Scientists team creates first full-size human heart 3D model: A team of researchers led by Carnegie Mellon University biomedical engineer Adam Feinberg has created "the first real-size 3D bio-printed human heart model"

The team's success has been published in the journal ACS Biomaterials Science and Engineering and they say it can revolutionize the way surgeons prepare for operations.

The elasticity of the heart in 3D mimics that of a real heart, so it allows doctors to manipulate it in the same way they would in a real scenario.

"We can now build a model that not only allows visual planning, but allows physical practice," Feinberg says. "The surgeon can manipulate it and make it respond like real tissue, so that when they get to the site of the operation they have an extra layer of realistic practice in that scenario."

This success is a small step further in the ultimate goal of 3D bio-printing in the field of tissues that aspires to manufacture functional organs that can one day be used for organ transplants.

Scientists team creates first full-size human heart 3D model

"This work represents another important marker on the long road to the Bioengineering of a functional human organ. Soft and biocompatible scaffolds like the one created by Feinberg's group may one day provide the structure on which cells adhere and form an organ system, placing biomedicine one step closer to the ability to repair or replace complete human organs," they assure from the University.

Every day, about 20 people die worldwide due to the lack of organs available for transplantation to patients of a wide and heterogeneous variety of diseases, so the potential of 3D printing in this area is seen huge.

Scientists team creates first full-size human heart 3D model

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Realme expands its product portfolio even further ahead of the end of the year: smartphone with 5G, its first noise-canceling headphones and new smartwatch

Realme doesn't stop.

After presenting its 7 Series in society, two very interesting smartphones focused on lovers of fast charging or focused on users who enjoy playing on the mobile, expand even more its product portfolio facing the end of the year.

On this occasion, three novelties aimed at all types of public land: a mobile with 5G, headphones for sound lovers and a new smartwatch that debuts design and new features.

The first and most striking thing is that they have presented the realme 7 5G, a device that, as its name suggests, has as its main claim the trendy network coverage thanks to a MediaTek Dimensity 800u processor.

Regarding the rest of the features of this new device, it is very similar to the realme 7. A screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz of 6.5 inches to make the experience with the screen very smooth and resolution of 2400X1080 FHD+.

It also highlights its 5000 mAh battery as well as 30W fast charging that promises to charge the device in about an hour.

Finally, highlight its photographic section: main camera of 48 megapixels, ultra wide angle of 8 megapixels, 2 megapixels for portrait mode and a lens of 2 megapixels for macro mode for the main camera and a lens of 16 megapixels for the selfie camera.

As for the price, you have it from 229 euros with Black Friday offer from the 27th to the 30th of November and for 279 euros after the end of the offer you can book it from today.

After introducing their Buds Air last year, they now take the leap with their Pro version that comes with a new design and a key feature that was missing from the previous generation: Active Noise Cancellation.

In this way, realme presents its first True Wireless with this feature that also comes with very interesting functionalities: more than 25 hours of music playback, IPX4 water resistance, 3 extra hours with a charge of 10 minutes and touch controls.

In addition, they come with the option of instant connection with your device, offers a Transparency Mode to be attentive to street noises and has a latency of as little as 94ms.

Its price remains at 89,99 euros and will be available on December 3rd.

After their first interaction in the smartwatch market with their realme Watch and the realme Band, they continue their journey with a new device that completely changes what has been seen so far with new design and many features: the Watch S.

The first thing that catches the eye is that it leaves behind its square design to bet on a circular sphere of 3.3 centimeters, which leaves a screen of 1.3 inches with a rather powerful brightness that promises to get around any problem with the incidence of light.

As most important features, this Watch s is presented with a battery that promises to lengthen for 15 days thanks to its 390 mAh and has 16 Sport modes, as well as blood oxygen monitor and heart rate.

In addition, it comes with support for notifications from any app and it is possible to control the playback of music as well as the shutter of the camera of your smartphone, acting as a kind of remote control.

It also highlights its IP68 water resistance and features typical of a smartwach such as alarm clock, the ability to turn on the screen when lifting the wrist or meditation programs.

The Watch S will be available on December 3 at a price of 79,99 euros.

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