Samsung introduces new home products line: TVs, refrigerators and other devices to make home life even more comfortable

After the presentation of its Galaxy Z Fold 2, an extraordinary mobile that brings together the best of the entire catalog of the company and its fantastic Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, Samsung continues to innovate, but this time in the field of smart home.

Under the motto Life Unstoppable, the Korean company has introduced a series of smart and connected products for all audiences and for every stay in the home.

The goal is to offer each user a product that fits their lifestyle and all framed in the aoit field, to make life at home even more comfortable.

Inside the kitchen, Samsung has introduced its range of rb7300t refrigerators that has a storage capacity of up to 385 liters and two different height options. In addition, it is fully customizable in both colors and dimensions.

One of the most interesting points is that it will be able to keep food fresh for longer and is able to have different temperatures depending on the drawer of the refrigerator.

It has also welcomed its range of WW9800T washers and dv8000t dryers. as for the former, its main virtue is that it can learn from your washing habits so that it starts automatically with your favorite setup and cycle. In addition, it manages to maximize the effectiveness of the detergent thanks to the four sensors that integrate the drum, which will be able to know how much laundry is inside by weight and use the soap accordingly.

Samsung introduces new home products line

As for the dryer, the distinguishing point is in its Auto Cycle Link technology, which will know what drying needs the load that has just been washed so that you do not have to worry about anything else.

The best thing is that all these devices - as well as most of those presented— can be controlled from the smartphone setting the temperature of the refrigerator, the time at which you want to start washing clothes or much more.

As for the field of screens, Samsung has presented many novelties that come with the intention of conquering all kinds of audiences.

The star product, without a doubt, has been the Premiere, a projector that is able to reach 4k without any problem and offers HDR10 + image quality, being the first device of this type that integrates it inside. The most interesting thing is that it will offer the same smart connection capabilities as other devices. It will arrive this same year and can be purchased in two versions: one 120-inch or one 130-inch.

They have also presented a screen that transfers the image of the mobile automatically and when rotated, the device does exactly the same and is named the Sero.

For its part, the Frame works like a picture when it is turned off and offers a multitude of different images to brighten up and decorate the room in which the TV is.

For the outside, Samsung has introduced the Terrace, which will have IP55 technology to resist water and anti-glare, to fight against the light conditions of the outside. It will come in three sizes -55, 65 and 75 inches - and will be available this year.

To this is added a soundbar capable of offering adaptive sound that is installed very simply and without cables through the smartphone.

In the gaming field, they have presented their curved monitors G9 and G7 capable of achieving a refresh rate of 240Hz, HDR10 + QLED display and with a technology, Flicker-Free, able to reduce fatigue hide so that players can stay longer playing.

Finally, they have also presented their new flagship, QLED 8K Q950TS, a TV that has a frameless screen-99% of the device is image - with the possibility of transmitting images in 8K and with a technology capable of adapting sound or brightness to outdoor conditions.

Samsung has also taken advantage to showcase its new Galaxy Tab A7 tablet that features a 10.4-inch screen, Dolby Atmos speakers and a long battery life. In addition, they have introduced the Samsung Kids app, which will offer educational and entertaining content.

On the other hand, if you are a person in love with activity bracelets, Samsung has presented Galaxy Fit 2, the natural evolution of its smartband capable of tracking all kinds of exercise. The most interesting thing is that it promises 25 days of autonomy, sleep monitoring and 70 different styles to customize it to your liking.

In the mobile field, the Korean company has introduced the Galaxy A42 5G with a 6.6-inch Super AMOLED screen, quadruple rear camera and 5G as main additions.

Finally, they talked about the possibility of pre-booking the Galaxy Z Fold 2 in Europe, a folding device of which they revealed more details yesterday.

Here stands out the Wireless Charger trio device, a wireless charging solution capable of charging multiple devices at once without any problems.

They also presented Samsung Cube Purifier, a huge cube that looks like a seat connected to WiFi and that is able to purify the air when the parameters set through its application go down and the Samsung Jet Clean Station vacuum cleaner that offers a power of 200W and has a removable battery with 2 extra hours of autonomy so you never stay half.

End of Samsung introduces new home products line

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