Rare blue blood full moon lights Halloween night 2020: This year Halloween will come accompanied by a cosmic element that will make the night even more magical and spooky.

During Saturday night, prior to All Saints Day, a large blue blood moon will illuminate the sky.

However, there is nothing to fear, despite the ominous name. A blue moon is the term used to name the second full moon in a single month, and a blood moon is simply the name of a full moon that falls in the month of October.

Don't wait to see our satellite dyed this Color in the sky, it will be pearl gray as always.

In North America and Europe, people have used full moons to track months and seasons for thousands of years, naming each according to the seasonal changes it indicates.

The lunar cycle occurs every 29.5 days. In the months that have 31 days it is easier for this phenomenon to occur, if there has been a full moon at the beginning of the month.

It is a phenomenon that usually occurs every two or three years. But to see a blue moon again in October you will have to wait 19 years, the time that must elapse for the orbit of the Earth and the satellite to coincide again in the same position, as imposed by the metonic cycle — by which the lunar cycle is tried to adjust to the solar cycle that follows our calendar—.

Rare blue blood full moon lights Halloween night 2020

But why is it called Blue Moon?

This name is is a direct translation of the English term, Blue Moon.

And there are several theories about this designation.

According to one of them the term has evolved from the English word belewe (traitor). It was so designated because an additional second moon in spring entailed extending fasting in Lent.

According to the explanation given by Space, in 2012 an article in Sky & Telescope magazine by folklorist Philip Hiscock indicated that the first use of the term came to designate something absurd. For example, Hiscock explained, the expression "I'll marry you when the moon turns blue" was an equivalent to saying"I'll marry you when the pigs fly."

The next blue moon, which will take place this October 31, also receives another name: the Hunter's Moon. As they explain from the tiempo.es popular culture calls it "the second moon after the September equinox".

Rare blue blood full moon lights Halloween night 2020

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This is how Providence entered the Spanish Signaturit, the first operation that the megafond closes in Europe 100% remotely

Signaturit made headlines in several economic media outlets this week. Providence, a giant fund, entered its capital with a majority stake through Providence Strategic Growth (PSG), one of its investment vehicles.

Although they did not transcend the economic terms in which the operation was closed, Juan Zamora, CEO and co-founder of this startup that is already a leader in the national market of signatures and digital identities has given some details about it in statements .

The operation has been, in fact, the first that Providence has closed in all of Europe 100% remotely, because of the restrictions that the coronavirus health crisis has imposed. "We officially started talks with them a few days before the pandemic began," Zamora says. "Just a week earlier we were in London." The state of alarm in Spain was decreed on March 14.

"The whole transaction has been done remotely. It is the first one that closes Providence in Europe 100% remotely", he deepens. The role that this Spanish startup played during the first weeks of the crisis was key: it allowed real estate companies, insurers and banks to expedite the signing of contracts without having to send them to customers and for them to print, sign, scan and send back.

In addition, he details that all the management of the conversations with the fund were carried out directly by them.

Fruit of the news, which advanced a press release to mid-morning this Wednesday, some media have speculated with the possibility that this leader in the Spanish legaltechs sector is destined to become one of the next Spanish unicorns. Zamora acknowledges that they are "very happy" after closing the operation, but admits that "it still remains".

"Unicorns, mares or horses, I don't know," he laughs. "In the end what we're trying to do is make things as good as possible, and I think we're in the right direction." The CEO of the firm says that in the last two years they have experienced "very good" growth, already being accompanied by venture capital funds. "We had to make the leap, position ourselves as leaders in the European market in the next 5 years; a bit of the vision with which we were born from the beginning".

Will they make it? "In Spain we are already leaders and the partnership we have closed with Providence is to focus on three areas". As already stated in the press release that was published this week with the details of the operation, the objective is to diversify its product portfolio "valuing other solutions that can give added value to our customers" and work on geographical expansion. "We started internationalization very recently, especially for France. Now we want to expand to the rest of the continent."

The third purpose is to "value acquisition opportunities, both at the product level and to strengthen geographical expansion".

Although Zamora recognizes that the startup no longer grows at the same levels as during the first weeks of the pandemic —then its demand skyrocketed—, he does defend that they have consolidated "with spectacular growth multiples, with a very good reception". "If COVID-19 has helped anything, to put it mildly, it is to change the mindset of companies."

For example, in the last two years their turnover has multiplied "up to three".

They do not believe that their growth can be circumscribed only to their company. In general, the entire legaltech sector will continue to record spectacular data. "Some digital processes were expected to be adopted in a matter of 4 or 5 years. This pandemic has made them adopted in a matter of months." It has been, he says, " a boom for the entire sector." "We have also seen some regulatory changes, or the transposition of some directives in the whole field of remote identification, of online formalities, which have had to adapt to this new normal."

"If we compare with our beginnings, or with just 3 or 4 years ago, there has always been a bit of fear and resistance to the kind of solutions we offer." Zamora understands this, because after all companies like Signaturit work with "very valuable and even confidential documents". "People are a bit reluctant to put them on platforms without understanding very well how they work."

But he notes that these last three years-beyond the Pandemic-there has been "quite significant progress". "People are already aware of the regulation that exists about this, that they are safe solutions, and what certifications are met." "Now we add COVID-19... and there's no other one left. It was the final push for this acceleration to be done in months and not years."

Zamora and his team will continue to maintain the leadership of the company and retain their shares. But with this partnership with the Providence megafond, they hope to go even further.

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