Photographer to help your company's  brand identity by creating new marketing promotional material.

Photographer Alex Costin

“Photography helps people to see.”


THEN: After the 2nd month in my career as a Digital Marketer, whilst being a graphic designer for FUJI, I was trained to also take photographs. It was at the start with in-studio photography, but it then went further to landscape and events photography. 

NOW: After 15+ years of working as a photographer (hobby or job), I possess a "can-do" attitude of taking great shots, shots which can then get graphic editing "attention" and lead to a powerful impact Digital Marketing Campaign.

SAMPLE: Below, a few websites and their Facebook pages where part of my work is stored.

D3SiGN Facebook
D3SiGN @ > photos, graphic design, web design and much more ... photos take by me in various countries, at several touristic attraction. The Facebook page also includes a few photo shoots I took with aspiring models.

Worcester Night Life Facebook - Worcester Night Life is the BEST party in town, in FULL REAL HD! February 2011 - January 2013 saw me acting as photographer for several night clubs in Worcester, United Kingdom. I was attending various events from smaller clubs, taking photos, publishing them on Facebook - all in the scope to help them increase online presence and achieve more public awareness of their parties.

Glamorgan Night Life Facebook - University life can be one big party – but don’t let the memory fade! Between February 2013 and September 2016 I have taken a number of photo shoots in the Welsh region of Glamorgan, with a similar aim as previous, at Worcester Night Life.

George-Daniel Docu
Welcome to my Facebook page! I am Dani, a young aspiring model. Photos I took in December 2013 in Spain.
All the photos and graphic / web design elements above have been taken/created by me.