Oxford University resumes AstraZeneca vaccine tests - The University of Oxford, the leading developer of the AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine, has resumed testing of its Phase 3 in the UK after it was canceled this week, following several doses of the test produced a mysterious disease to one of more than 10,000 volunteers.

This is what the University said in a statement this Saturday, three days after the incident that, already in its revelation, were referred to as "a routine action that has to happen whenever there is a potentially unexplained disease in one of the trials, while investigating, ensuring that the integrity of the trials is maintained", as pointed out AstraZeneca spokesman Michele Meixell, to the STAT.

Still, the resumption of testing has had to wait for the approval of the Independent UK regulator, the medicines Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA), which has refused to disclose any details related to the patient's illness.

Thus, although cancellations and one-off stops are relatively normal in vaccine manufacturing processes, the interruption of this study has been a shock to the scientific community, both because of the reverence of the institutions and the expectations raised by its vaccine, one of the most promising in view of nurturing the European market in early 2021.

AstraZeneca executive director Pascal Soriot said last Thursday that an independent safety review board was assessing whether the participant's disease had been caused by the vaccine or was not dose-related, a fact yet to be confirmed. So far, Phase 3 of the Oxford trials has dealt with about 18,000 people.

Oxford University resumes AstraZeneca vaccine tests

"We cannot disclose medical information about the disease for reasons of patient confidentiality," Soriot said during the cancellation of tests this week. "We are committed to the safety of our participants and the highest standards of conduct in our studies and will continue to monitor safety closely."

Then, the shutdown of Phase 3 meant the company's shares fell to 8.3%, according to Bloomberg, while Moderna and BioNTech Rose, also in the race to get the first vaccine. We will have to see what the response of the markets to the resumption of testing by AstraZeneca.

"There is a danger that political and economic pressures for the rapid delivery of a vaccine against COVID - 19 may lead to the widespread deployment of an ineffective dose, due to a deceptively promising outcome of a low-potency trial," warned a group of World Health Organization (who) solidarity vaccine trials experts in a joint article in The Lancet.

In fact, according to US President Donald Trump, this could be ready before the US elections-November 2020 -.

For his part, as five days, the president of the government, Pedro Sanchez, advanced that Spain could start to vaccinate 3 million people in December, of which Spain has reserved 30 million.

However, according to the WHO, this may not even be enough to contain the pandemic, a fact that has not stopped the United States and the European Commission to bet on them with million-dollar reserves without guarantees that they can authorize their sale in the future.

Therefore, trying to ensure the efficiency of the candidate, which must be at least 30% to 50%, drug manufacturers have committed to avoid safety shortcuts.

End of Oxford University resumes AstraZeneca vaccine tests

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Everything you need to know about Among us!, the video game about the deception that eclipses Fortnite

Despite the fact that the covers are taken for the presentation of new consoles like the Xbox Series S or the titles that are still to come in the rest of the year —as the ideal collection for the nostalgic of Mario for Nintendo Switch— a title indie 2018 is the one that is calling the attention on Twitch and YouTube and it has become the sensation of the moment: Among Us!

The game is available on PC for 3.99 through Steam and on smartphones for free for both iOS and Android and personalities like elRubius, AuronPlay or Ibai, among many others, are enjoying the game in recent weeks.

If you are not clear what it consists of Among us!, here you will find the keys that have turned it into the feel of the moment and how you can master it to rise with victory.

The key to success Among Us! it is, without a doubt, in that the rounds last about 10 or 15 minutes, that is, short and fast games. It's really simple to understand and doesn't require much skill to master it and start winning and enjoying.

In addition, it is frankly fun its playable proposal, as it looks a lot like the classic Cluedo or titles of this type where players will have to debate about who or who are the impostors trying to end their life.

The indie title brings together 4 to 10 players on three different maps to choose from - a planet or two well-differentiated ships-and, from that moment on, they have the task of rebuilding the ship to be able to return home.

The problem is that among the crew there are one or two camouflaged impostors who are aliens who will have to finish the crew one by one.

Throughout the game, the crew will have to deal with small mini-games to repair the ship, but the grace comes when the first corpse is discovered.

At that time, the crew will have to decide who could be the impostor through voice chat and, when they are clear, they will expel that person from the game.

To get victory in Among us!, it all depends on two variables. If you are one of the impostors, your goal will be to wipe out the crew before they manage to fix the ship that will take them back home.

To do this, you will have to play with deception and try to confuse others by sowing doubt and problems among the rest.

If, on the contrary, you are part of the crew, victory will come if you manage to meet the impostor during the course of the game or manage to fix the ship.

The first thing you should consider before you start playing Among us! it is an exclusively online title, but it gives many facilities so you can enjoy private rooms with your friends.

In addition, the game has some standard settings for each game, but you can edit the rules so that there are more impostors and the rounds are even more frantic, for example.

To dominate Among Us! you should know that the impostors are the only ones able to use the ship's ventilation ducts, so they can quickly move around the ship to generate even more deception and doubt among the crew if they find a body in a room and the impostor is at the opposite end.

It is also interesting to note that players who have died during the game become ghosts, who can continue to work on the repair of the ship and can privately talk to each other.

What is clear is that among us! it's a really fun title that has a lot of strategy and with which you'll be distracted.

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