TikTok employees confess company atmosphere like as its future hangs by a thread - TikTok employees in the United States have been involved for months in the great technological battle of the year in which Bytedance —the platform's parent company-faces the Trump administration in order to continue operating in the country. The workers, however, complain that they are the major victims of the process because they have been relegated to the background.

In addition to weekly meetings with some members of the company's management, TikTok employees claim to have received little information directly from the company, so they have been forced to follow the news to find out about their future. In fact, on September 14, the company sent employees exactly the same statement that provided journalists about its agreement with Oracle, as Business Insider learned.

"There is not much internal communication. For a while there were many messages telling us to prepare for the ban, but that we would be able to continue as employees, " explains an employee who, like others who have spoken to Business Insider, has done so on the condition of remaining anonymous. "However, it seems that no one knows much. I think it gives the feeling that management does not have control of the situation"

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A TikTok spokesman told Business Insider that the company regularly holds public meetings and provides situation updates to the team, and that "it has been direct with employees that conversations with the government and the various listed companies require confidentiality, so we can't always talk as openly as we would like."

The drama that has unfolded in recent months, from the threat of President Donald Trump's ban to his forced sale and the failed acquisition by Microsoft, has been closely followed by the company's more than 1,500 employees in the United States. The source has spoken to some of these employees in recent weeks about how the situation has affected their jobs and how they feel about it. They speak of skepticism, in some cases of carelessness, and above all of vulnerability and confusion.

Apart from the concern about information about the future of the company, some employees say that the internal culture has changed.

TikTok employees confess company atmosphere

Some TikTok employees who are of Asian origin claim that they have felt vulnerable as the implementation situation has led to anti-China political issues with nationalist tints. One employee says he felt uncomfortable when his own colleagues celebrated the possible change of ownership to keep the company from being in Chinese hands.

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"There hasn't been much message and support about geopolitical issues that might be affecting us or some kind of recognition that we support our Asian employees," the employee says, adding that some workers had expressed joy around "Oh, we're no longer going to be owned by China."

In a statement to Business Insider, a TikTok spokesman said: "TikTok prides itself on its diverse and inclusive workforce, and we are deeply saddened that the atmosphere of the U.S. talks on TikTok has caused some of our employees, particularly those of Asian descent, to feel attacked. While we have not previously seen the kind of Feedback Business Insider has described within the company, we take the claims extremely seriously and will continue to focus on making TikTok an inclusive workplace for all."

Internally, there has also been some surprise and skepticism about Oracle's last-minute appearance within the TikTok agreement.

"I want to work at ByteDance because of its global reach and innovative technology," says one employee. "We do not yet know the details of the agreement with Oracle, but it seems a strategy for Anglo-Saxon markets under an alliance with a company with no experience in either consumer products or relevant technology. I will keep my mind open, but this is not the opportunity for which I left my previous job."

Under the proposed deal, TikTok would trade its global business with a new US-based company in which Oracle and Walmart —in addition to US investors— would have a significant stake in the company. However, there are still discrepancies as to whether the deal would give the majority of the company to US investors or whether, instead, the Chinese parent of TikTok (ByteDance) would retain control.

So far, TikTok's short-term future in the United States is assured. A federal judge passed a court order over the past weekend to block the first part of the government's ban on TikTok that was expected to take effect last Sunday night. However, TikTok will have to defend itself again before November 12, the deadline for the full implementation of the ban.

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While it is common for people to feel job insecurity when their company is negotiating its sale, the duration of the TikTok drama has had a stabilizing effect for some.

An employee claims that he has become accustomed to the lack of certainty about TikTok's status in the United States. Another claims that months of contradictory information and fervent rumors have desensitized the TikTok workforce to such an extent that they have ceased to constantly worry about the future of their jobs.

But while daily operations haven't changed, TikTok's Acting Chief Vanessa Pappas says the company's ability to grow has. In documents recently filed in federal court, Pappas says that TikTok's battle with the U.S. government has resulted in more than 50 candidates refusing to be hired at TikTok, a company that seems to continue to grow rapidly.

End of TikTok employees confess company atmosphere

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