Streamloots Spanish startup allows monetized streaming, closes a round of 4.7 million invested in the CEOs of Shopify, Yelp or Viagogo - The Valencian entrepreneurs of Streamloots, an application that allows to generate revenue in the retransmissions of content by streaming, will have 4,73 million euros to grow their business and recruit talent internationally, as confirmed this Tuesday the company.

Shopify's Shopify investment, the startup's first series A round, has been led by U.S. venture capital fund Bessemer Venture Partners-with previous investments in Linkedin, Twitch, Pinterest, Yelp or Shopify, among others— along with individual investors such as Shopify CEO Tobi Lutke, Viagogo's Eric Baker or Yelp's Jeremy Stoppelman. Also participating in the operation are the Lazarte Brothers, creators of the Brazilian video game company Wildlife Studios.

It is the largest round of financing in their history, as they had raised 1.5 million in three rounds so far, the last of 800,000 euros in April 2019, led by the Spanish Fund Samaipata Ventures.

Streamloots is a tool to generate revenue streams, using letters similar to those of video games that fans of a content creator can buy to get some kind of interaction —play with one character or another, use a tool instead of another, that perform particular wink in the relay...—. Since its launch in 2018, more than 40,000 content creators have used this tool.

“Thanks to our startup, many of them have been able to leave their old jobs to devote themselves to what they like most: creating content,” said the CEO of this emerging company, Alberto Martinez, in the statement in which they announced the operation.

Streamloots Spanish startup allows monetized streaming

Your next step is to move from the video game industry to other areas of streaming, such as beauty influencers, cooking, music or other areas that use social networks like YouTube, Instagram or TikTok.

“We want to give creators the ability to truly own their audience instead of renting it out to social platforms. We will also provide support in the management and growth of your business, giving them access to the advantages that have traditionally been associated with the employer” " added the CEO of Streamloots.

The objective of the Valencian company with this capital injection is to attract new international workers to increase its team, composed of 30 professionals, mainly from Spain and the United States. "We have a very ambitious challenge for the next year and to achieve this, we are looking for people anywhere in the world who enjoy working with an international team," explained Martinez, who intends to double the workforce in 2021.

To do this, the platform has already posted on its website up to five vacancies, all for remote workers. Streamloots is looking for backend and frontend engineers, data analysts, technical team managers and product managers.

” Having become a remote-first company gives us the opportunity to work with the best professionals around the world, " added Alberto Martinez, who hopes the investment of the Bessemer Venture Parnters fund will offer them "an excellent opportunity to hire the best possible global talent."

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However, the real challenge could come in the fall when any coronavirus regrowth begins to coincide with the flu season.

"It is important to note that autumn and early winter are often the seasons where other respiratory diseases such as the flu are most common," summarizes a CSIC report.

"We do not have enough experience with cases of co-infection," warns Isabel Sola, titular scientist and co-director with Luis Enjuanes of the coronavirus Laboratory of the National Biotechnology Center (CNB) of the Superior Council of Scientific Research (CSIC), in a previous interview with Business Insider Spain.

A new study could shed some light on the uncertainty, but the news is not good: co-infection increases the risk of death, according to the Guardian.

The findings are based on a small research that has looked at the cases of 58 patients in the UK and reveals that 43% of those who had coronavirus and influenza at the same time died compared to 26.9% of those who tested positive for COVID-19 alone.

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Isabel Sola recalls that while it seems that children have a lower ability to infect COVID - 19 than adults, " flu is known to play a very important role."

Therefore, the fall could see a significant increase in cases with coronavirus-like symptoms but with difficulty identifying whether it is a flu or is actually COVID-19.

To try to alleviate this as much as possible, the CSIC report states that "it is highly advisable for both children and school staff to be vaccinated against the flu."

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