Telefonica simplifies startups support structure with the absorption of Innovation Ventures by Wayra - Wayra, the startup support and investment entity of Telefónica, has absorbed Innovation Ventures, the most mature technology investment tool of the Spanish multinational, in an operation to simplify the corporate structure dedicated to emerging companies, published in the Commercial Register this Monday, as reported by Servimedia.

The operation is part of a process of simplification of the corporate structure of the Spanish multinational, but does not involve changes from the operational point of view, said sources Telefónica a Cinco Días. In this way, Wayra will continue to be in charge of investing in emerging projects, and Innovation Ventures will continue to engage in startups in a higher degree of maturity.

Innovation Ventures is the investment vehicle focused on companies in the process of initial growth, in which it invests between € 150,000 and 6 million, with up to the moment with ten direct investments in startups, among which are companies of cyber security as well as 4iQ, BBlueliv or Nozomi Networks; network companies such as Aerial, Altiostar and Assia; and other startups like BigML (artificial intelligence), Boku (mobile payments), ClearX (blockchain), Sigfox (Internet of Things) or Scytl (digital transformation, vote counting).

Some of these investments have led to sales, such as Amobee, bought by Singapore Telecom, the sale of Quantenna to ON Semiconductor or MindMeld to Cisco.

Telefonica simplifies startups support structure

In addition, this division participates with some 80 investments alongside venture capital funds such as the u.s. Alter VP, israeli Vintage VP and the brazilian Redpoint eVentures; an activity that I had already done previously with other funds such as Kibo Ventures, Active Ventuer Partners and Caixa Capital Risc, among others.

Wayra, whose investments in emerging startups have a maximum of 250,000 euros, invested during 2019 a total of 1.4 million euros in nine companies in sectors such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, cybersecurity, virtual reality, energy, mobility or massive data management (big data).

Earlier this year, Wayra noted that its "new strategy" would focus on investing in technology companies "more mature and in line with Telefónica's strategic projects." In July, the company said that, despite the crisis over the coronavirus pandemic, it would continue to invest with those same parameters.

Among his latest investments are the investment in the remote working tool TransparentBusiness and the entry into the round of the security startup Kymatio.

End of Telefonica simplifies startups support structure


This Is How Zara's 'shop mode' works with which several novelties arrive to bypass the coronavirus effect

Zara has just released a new feature that you can already find on its website and also in the app: the "shop mode", as collected by Telva.

The Inditex firm has announced that the in-store collection model will be modernized and, as a result, streamlined a little more.

So, from now on, you won't have to worry about being home if you're expecting a pack of Zara. Also, the endless queues to pick up a package in store are no longer going to be a problem.

In this sense, the new functionality of Zara-which has required the latest technology - aims to make your purchases easier and faster.

From now on, if you enable this feature, you can browse the store you want, consult the collections available in the local and buy them online to collect them physically in just 30 minutes.

You also have the possibility to book a tester with time and avoid unnecessary waiting. And is that, the Zara app will notify you when the tester is available to pass directly at the indicated time.

In addition, with the help of the app, you will be able to find a specific garment that you have seen on the web in your favorite store without having to look for it or ask one of the dependents.

Thanks to the" shop mode " of Zara, the customer can also opt for the e-ticket, which allows you to store your purchase vouchers on the mobile, being able to access them at any time to manage your changes or returns.

In this sense, the Inditex flagship app has a QR code that identifies each customer and must be displayed during the purchase process.

You will then automatically receive the e-ticket on your mobile. This allows you to cooperate with the environment and, in addition, keep the history of your purchases in the app.

Despite the fact that the new functionality of Zara is not yet in operation in many of its premises, it has been activated as a pilot test in 25 stores in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao, A Coruña, Seville, Pamplona or Malaga.

To make sure you have it available, don't forget to update the app on your mobile. Next, make sure you allow access to your location.

Recently, the company has announced an investment plan of 2.700 million euros with the aim of incorporating even more technology to its stores, betting on larger ones and, at the same time, boost the integrated experience so that the online account for up to 25% of its sales in 2023.

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