Teleworking drives employees day spying tools demand: Many employees embraced remote work as the only alternative to continue producing in the midst of the pandemic. In many cases, the bosses and their trust have not made the same effort.

This is what emerges from a study published by Top10VPN, a website that reviews the various Virtual Private Network Solutions, the tool that many companies have adopted to ensure secure connections to their templates. According to an article also echoed by ZDNet, in June this year the demand for tools to spy on workers during their day has skyrocketed by 55%.

Top10VPN has made these calculations by monitoring search data on the network over 200 terms related to programs that help spy on professionals on their devices. From programs that send a screenshot to bosses every few minutes, to sporadic connections to the devices ' webcam. Everything, to ensure that no one runs away during their working day from home.

Teleworking drives employees day spying tools demand

Demand for such tools grew by 108% in April and 70% in May, ZDNet details. Some more specific searches went skyrocketing. The phrase "how to monitor employees who work from home" has been sought 1.705% more in April this year than in April last year. The growth in searches for this phrase was 652% in May.

ZDNet details that some of the most used tools within this scope are named as Time Doctor, hubstaff, DeskTime, Teramind or Kikidler. The most popular tools are those that are able to record when workers are typing, so that employers can verify that they are working.

Three out of five tools of this style include programs to be able to spy on private messages of employees, and two out of three allow you to set automatic alarms so that workers receive notifications when the program detects that they have been long without typing. Some tools that have become popular during lockdowns include the ability to access the devices ' webcam, or persistently send screenshots to bosses.

Teleworking drives employees day spying tools demand

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Smart Protection closes a round of 10 million to follow

Smart Protection has just raised a series B round of 10 million euros led by the Dutch Knight Capital, the Spanish-Israeli Swanlaab venture Factury, and the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI).

The financing round also involved Nauta Capital, JME Ventures, Bankinter, Big Sur and Telefónica, which has launched its new investment vehicle specialized in cybersecurity, Telefónica Tech Ventures.

Smart Protection already has 20 million funding in order to accelerate its international expansion. In the words of the CEO and one of the co-founders, Javier Perea, the company hopes to expand its technological solutions to continue protecting brands"from reputational damage and loss of sales caused by fakes on the internet".

The company acts as a real shield against piracy. Through technological tools such as machine learning, the firm offers solutions with which producers, studios and brands of any field can be safe on the network.

From football leagues and other live events, to fashion or add —ons: Smart Protection is able to detect— and knock down-from the network any forgery, illegal emission or illegal download that affects its customers.

With offices in Madrid, Smart Protection has experienced exponential growth in the pandemic: it has doubled revenue compared to last year. Diederik Ingen Housz, managing partner of Knight Capital, has argued that "piracy and counterfeiting is a problem of global scale" and that "Smart Protection is one of the few companies in the world with the technology able to address this situation".

Mark Kavelaars, their namesake at Swanlaab, believes that Smart Protection meets the profile of companies they are looking for: "Solid, made up of teams capable of becoming global leaders in their category, competing with the best technology and products that generate a positive long-term impact on society".

"Smart Protection, is at the forefront of brand protection on the net. It is a great example of how Telefónica Tech can boost the entrepreneurial ecosystem in cybersecurity as an investor, customer and strategic ally allowing to boost businesses and that these reach our customers in a differential way,“ said Pedro Pablo Pérez, CEO of ElevenPaths, Telefónica Tech's cybersecurity company, with which Smart Protection already collaborates in several projects of the Movistar+television platform.

In addition to continuing its internationalization process —Smart Protection has customers in 25 countries and already obtains 76% of its sales outside Spain, with a focus on the Latin American market—, the firm will continue to incorporate talent to boost its technological platform. In the press release in which the Series B is detailed, it is announced that it will continue to bet on "the latest advances in artificial intelligence".

Smart Protection was born in 2015 and carries under its arm a powerful tool based on artificial intelligence, machine learning and Big Data: a tool capable of tracking various platforms —YouTube, Twitch, Instagram— in search of pirated content. Thanks to the agility of their robot, they are able to knock illegal content off the net and defend the interests and reputation of their customers very quickly.

During the first months of the pandemic, Smart Protection placed special emphasis on the search for possible scams with miracle products against the coronavirus, which earned it being included in a list of Business Insider Spain with the most promising cybersecurity startups in the Spanish ecosystem.

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