Oracle announces TikTok United States technology partnership, but Walmart won't give up 24 hours before Trump's deadline - TikTok has found the company that will eventually operate its business in the US: Oracle. The firm was confirmed Monday as a "technology partner" of the Chinese app, as announced by the American in a statement.

"Oracle confirms the statement of Mnunchin (Secretary of the Treasury of the country) in which ByteDance has proposed to us his department as a company to serve him as a trusted technology partner," he has limited himself to explain the first.

All that remains is for the Donald Trump administration to approve Oracle as the ally of the social network, a ratification expected to come this week, according to CNBC.

In principle, it seems that Oracle will have no objection to passing the technical examination of the Treasury Secretariat, since it has had the support of the president of the United States himself.

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The announcement that the firm will be chosen to operate the TikTok business comes after Microsoft was ruled out for the same purpose, news that has been released this Sunday. ByteDance yesterday rejected the offer of the technology founded by Bill Gates-as this one confirmed - although the reasons for that decision have not transcended.

In this way, Oracle remained the only candidate to take the operations of the popular app in the US market.

Oracle announces TikTok United States technology partnership

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin told CNBC on Monday: "for our part, we will have to make sure that the code is secure and that the data and phones of U.S. citizens are protected. We will see it alongside Oracle and our technical team in the coming days."

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Oracle has not only had the support of Trump —the company's founder is a prominent follower of the US president, who went so far as to publicly show his support for Oracle to buy TikTok— but has also obtained it from some Bytedance investors in the United States.

"I think Oracle would surely be a company that could handle it. We give them until September 15, " Trump said in mid-August.

However, the terms of the agreement have not yet been detailed and what will happen to the TikTok algorithm remains in the air. According to South China Morning Post, the social network formula is not for sale.

Walmart doesn't give up

Another U.S. company candidate to partner with TikTok is Walmart, who has been, like Microsoft, among Bytedance's options.

The department store giant would have even reached an agreement with TikTok, complementary to that of Oracle, in the field of electronic commerce as has advanced late Monday Caixin, one of the largest private communication groups in China.

Walmart, for the moment, refers to the statement published this Sunday after learning that Microsoft's offer had been rejected:

"Walmart remains interested in investing in TikTok and continues discussions with the Bytedance board and other stakeholders. We know that any approved agreement must meet all regulatory and national security concerns, " the statement said.

In August, Trump announced that he would ban the use of TikTok in the United States for security reasons, claiming that this platform could be used as a method of Chinese espionage.

The video app has 800 million active users worldwide. In Europe, it already exceeds 100 million unique users after several months of very high growth. The company, in fact, already has 1,600 employees in Europe.

Oracle announces TikTok United States technology partnership

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