointed out that the application has been a technological innovation, since Bluetooth "is not intended to measure distances". The adaptation of technology to serve this purpose has been the result of a collaboration with more than 20 European research centres that guarantee high "technical reliability".

On the other hand, the secretary stresses that for the first time "Europe has defined standards of development" and stresses that privacy and anonymization have been included in the same design. "We have given up things like geolocation," Artigas recalled, saying that this shows that the European digitisation strategy puts technology at the service of people and makes privacy a value to preserve.

Finally, Artigas highlighted that the app has been put at the service of managing the pandemic, which is a great boost to digital health.

In addition to announcing that the application can be audited, something that some experts already claimed, the secretary has assured that many requests have been received from developers to improve the application, which represents a great opportunity for collaboration.

Radar COVID is now operational in 11 Autonomous Communities and will finish covering the entire national territory in mid-September. The secretary recalled that there was a critical download threshold for the application to be useful, which was equivalent to 20 per cent of the population (about 8 million people), and urged everyone to download it and called for the collaboration of companies to promote it among their workers.

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