Why was seduction Steve Jobs greatest talent, according to an exemplary who worked more than 20 years at Apple? Apple is a brand that is often recognized for the successful design of its products and their functionality. And that legacy comes from one of its founders, Steve Jobs.

Thanks to him, the company's professionals —from the sales team, to the marketing or design— understood the psychology of consumers better than anyone in history, according to an example of the firm at Fast Company.

This worker, who spent more than 20 years as a salesman at Apple, refers to the second stage of Jobs in the company. He was forced to leave the offices in Cupertino (California, USA) in 1985, but returned in 1997. Then, when he returned, the "traditional" way of selling "died out," the same testimony tells.

The reason: that Steve Jobs was a seducer, his greatest virtue.

He made the brand's devices attractive to everyone, not just those who understood technology. Therefore, instead of attracting users by the storage capacity of their computers or other specifications, the company's top manager sold 2 concepts: transformation and transportation.

That is, the essential thing was that their devices could be carried on and that they helped their customers, giving them the possibility to change and improve things, says Fast Company.

Jobs taught his staff to sell or, rather, to seduce. He had several tricks to get his portfolio to market successfully.

Seduction Steve Jobs greatest talent

The first of them was music. In fact, the iPod or iTunes were 2 of the most popular products of the brand. And one of the ads of the brand showed, accompanied by a melody, young people dancing and enjoying the technology of Apple.

"We wanted to convince that Apple was a feeling and nothing captured that feeling better than music," Jobs writes.

According to him, the computers of its competitors were not attractive. The iMac that the firm launched in 1998 broke with that trend, giving color and design to the devices. Therefore, as it could not be otherwise, the sensuality of the products was key in Apple.

Also, to further improve user satisfaction, touch was essential. That users when touching and handling devices had a "magical" experience.

Therefore, the portfolio of the brand also had to inspire its customers. While other manufacturers sold the PC utility, Apple wanted to conquer the emotions of consumers.

"We turn our buyers into followers of the brand," says the technologist excomercial. The feeling of belonging was another of Jobs ' tricks to convince. Apple's then chief executive got people to camp out of their stores, waiting for the brand's latest launch.

End of Seduction Steve Jobs greatest talent?

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