TikTok employees pay overdraft 2020 revealed: how much your engineers, data scientists and product managers charge. TikTok and its parent company, ByteDance, are on a roll this year.

The company has doubled its workforce by 2020 and expects to hire 10,000 more people in the United States over the next three years. And many of the new employees have 6-figure salaries, according to data from the US Department of Labor

This hiring boom comes at the same time from the huge growth of its user base, with 2 billion downloads worldwide until May, according to Sensor Tower data on the company.

But TikTok faces public scrutiny in both the United States and the rest of the world. The Trump administration has threatened to ban the app if it is not sold to an American company like Microsoft, and lawyers have questioned the company's ability to protect users ' privacy.

Despite this, TikTok and goes ahead with his recruitment plans in the united States, with roles that will help them compete with other platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, which control the largest part of expenditure on advertising in the country, according to eMarketer.

"TikTok's team in the United States has tripled since the beginning of 2020," the company said in a statement accessed by Business Insider. "Under the leadership of our CEO, Kevin Mayer, we are proud to create 10,000 jobs across the country and continue to work to develop a safer infrastructure, promote a positive user experience, and make millions of American families happy."

Like many technology companies, most new employees at ByteDance and TikTok are in the software engineering, research and product management departments to help the company monetize the application.

TikTok employees pay overdraft 2020 revealed

To understand what TikTok and ByteDance pay their employees in the United States, Business Insider has analyzed data for the third quarter of this year from the U.S. Foreign Labor Certification Office.

Public data shows what the company pays foreign employees it wanted to hire in the United States these include 240 authorizations between October 2019 and June 2020, most of them in California, although the company also made some applications for New York and Washington state.

All salary data analyzed are based in the United States, so there may be significant differences from what the company pays in Spain, whose headquarters opened this summer. Thus, the following data are adjusted to what a Spanish employee would charge if transferred to TikTok offices in the United States.

ByteDance staff (which has 7 apps around the world) includes employees who handle corporate functions such as finance experts, while TikTok employees focus on specific roles in content moderation, product development, and security.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the wages offered in the data are the minimum they pay to specific workers. These are based on similar compensation in each job, industry and similar qualifications, known as'prevailing wage'.

Companies could pay more than the data shows, or compensate employees in another way. TikTok, for example, offers employees in the United States shares as another source of compensation.

This Is What ByteDance and TikTok offer permanent and temporary workers in 2020:

Product and engineering-between 75,000 and 236,000 euros per year

TikTok and ByteDance offer permanent and temporary workers a salary of between 75,000 and 236,000 euros per year, with positions such as:

  • Software engineer: between 75,000 and 236,000 euros.
  • Product Designer: between 100.000 and 152.000 euros.
  • Data expert: between 135,000 and 216,000 euros.
  • Senior Software Engineer: between 135,000 and 222,000 euros.
  • Backend software engineer: between 164.000 and 202.000 euros.

Research and data-between 105,000 and 253,000 euros base salary

TikTok and ByteDance offer fixed and temporary data and research workers salaries between 105.00 and 253.000 euros per year in the following positions:

  • Senior Data Analyst: between 105,000 and 135,000 euros.
  • Data scientist: between 108,000 and 168,500 euros.
  • Researcher: between 116,000 and 168,500 euros.
  • Senior data scientist: 192,000 euros.
  • Research director: 253,000 euros.

Roles related to monetization-between 43,000 and 212,500 euros.

TikTok and ByteDance offer their fixed and temporary workers related to monetization between 43,000 and 212,500 euros, in positions such as:

  • Content coordinator: 43,000 euros.
  • Product Public Relations: 59,000 euros.
  • Content strategist: 75,300 euros.
  • Senior Monetization Manager: 84,000 euros.
  • Responsible for monetization strategy and operations: 141,500 euros.
  • Brand relations manager: between 109,000 and 122,000 euros.
  • Specialist in product strategy: 126.400 euros.
  • Senior manager of licenses and associates: 189,000 euros.
  • Senior Product Manager: between 202,000 and 212,000 euros.

In general — salaries between 42,000 and 253,000 euros

In general, TikTok and ByteDance offer their fixed and temporary U.S. workers base wages between 42,000 and 300,000 euros per year.

The average salary is similar in the company. The average wages of TikTok are about 147,500 euros per year, according to the data of the 54 applications for work by foreigners. The average annual salary of ByteDance is about 135,000 euros, according to data 187 applications.

Other prominent roles are:

  • Artist in 2 dimensions: 67.500 euros.
  • Audio engineer: 67,500 euros.
  • Human Resources Partner: between 76,000 and 141,600 euros.
  • Interpreter: between 62,400 and 119,000 euros.

End of TikTok employees pay overdraft 2020 revealed

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