Scientists discovered extreme WASP-189B planet known to date: Astronomers have made detailed observations of an incredibly extreme exoplanet and have detected surface temperatures of around 3,200 degrees Celsius, according to Science Alert.

Temperatures-measured by the European Space Agency's CHaracterising exoplanets satellite space observatory-can melt all rocks and metals, and even turn them into their gaseous form.

"Iron melts at a temperature as high as this and even becomes gaseous. The object is one of the most extreme planets we know so far,” said lead author of the study, Monika Lendl, a researcher at the University of Geneva in Switzerland.

Launched in December 2019, CHEOPS represents the first mission of the European Space Agency dedicated to characterizing already known exoplanets.

The purpose of the satellite is to measure the radius of these planets and thus have a more complete sample to better study their properties and architecture.

In this sense, it observes nearby stars and measures changes in light levels as planets orbit around them.

CHEOPS has observed the exoplanet WASP-189B, which passes through the star HD 133112, one of the hottest known with a planetary system.

Scientists discovered extreme WASP-189B planet

The host star is 2,000 degrees warmer than the sun, so it seems to shine in a blue tone instead of yellow, and is spinning so fast that it is being pushed out into its equator.

Also, WASP-189B is one of the most extreme planets ever discovered and has an orbit of only 2.7 days around its star, with one side seeing a permanent "day" and the other side seeing a permanent "night".

Besides, it's huge. In fact, it's about 1.6 times the size of Jupiter.

"WASP-189B is especially interesting because it is a gas giant that orbits very close to its host star. It takes less than 3 days to surround it and is 20 times closer to it than the Land Of The Sun, " said Monika Lendl in a statement.

WASP-189B belongs to the class of the known hot planets of Jupiter, giant gaseous planets orbiting very close to its star. That way, they get pretty hot.

” Only a handful of planets are known to orbit such hot stars, and this system is by far the brightest, " said Willy Benz, professor of astrophysics at the University of Bern, Switzerland, and director of the Cheops consortium.

The exoplanet in question is too far away (326 light years) and too close to HD 133112 to observe directly.

However, first CHEOPS has observed the exoplanet as it passed behind its star: a concealment. He then analyzed how WASP-189B passed in front of its star: a transit.

From these readings, the researchers have deciphered the brightness, temperature, size, shape and orbital characteristics of the exoplanet, as well as some additional information about the star around which it is circling.

"WASP-189B is also the brightest and hottest Jupiter we can see when it passes in front of or behind its star, making the whole system really intriguing," said Lendl.

Thanks to the greater accuracy achieved with CHEOPS compared to terrestrial telescopes, the team has also been able to better dimensionize the planet. Thus, the planetary radius is 15% greater than previously thought, which results in a lower average planetary density than previously established.

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TikTok gets in Spain only in 2 years almost half of Facebook users, with an overwhelming majority of women

Spain is one of the European countries with the most users on TikTok, the social network of the Chinese startup ByteDance, which has been in the eye of the hurricane for months.

In total, the number of Spanish users using this platform on a regular basis is 8.8 million, according to data contained in a presentation by the marketing Department of TikTok. This presentation was attended by Bloomberg, who detailed in this article some of the most relevant figures of the social network in Europe.

It is surprising, for example, that three out of every four users of TikTok in Spain are women. And a third of the platform's members are minors.

TikTok reserves the concept of "regular user" to its regulars: people who spend an hour a day on the app for several months. If in Spain this figure is close to 9 million users, in the United Kingdom there are 17 million users. This country has the most user community in the entire Old Continent.

Spain is only surpassed by the United Kingdom and 11 million users in France, and 10.7 million in Germany.

The figures are not gibberish. If there are 17 million British users, a recent Statista report warns that Facebook adds up to about 45 million users in the UK. In other words: TikTok has achieved in just 3 years almost half of users than the most well-known Social Network on the planet, as recalls Bloomberg.

Something similar happens in the Spanish case. If in Spain there are 8.8 million regular users in TikTok, suffice it to review this other table by Statista that lists 22 million Facebook users in the same country. In short, since Summer 2018, TikTok has managed to reach 40% of the total number of Facebook users.

The growth of TikTok in Europe shows signs of continuing to be prodigious. In the article, Bloomberg indicates that a presentation prepared with data for the first quarter of the year indicated that the Chinese social network had achieved in the UK 10 million users; and now they are going for the 17 million.

The platform's user base across Europe has already exceeded 100 million users this summer, as reported in a recent article in the ABC newspaper.

The social network, which in China retains its original name —Douyin— began showing signs of strength at the beginning of 2019, when it had 500 million users around the globe and hooked mainly teenagers of Generation Z. The data allowed ByteDance to become one of the most valued startups in the world, with a capitalization of about 75.000 million dollars.

The user window that most uses the platform is still precisely this Generation Z, as reflected by the latest data to which Bloomberg has accessed: in Spain, France and Italy, a third of users are under 18 years. In Germany, 24% are younger. In the UK, 18%.

While TikTok continues to show signs of strength, the owner has been forced to let two US companies-Oracle and Walmart - into the ownership of the subsidiary that she has had to create expressly for the US market, with which she hopes to circumvent Trump's veto. However, it is not clear that the Chinese authorities allow this ploy, fearing that technological rivals in North America will be able to access and even copy the algorithm used by the social network to recommend viral videos to its users.

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