Everything you need to know about Phasmophobia new fashion game fear protagonist: This year has been curious in terms of trends in video games, first came Fall Guys, that kind of yellow humor that gladdened the summer to many. Later came a 2018 indie that is living a Second Life, Among Us! and now, it's turn to a title that comes perfect for these prehalloween dates: Phasmophobia.

It is a title that has already been the best-selling title of Steam for some time and powerfully draws attention that it is an Early Access, that is, a kind of very advanced beta.

Since last September 18, when it went on sale, it has experienced enormous success everywhere and although it may seem strange, the title has several ingredients inside that explain why Phasmophobia has become the fashionable game.

Phasmophobia is a horror game in which four people must collaborate to find out what kind of paranormal presence is in the area. To do this, players have a series of tools at their disposal to be able to solve the mystery.

The grace of the game, of course, is that it is a procedural title, that is, everything is generated randomly in each game, so none is the same. In this way, the title of Kinetic Games, achieves that differentiating touch in each game that gives a lot of play on Twitch or on the different streaming platforms.

Phasmophobia new fashion game fear protagonist

First a bit of context: the name comes from the condition that causes an abnormal and unjustified fear of ghosts and players have to find them with a first-person interface where fear and scares are the bread and butter of every day.

Seeing YouTubers scared around the corners and having a bad time is a cause for a lot of joy and laughter and it is clear that it is one of the reasons for their success. In addition, it should be noted that the game can be played with virtual reality, which can create an even more immersive experience.

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Simply seeing how other people react, especially if they get scared, or enjoying the title with a few friends are the main reasons that Phasmophobia has become the fashion game.

At the moment, the title is only available for Windows through Steam for 11,59 euros and Kinetic Games is already clear that it will raise its price when the game comes out of Early Access.

As for the jump to other platforms nothing is known, but depending on its long-term success, it will be normal to see it on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S or Nintendo Switch.

Phasmophobia new fashion game fear protagonist

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