The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 perfect smartwatch companion for those who want to monitor their activity on a smart watch - The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is the most comprehensive smartwatch of the Korean company to date. This wearable features better design, a larger screen and new features in the health section.

After more than 3 weeks of use I can say without fear of being mistaken that it is the perfect companion of the Galaxy Note 20, as it offers that extra in the health section that is asked for a device of these characteristics.

According to IDC, the Korean company grew the most in 2020 in the wearable sector, with a 9.2% market share. The firm has seen an increase in sales of 153.3% between 2018 and 2019, which shows that its innovations in this industry are improving more and more. However, and in spite of all this, he remains with the bronze medal in this industry.

Thus, the Galaxy Watch 3 continues to demonstrate the full potential of Samsung in the area of connected devices. But what are its strengths? I tell you my experience after several weeks of use.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is very similar to the original Watch. The device has a matte finish that offers a stylish look on the wrist. Yes, it may be too big for more than one, but I like watches this size, so I had no problem.

It has two buttons on the sides with which you can go back or go to the main screen, as well as access some quick function. These look 'vintage', but the truth is that, personally, I love them even if they are not discreet. In addition, it comes with a rotary bezel that will allow you to move through the menus easily and easily.

In addition, it has an interchangeable strap that is easily modified, so you can use a plastic one for sports, and use a leather one for more elegant occasions.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 perfect smartwatch companion

As for the thickness (11.3 and 11.1 mm, depending on the version), it is somewhat excessive, although with the passage of the days you get used more and more and there are no problems in this aspect-something that also happens with the weight (48 and 53 grams, respectively)—.

However, it is a durable and robust device with which you will not have problems when doing sports that require more effort.

If there is something in which Samsung is expert is in screens, and in its latest smart watch was not going to be less. The Watch 3 comes with a 1.2-inch AMOLED panel with a resolution of 360x360 pixels, which will allow you to see any notification perfectly. The colors are vivid and bright and I have not had any problems on any occasion, so here we should give a round of applause to the Korean company.

Another strong point of this terminal is the touch sensitivity of the screen, since on all occasions it has responded to the concrete answer that decided manually. The same has happened with the various options that allow you to configure the smartwatch: screen off by covering the panel with one hand, activate the movement with the wrist or select a specific application.

Also interesting are the different areas that allow you to configure the device. Although they are not 100% customizable, I have used several depending on the day or time you need it (sports, more classic, timeless, etc).

As far as the power of this smartwatch is concerned, I have had no problem. I have not noticed more than a couple of lags at specific moments in the training part, but nothing remarkable. As for its configuration, it mounts an Exynos 9110 with 1 GB of RAM.

One of the most important sections to evaluate when analyzing a smartwatch are the features that it has and the utility that you can give it. This device offers several widgets that have been very useful to me in the day to day and that you can see by simply turning the bezel. But first you have to add them to the screen-something that has turned out to be much more productive, as there were some that I did not want to use

If there is one thing to stand out among all these features is the multi-exercise mode, as it will be especially useful for athletes.

In fact, professional athletes, runners, climbers or, simply, fitness enthusiasts, will have the possibility to measure the level of oxygen in the blood, that is, the maximum volume of oxygen that the body can process during an exercise. Or put another way: the amount that can be used when breathing and that, therefore, you can use when doing sports.

It is also interesting to receive notifications of the different achievements you get throughout the day (with the known' heart') that is completed as you achieve the goals you have previously set. It even congratulates you if you set a goal and achieve it.

In fact, I have to make a special mention of the fact that, even if you do not mark that you are walking fast, the terminal automatically detects it and emits a vibration as a warning (in addition to showing it on the screen).

In addition, everything related to sleep time is also noteworthy, as it allows you to see clearly the different phases (REM, awake or light) that you have been through throughout the night.

To top it off, you'll also have fall detection and, in case you don't respond, it will automatically alert your emergency contacts. However, although Watch technology allows it because it is available in some countries, the electrocardiogram function has not arrived in Spain.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will give you 48 hours of autonomy without problem, but if you want to reach 72 hours you will have to avoid using it to do sports or entrust some specific task. Is that enough? Yes, it has certainly evolved from the previous generation (since it has gone from 270mAh to 340 mAh), but I expected more for a wearable of its level.

As for charging, it comes with base, but does not include its own charger. In addition, a full charge lasts about 2 and a quarter hours, so it is not particularly fast.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 will be the perfect companion for those looking for a smartwatch with a plus of elegance but, in turn, also want it for sports. And it is that this device offers multiple exercise options that will be perfect for those who are looking to measure their fitness activity, but also want to use it when going out with friends, a couple dinner or any special occasion.

As a cons, it may be a bit heavy for small dolls and autonomy may not be entirely perfect, but they are minimal 'cons'.

In fact, you can already find it on Amazon for less than 400 euros, a reasonable price for everything it offers - compared to other competing devices.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 perfect smartwatch companion

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