Sony shows small PS5 interface preview where its main benefits are already seen - Less and less time is left for PlayStation 5 to land on the Spanish market next November 19 and Little By Little Sony is clearing all the unknowns that users may have regarding its new machine.

After explaining how its backward compatibility will work, opening the console to know the keys it keeps inside and letting some users have been able to test it and experience its fast loading and its behavior, it is the turn of something long awaited by users: the appearance of the PlayStation 5 interface.

In a detailed video that has been released on its official YouTube channel, Sony has shown some aspects of its new design and some very interesting details are already perceived: a more elegant look and adapted to the New Times, the speed of its SSD and some of its main functions.

Although the video starts talking about the possibilities that are given within a game, it is important to highlight the main menu that users will face which is designed to look really good on TVs with 4K resolution.

In this sense they have been somewhat more conservative betting on small square icons to represent the games, but that take up much less screen space, and having each of them its own hub where to see activities, developer news, DLC and more.

Sony shows small PS5 interface preview

In addition, it highlights that the PlayStation Store will no longer be an application to access, but will be integrated directly into the operating system.

Entering the functions of PlayStation 5, What stands out most are the so-called" cards", cards that will show notifications, images, chats and videos but that are superimposed on the video game and that are designed to spend as little time as possible in the menus.

One of the Keys is that this card system offers some objectives within the game and by clicking on them, the title immediately loads the challenge to overcome it.

There is also another feature called Game Help, exclusive to PlayStation Plus members, which offers a system of tracks to complete an area in the form of images or videos without spoilers and appears on the screen superimposed so you can play while you see the solution.

All this, evidently, applies to any on-screen notification, which makes them visible by pressing the PS button without pausing the game.

Sony shows small PS5 interface preview

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Nannyfy reinvents itself in the midst of the pandemic with Nannyfy TV: live virtual activities and videos with its kangaroos for the new normal

The Spanish startup Nannyfy, specialized in putting families in contact with trusted kangaroos and that reoriented to the digital channel during the confinement, has launched Nannyfy TV, a new product through which its customers can access videos and virtual classes through a newly released app, as if it were a television channel.

"It's going to be a revolution," says the CEO and founder of Nannyfy, Claudia De La Riva, in conversation with Business Insider Spain.

Nannyfy TV is an application that offers a limited number of videos for children, in open, as a didactic TV channel or YouTube, and that also has a premium service with which for 12,99 euros per month you can access all kinds of virtual classes live —from cooking without fire to Spanish guitar or costumes, among many others—, in addition to all videos.

Thus, parents can choose, in view of a calendar with their respective trailers, if they point their children to a live activity, which can be attended by a maximum of 10 children who interact with each other and with caregivers —and caregivers—, or if they prefer to view some of the content that is available on demand.

De La Riva explains that it is the natural evolution of a company that has had to pivot by the coronavirus pandemic, from face-to-face activities to online, and that has now discovered the potential of the virtual channel.

Although Nannyfy TV has just launched, it already has more than 1,500 registrations in two days. The CEO underlines the great interest they are receiving from abroad, from Latin American countries such as Colombia or Mexico to the United States or the EU, markets that would have been much more difficult for them to access if their business model continued to be based only on the face-to-face format.

"We thought 'it makes sense to reorient ourselves and move from being a marketplace to a digital content platform," says the founder.

In this way, Nannyfy is taking advantage of this pull to focus on these classes via video call, ceasing to operate punctual services of nannys at home and limiting their face-to-face activities to companies that hire their services and to families that require them on a recurring basis.

To do this, they have just closed a new round of financing, with which they add more than one million euros raised throughout their history. In this context, its forecasts are to end 2020 with more than 60.000 families registered and having invoiced 65.000 euros. Right now it has more than 30,000 users.

Nannyfy has also presented a new agreement with Airbnb a few weeks ago, through which the private accommodation startup offers Nannyfy classes through its website, as part of its online experiences.

The truth is that the stories of Nannyfy and Airbnb are, at this point, similar: Airbnb focused on connecting homeowners with potential guests, but began offering face-to-face activities such as sailing classes, cooking or country tours that it then redirected to the online channel during the quarantine.

The company also offered this same service for companies, which it sold as a good team building strategy. In this sense, Nannyfy has agreements with companies such as McDonald's, Facebook or Inditex, which offer their service focused on the reconciliation of their employees.

Nannyfy won the startup Insider Pitch contest, an initiative of Business Insider Spain born to recognize those who contributed the most to society during the confinement, and did so in Category 1, intended for those companies that had reoriented their business following the pandemic to provide a service of great utility to society.

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