Trump administration says TikTok owner Chinese Communist Party "spokesman" - The Trump administration has accused the CEO of ByteDance-owner of the app to create and share short videos, TikTok-of being "a spokesman" for the Communist Party of China and has alleged that the technology company has a close relationship with the Beijing authorities that endangers the security of Americans, according to NPR.

The Commerce Department postponed until September 27 the ban on downloading the popular application in the United States— which was scheduled for Sunday 20-and a complete ban on TikTok's activities on U.S. soil could take effect from November 12.

However, TikTok has appealed to the U.S. courts to prevent its ban.

In this regard, on Friday night, the Justice Department presented a more complete explanation from the Trump administration about its intention to ban TikTok in response to the company's lawsuit, in which it asked a federal judge to prevent Trump's ban from taking effect this Sunday at midnight.

Washington DC District Judge Carl J. Nichols has scheduled a hearing today at 9: 30 a.m. where he will decide whether or not the Trump administration's ban will take effect.

Meanwhile, Justice Department lawyers have assured that Bytedance CEO Zhang Yiming has made public statements showing that he is "committed to promoting" the agenda of the Communist Party of China.

And, although TikTok has distanced itself from its corporate owner, ByteDance, and has repeatedly claimed that data from the more than 100 million U.S. users are stored primarily in Virginia —backed up in Singapore— the Trump administration has revealed that it has evidence that some data is being transmitted to China.

Trump administration says TikTok owner Chinese Communist Party

And it is that, according to a recent study referred to by the Trump administration, 37% of the IP addresses that TikTok Android users connect to are in China.

Thus, they have alleged that the Chinese authorities can access that information to track the Americans and develop files that could be used for blackmail, according to NPR.

They have also assured that ByteDance is in debt with Chinese laws, which may lead to the company assisting in surveillance and intelligence operations under the leadership of the Chinese government.

However, the Trump administration has not offered any direct evidence that TikTok data in the United States has been evaluated by Beijing officials.

For its part, TikTok has denied that it has cooperated or will cooperate in the future with any claim by China's authoritarian regime.

Similarly, his lawyers have suggested that the application is being unfairly accused, pointing out how theoretical accusations about whether the Chinese government can gain access to data from US users can be made about a number of US technology companies that have a presence in the Asian country.

"The same is true of many U.S. technology companies, which have significant engineering resources in China and, in some cases, data exchange agreements with Chinese companies," TikTok's lawyer, John Hall, wrote.

According to another document released Friday by the Trump administration as an annex to its main file, the Commerce Department has detailed that ByteDance employs 130 members of the Communist Party of China in the company's Beijing office.

The file highlights that in June 2018 Bytedance employees organized a party in which they confronted a flag of the Communist Party of China, "raised their right hand, clenched their fists and reiterated their guarantee as party members and vowed never to betray him," NPR has reported.

However, Hall has explained that what really drives Trump to ban the use of the app is the desire to earn political points.

"The reason the Commerce Department relies on its hollow anecdotes is that national security was a pretext for banning TikTok, and the real reason was the president's desire to use that U.S. ban, or whatever he could extract in exchange for lifting it, as political campaign fodder," Hall wrote.

Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat in order to increase its user base.

Currently, it has nearly 700 million monthly active users worldwide.

Recently, Trump's tentative blessing for the deal that would save TikTok involving Oracle and Walmart companies had been revealed.

However, this agreement never materialized, as US companies and ByteDance disagreed over several details.

Trump administration says TikTok owner Chinese Communist Party

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