This is the Official Xbox Series S looks revealed: it will go on sale on November 10 - In recent days, numerous leaks have been published in social networks and specialized media about the design of Microsoft's new video console.

There have been so many rumors that the company itself has decided to end them and officially announce the appearance of the Xbox Series s, the cheapest and smallest new generation console that will accompany the Xbox Series X.

Finally, the design is the same as it had leaked days ago. Even speculation about the starting price, which will be 299 euros in Spain, has been confirmed.

Official Xbox Series S looks revealed

You can buy the Xbox Series s from November 10 in Spain and the rest of the world.

It should be noted that the Xbox Series S is the smallest version and with fewer specifications of the Xbox Series X, hence its price so competitive when compared to its large version, which will cost 499 euros.

The Xbox Series s also renounces the disc reader, and has a large hole at the top to make ventilation as efficient as possible.

Despite its more modest performance, Windows Central announces that this console will have a power of 4 teraflops, and will have to run on TVs and monitors with FullHD resolution.

It is expected that over the next few weeks Microsoft will announce more details about its new generation of video game consoles, as some of its technical features still need to be known.

End of Official Xbox Series S looks revealed

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Netflix co-founder explains how the company's controversial redundancy policy helps boost its success

Netflix is at its best. The company has recorded historic levels of growth with many of its customers at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. By the first half of the year, Netflix had already gotten the same subscribers as during the entire previous year.

In addition, the company is famous for its controversial working conditions, which include unlimited holidays, direct and sincere feedback and the Test Keeper, by which bosses constantly evaluate their employees.

The co-founder and co-CEO of the company, Reed Hastings, has explained in an interview with Business Insider that it is a business model for companies focused on innovation, where making mistakes is inherent in the process.

"We had 300 years of industrial economy and, therefore, everything is organized as a factory. We are trying to establish an alternative theory, not for factories, but for creative work, where ideas and mistakes are an inherent part of the innovation process," says Hastings.

The co-CEO of Netflix has just written a book about the company's corporate policy, called Here No Rules. Netflix and the culture of reinvention, in which it details how some of these have made the company one of the most innovative.

Reed Hasting has spoken with Business Insider about the company's corporate principles.

Freedom and responsibility is one of his great slogans and the best example to explain what holidays consist of. Netflix employees do not have a holiday limit per year. In other words, it is not registered because it is assumed that they are responsible and that they will do what is most convenient for themselves and for the company.

Hastings stresses that, despite freedom, employees have to be respectful of their peers, so it is not good to take pets to work: there could be someone allergic.

"Former human resources manager Patty McCord used to say,' we don't have any etiquette policies, but no one has come to work naked. Why aren't they coming naked to work?'It turns out that the cultural standard is sufficient. It is another example where there is no need to have rules, " explains the co-CEO.

"The idea is that this work tries to inspire people rather than supervise them," says Hastings. "If you see that there are people who buy a lot of cooking shows, for example, it would be to say something like 'half of our documentaries are cooking'. That would give some context."

He compares it to the work of the teachers. He knows what his students are doing, he's not disconnected.

"You're just trying to adjust behavior through principles and context, which has the advantage of people thinking about it and remembering it next time," she says.

This is Netflx's most controversial policy: the keeper test, by which section bosses evaluate their employees to see if they fit their position. Hastings explains in the interview with Business Insider that the test has that name so employees do not think they will be fired for making mistakes.

"The goal is not to fire people, but to find someone who Borders him in that position. You have to think of it as an opportunity cost and what would happen if you had someone amazing and how much the whole team would improve, " says the co-CEO. "In the sports world, if you made a bad game and the coach thinks all your games are going to be bad, he should push you away to win the competition. But if you just had a bad game and he thinks it's anomalous and that next year you'll do well, he'll stay with you."

Despite the layoffs, Hastings says they are not often sued because they give good compensation so that the person has time to find another job.

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