Spotify joins Fortnite Tinder companies fights Apple fees for posting to the App Store - Apple's war with developers has reached a new stage, with an alliance of app creators as popular as Spotify, Fortinte and Tinder in one organization, the Coalition for App Fairness announced this Thursday, accusing the app store of anti-competitive practices.

This coalition asserts that Apple not only attacks free competition, but also attacks innovation with its App Store policies, particularly the 15-30% commissions it applies to in-app payments and service subscriptions.

"These commissions directly affect the purchasing power of consumers and stifle the income of developers. This is particularly unfair because this commission is aimed at applications that compete directly for others sold by Apple, so it puts certain businesses at a competitive disadvantage," says this group of companies on the website of this new organization.

Developers grouped in this alliance also accuse the Cupertino company of" stealing ideas from its competitors " by limiting the user's freedom with its controls to enter the App Store ecosystem.

These developers claim that the Apple company gets about $ 15 billion annually with these commissions, according to data from CNBC cited on the website of this alliance, which wants Apple to make concessions, since it depends on its applications remain available to its users.

The companies united in this coalition, all responsible for popular applications, have already had their legal fights with the company led by Tim Cook.

Spotify joins Fortnite Tinder companies fights Apple fees

Spotify accused Apple of unfair competition before the European Commission in 2019, as it considered that the Californian company privileged Apple Music in its App Store to the detriment of third-party services. A year later, last June, Brussels announced the opening of two investigations on the App Store and Apple Pay. Match also criticized Apple's commissions in a statement last June.

For its part, Epic Games has been one of the most belligerent companies, with its well-known video mimicking the announcement of Apple itself against IBM of the 80s, which has ended in a duel of cross-claims: Epic for the monopoly position of Apple, and the Cupertino company because the creator of Fortnite introduced a direct payment method to jump them as intermediaries.

Other small developers, such as Proton Technologies (Protonmail) or Basecamp, have also joined this coalition, which was formed in the past month, according to an alliance spokeswoman told The Wall Street Journal.

"A platform that operates these applications cannot abuse the control it has and must ensure that its behaviors promote a competitive market and provide consumers with a choice," added the group's spokeswoman.

Apple declined to respond to requests from Business Insider for comment, although on previous occasions it defended itself against criticism from Spotify or Epic Games saying that they wanted to enjoy the benefits of the App Store without contributing.

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The National Institute of cybersecurity (INCIBE) warns of a new scam that may have reached your email in recent days, or that could appear in your inbox in the next few hours.

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In the body of the message the user is encouraged to click on a link to find all the details about the process. However, the link leads to a web page where a compressed file is downloaded in format .zip that actually contains a Trojan virus. It is possible that the browser itself warns about the little convenience of downloading this file.

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If you do not want to be a victim of these deceptions you must do the following:

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Another action you should consider is to back up regularly. In this way, in case the activity is affected by a security incident it can recover quickly and effectively.

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