Roblox wants raise IPO 1000 million dollars and this is how the video game the pandemic has taken advantage of to conquer children all over the planet: If you do not know Roblox it is because you are not a child or you are not a father or mother of one.

This social video game for preteens and teenagers has announced this Thursday its plans to go public, as detailed by media such as Axios.

The pandemic has boosted its player base: in April 2019 it had 90 million monthly users and by the middle of this year it was already 150 million. It now accounts for more than 31 million daily active users and more than 22.2 billion hours of use during the first 3 quarters of the year.

Roblox is a platform with graphics remotely reminiscent of other successful titles, such as Minecraft (Mojang, Microsoft) or LEGO dolls. Users can characterize their own characters and use them in the apps for tablets, consoles or computers that the platform offers. Being a social game, it has no defined objectives, and there are endless worlds created by the users themselves.

The title is intended for children from 7 years. Despite this, it has the possibility of buying items with real money to customize the user's character more, such as T-shirts and all kinds of accessories.

In its public offering, Roblox hopes to raise 1.000 million dollars. Bloomberg claims that two-thirds of 9-to 12-year-olds in the United States play the title. The company also warns in its documentation of some risks: they have partnered with the giant Tencent to launch a title localized in China; an initiative that could be affected by tensions between the US and the Asian country.

Roblox wants raise IPO 1000 million dollars

He had already been warned throughout the month of October of his intentions to go public. It will be in the New York, and will do it as RBLX. It expects to reach a valuation of 7.000 million.

Due to the restrictions and confinements that the coronavirus has imposed, many children around the world have started playing Roblox. In the first 9 months of 2020, Roblox recorded 206 million dollars in losses, and 589 million in revenue. On the other hand, they are losses of 173 million euros with revenues of 496 million euros.

In the same period last year, the first 9 months of 2019, Roblox accounted for 46 million dollars in losses (38 million euros) and 350 million dollars in revenue (294 million euros). Revenues have almost doubled.

Since its birth in 2004, Roblox has raised over dólares 335 million. In February 2020 they achieved a valuation of 4.000 million dollars. Among its investors are Altos Ventures, First Round Capital, Meritech Capital Partners, Andreessen Horowitz or Index Ventures, according to Axios in a post also published.

Roblox wants raise IPO 1000 million dollars

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All animations and Flash games that will disappear from the web will be preserved in the 'Internet Archive': so you can remember how the beginnings of the network were

When 2020 is over, Flash Player will cease to exist.

Adobe will remove download links from your website. Since 2017 it does not receive support, other than regular security updates. New standards like HTML5 have matured enough to be a solid alternative to All Flash content, and in December this year the final tip will come for a product that has been internet history.

Since Adobe Flash became the standard for displaying animations and games on the network, tens of thousands of content have proliferated on the network. Today these animations load on the other aforementioned standards and browser games have gone to the background, now that everyone uses phones also to play.

Although The Flash Player for years was a more insecure product than its competitors and had become obsolete, this final tip it receives will make a lot of content inaccessible on the network.

For this reason, an online bookstore-museum like Internet Archive has announced that they will host thousands of these contents emulating them on their platform. Internet Archive is a non-profit organization that tries to preserve, precisely, the memory of the network: it is best known for its Wayback Machine, a solution with which you can consult the cached captures of certain web pages even from more than 20 years ago.

Internet Archive has announced that it will have more than 1,000 games and animations, and that the emulation of these contents will be possible thanks to an emulator called Ruffle that has been incorporated into its service. That's right: the developers of Ruffle admit that the emulator will not be compatible with most Flash content that was created after 2013, according to technological media such as The Verge.

There was a time on the web when even multinational web pages were developed on Flash, causing several headaches for its users: sometimes the elements of the page moved without ton or son and generated some performance problem. But it was an indelible time of the network at the dawn of the present millennium.

With the death of Flash Player at the end of this year, we will say goodbye to the first animated series in Flash, as well as classic games such as adaptations of Mahjong, checkers or chess. But the internet Museum, the Internet Archive, has already taken care of it.

You can now access the Internet Archive's collection of Flash files, which will be updated gradually.

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