The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 infinite premium mobile and not only for its price and folding screen: it allows you to do everything you are able to imagine - amsung's third folding mobile phone: the Galaxy Z Fold 2 is getting closer and closer. The South Korean company has presented this device during the IFA electronic fair in Berlin and has unveiled all the novelties that come with this smartphone.

The technology was released last year in the field of folding, starting with the Fold. That is, the predecessor of the one we show you now. And, between the two, Samsung dared with another way to fold the phone with the Z Flip.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 winks at both: it has the best of each.

Although there are still 2 weeks left for this device to reach the public - on September 18 -, we have already had a first contact with the terminal.

Opting for a folding mobile doesn't mean you have to give up a standard one. Precisely, your comfort lies in being able to handle it in every way.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 infinite premium mobile

That's right: it weighs more than the others, 282 grams. When closing the mobile, we have an elongated screen, which gives a feeling of verticality. As you see in the picture, it fits perfectly to the hand. It's not a crude device.

The layout of the panels is as follows:

  • A first 6.2-inch SUPER AMOLED panel with HD + resolution (2,260 x 816 pixels). It's the one you see in the picture. Its inches allow you to use only that screen, when you don't need to display its full size.
  •  A second 7.6-inch dynamic AMOLED 2x Infinity Flex panel (2,208 x 768 pixels). When the phone is fully open. In this case, we went from having a smartphone to finding a tablet.

Its resolution and brilliance do not disappoint. You can enjoy any content in the highest quality.

What's covering these panels? The frames and the back with a matte finish. You'll find it in pink or grey.

The Galaxy Z Fold 2 is versatile. Although folding can give the feeling of not being so, because of its dimensions, this one is. The point is to take advantage of all their positions.

For example, if you're eating, tap on mobile and turn up the screen. The opening will depend on you. As for positions, you have a wide range of options. Each will be useful for a different task.

Now, the device looks like a mini console or miniature computer. You'll have one screen just for viewing and the other for driving. While viewing the image, you can continue to browse recommended videos, select a content to view later, or share.

If you want to fold the mobile, but still in the same panel, do not worry, when closing the Mobile will appear directly on the front. Conversely the same happens, if you want to go from less to more, just open the device.

In general, the number of cameras on smartphones is increasing. If you have stopped surprising the 3 lenses or the 4, the Galazy Z Fold 2 allows you to explore 5 (three in the back, a selfie and a front). Inside the main chamber, there are:

  • A 12.2 megapixel wide-angle sensor that picks up to 123º f/2.2.
  • A 12 megapixel f/1.8 sensor.
  • A 12 megapixel f / 2.4 telephoto with 5x optical zoom and 10x digital.

In the image you can see the triple main camera and the front camera. The latter is 10 megapixels f/2.2. Inside you will find the fifth chamber, with the same power.

By the way, a very fun option of the Z Fold 2 is that you can anticipate to see the results: the screen becomes mirror so you can see reflected and make exactly the photo you want.

This mobile is infinite: and not only for its tablet screen. We don't just say that because of the multiple positions in which you can place the device.

On the displayed screen, the smartphone lets you do up to 3 tasks at once. Of course, whatever you want. For example, you can open the photo gallery on one tab, Mail on another, and send the image from one to the other just by swiping your finger. And then, if you change places, you can take it to your social networks.

When you change each of the ways that the mobile accepts, you will also have multitasking options. You can always do several things at once. And its possibilities are countless.

In addition to being foldable, one of the best features of this mobile is that you will gradually dispense with other devices. As it suits all circumstances, you won't have to turn on your computer to complete a task or open your tablet to watch a series. In that sense, the Z Fold 2 is an off-road vehicle.

The sticks of this smartphone, a priori, are very few. The hinge is improved and is more durable, approaching that of the Z Flip. However, it is not superfluous.

Another barrier is its price: 2,000 euros. Of course, the Mobile has all the specifications that justify the amount. However, it is not suitable for all pockets.

End of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 infinite premium mobile

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Scientists find way to make waterproof folding keyboards with any paper

A group of scientists from Purdue University, Indiana, USA, has managed to design a model to make folding keyboards on any paper.

Flexible-which you can fold and store in your pocket as if it were a note - waterproof and dustproof, and without needing to be connected to any external power source.

The latter, details Science Alert, is known as a triboelectric nanogenerator or TENG device, which works with the mechanical energy that is produced at the touch of the operator.

"We developed a method to make paper repel water, oil and dust by coating it with highly fluorinated molecules. This omniphobic coating allows us to print multiple layers of circuits on paper without the ink running from one layer to the next, " said Ramses Martinez, Purdue's assistant professor at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and the Weldon School of Biomedical Engineering in the University's statement.

Also, on the other side of the paper, the points of each of the keys and what they represent are indicated. That is, whether it is a numeric keypad, or whether it is oriented to raise and lower the volume of a player.

Not only is it comfortable for the user, but, as the inventors point out, it is gaining considerable attention due to its low cost-less than 0.25 dollars (0.21 euros) each, they specify -, respect for the environment, light weight and flexibility.

"This is the first time an electronic device based on self-Fed paper has been shown," recognizes Martinez, who points out that, despite its novelty, it is compatible with conventional large-scale printing processes and could be easily implemented.

"RF-SPE [omniphobic and self-powered paper-based electronic devices] enable the low-cost manufacture of reliable man-machine interfaces," they point out in research published in Nano Energy.

"I visualize this technology to facilitate user interaction with food packages, to verify whether the food is safe to be consumed, or to allow users to sign the package that comes home by dragging their finger over the box to properly identify themselves as the owner," explains Martinez on the University's website.

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