This is a day in the life of a creator of OnlyFans publishing photos and videos for adults - OnlyFans 100000 Euros creator day life revealed!

In recent weeks, controversy has revolved around OnlyFans, a subscription-only content platform that allows sex workers to have more control over their employment and make money with explicit photos, videos and online services.

After former Disney star Bella Thorne and influencer Caroline Calloway joined the platform, they soon amassed millions of dollars for their content, mostly raised around the sex work industry, arousing the suspicions of the industry as it is a supposed "digital stuffiness" and diverting money from the porn sector.

The criticism reflects a key reality: achieving success at OnlyFans requires an enormous amount of ingenuity and entrepreneurial vision.

For example, adult content creators work full - time to create and market content that is valuable enough to generate subscriptions, using different skills to do so. Adding to the difficulty of making material of their own enough to beat free porn, creators also have to juggle social media, marketing, finance, networking, video editing, ad writing and their business challenges.

Aella, a sex worker and content creator for OnlyFans in San Francisco, is an example of the diversity of background, branding and content that OnlyFans creators embody. Raised in rural Idaho by professional fundamentalist evangelical Christians, she lost her faith and moved, chaining jobs to a professional porn career.

He now has more than 3,200 subscribers, which brings him about $ 100,000 a month. Its impressive numbers rank it among 0.04% of creators in terms of monthly revenue generated.

OnlyFans 100000 Euros creator day life revealed

Although that "sounds loud," Business Insider points out, " it's an insecure income right now, and I don't know how long it will last." So soon reserve 50% to pay taxes, including the self-employed fee and other self-employment fees.

He has 2 accounts on OnlyFans, one free and one premium, and publishes regularly on Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitch. She also has a Telegram account where she shares business strategies and software with other sex workers.

In addition to her work at OnlyFans, Aella is a prominent writer, regularly posting blogs about her sex life, men and philosophy. He has also written about his intensive use of LSD, the semiotics of gender pronouns and about not wearing pants in Saudi Arabia.

She also plays the accordion, is the creator of Askhole, a more explicit interpretation of letters against humanity, and is interested in Burner's philosophy, a worldview of Burning Man. Now he was hoping to turn his home into a meditation center once the pandemic subsides.

Aella joined OnlyFans in 2017, but has been creating full-time content only since April, when enough users joined the platform to make it financially viable for her.

"I signed up three years ago, but it wasn't very profitable at the time. Nobody really used it, so I quit, " he recalls. "I used to work as an escort, but suddenly OnlyFans started giving me a lot more money."

Aella has spoken to Business Insider about what a normal day is like for a content creator from OnlyFans at the 0.04% that receives the most revenue from the platform.

10: 30 a.m.

The first thing I do every morning is get up, sit in bed and check my OnlyFans to see how much I have earned during the night. I also check Reddit to see how well my messages have worked. I have them scheduled to be published early in the morning because it is the best time to achieve dissemination.

I have a spreadsheet to coordinate, but I use "Later for Reddit" to schedule more than 200 messages that will be automatically published in the next three months. I will also post on R / RealGirls and other networks.

At the same time I lead a Telegram group that currently has 83 other girls from OnlyFans, where we exchange tips and tricks. We share charts and spreadsheets to see how we've been operating, and I've shared some calculators that I've built that do things like predict your income based on how many subscriptions you receive per day.


I make coffee and a short video called "the morning coffee talk naked", where I am topless or naked in front of the camera and share my thoughts or despotrico about what I can think of.

I publish it a few times a week, and it's to try to connect better with my subscribers; no makeup, messy hair... all very relaxed and casual.


After my coffee I have leisure time where I watch YouTube videos, respond to people, like something and make an eye to my Twitter.


I start putting on makeup early in the afternoon and prepare for the content of the day, which takes up most of the afternoon.

This process is very relaxed. I take a lot of breaks and usually change clothes a couple of times.


Every day I have the personal goal of getting 2 really good photos and a GIF that I can post online as an ad for Twitter and Reddit. Between that, I record a lot of content for my OnlyFans.

For anything other than OnlyFans, the content of less than 30 seconds works much better. For my OnlyFans, I post longer striptease or more explicit videos.

Two days a week I do porn, which means I'll go to PornHub, classified as 'solo girl content' , and check out what's been popular recently. Then I choose one and reproduce it.

If it's Saturday, instead of doing a porno, I strumeo Askhole games with my viewers.


I try to shoot in natural light, so I finish when the sun goes down. When I finish recording the content, I edit everything in OpenShot. I do porn in 2 versions: a 30-second video that I put on OnlyFans as a preview, and then a longer version that I will send by direct message to my OnlyFans subscribers that night or the next morning.

Once a week I'll set aside two hours to research new platforms I can post on. For example, many escort sites have been put online only by COVID, so I make it clear that I'm not working on that, but I advertise on a couple of them. There'S also BDSMLR, which is the alternative to Tumblr since they banned nudes.

I've even posted on some conservative websites, but that hasn't gone too well.

I'm turning off the lights. I usually check my Reddit calendar, queue up all the content I recorded that day, and schedule my Twitter posts before I go to sleep.

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