Uber failed autonomous car manufacture 5 years 2100 million euros invested - After 5 years and an investment of 2.100 million euros (almost 2.500 million dollars), Uber's efforts to manufacture an autonomous car have only managed to create a vehicle that always encounters a problem before traveling a kilometer.

This is what the Information narrates in a detailed report. In it, he publishes an email sent by the unit's manager, Eric Meyhofer, to Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, 3 weeks ago, which recounts his unease that his team is not even close to getting an autonomous vehicle on the streets.

"The car does not drive well" and the vehicle "costs simple routines and simple maneuvers", would have written the high office, whose identity the Information claims to have confirmed.

Therefore, the manager believes that the unit " has simply failed to evolve and generate a meaningful process so long that something has to be said before a disaster occurs."

It also conveys the feeling of its staff that Uber will lose the race to Alphabet's Waymo and Apple's autonomous car technology, which have already proven to have advanced much further.

"The talent is here to do its job, but the spirits decline," he says, while suggesting an atmosphere of internal struggles and talking about several complications.

Uber has invested millions in building an autonomous car since 2015 with its Advance Technologies Group unit.

Uber failed autonomous car manufacture 5 years 2100 million euros

The Information narrates that teams within the unit have different visions: those coming from the aerospace sector or the government are focused on safety while engineers believe that progress has been very slow since an Uber autonomous car killed a pedestrian in 2018 in Arizona, because they believe Uber overcorrected that mistake.

"We're not just building software and launching it on the streets to see how it works. Everything we do has to have rigor and verification [of software security]." "All of that can cause frustration, and I see that, too," says Meyhofer.

Jon Thomason, who reported last week that he was leaving Uber after 3 years as head of software engineering for the autonomous car team, said in his farewell letter that the team was increasingly "buried under layers of things that are not real work" and that "they did not even lead to real work."

The former CTO of the company Thuam Pham, who left in April, has told the same media that over the past two years has "periodically alerted" of the progress of the unit.

"I just don't understand why this isn't moving forward." "How could it be that there was neither accounting nor transparency," he regrets.

Uber, in addition to its business of cars with driver (Uber Rides) and its business of food at home (Uber Eats) has a multitude of other branches, in which it mostly investigates to launch new services: this is the case of its flying cars, which intends to launch in 2023 or these autonomous cars.

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This is what you need to work at Goggo, The New Company of Martin Varsavsky and Yasmine Fage that is opening positions in Spain

The new mobility company of Jazztel founder Martin Varsavksy and Yasmine Fage is growing and looking for staff in Spain.

It is Goggo Network, a startup that aims to operate fleets of autonomous cars in Europe in two years and is currently working with the German and French governments on the legislative level. In Spain for the time being he has collaborated with the EMT of Madrid in the creation of a smart bus line, but hopes to do much more.

For that they need to increase staff, and that is why they are opening new job offers, as revealed the co-founder of the company Yasmine Fage in an interview with Business Insider Spain.

Fage, a French-born former consultant at McKinsey & Company in Madrid and New York, Lehman Brothers and Société Générale, has given some details of what they are looking for at Goggo when interviewing candidates for the company.

"I prefer a well-made empty head to a full but difficult to evolve head," said the directive.

"We are in an innovative, new sector, where there are experts but the experience is developing right now, so I think the most important thing for us is a good ability to reason and to learn and to adapt and, obviously, to take initiative," he explained. "Then you learn the rest."

The startup, which was founded in 2018 and is based in Berlin, is now made up of a team of about 15 people. And Fage points out that there will be "enough opportunities" in the company, steps that Goggo would have liked to have taken this year but that the pandemic has delayed.

Right now the company has 3 open positions: they are looking for a CFO, a business analyst and a project manager, but they intend to open many more. These offers can be consulted on LinkedIn.

"We will have plenty of opportunities," he says, although he advises that those interested in the company do not wait to find a job offer to apply.

"There are people who have written to us even though we did not have an open position, but who have told us' I am fascinated by your project, it is my passion, How can I help?'. I love those profiles. I mean, you don't have to wait for a job description to work in the company you like," he explained, revealing that two current employees have entered like this.

"For me that is already a test of initiative, of attitude," he stresses, insisting that motivation and flexibility are important values at times like today, when the coronavirus pandemic has caused telework to be on the agenda, but also at a general level, since it is often that in Goggo managers are traveling.

Goggo Network raised in December 44 million euros from Softbank Group-investor in autonomous vehicle company Cruise, General Motors, Uber and other companies that is developing this technology-and Axel Springer Digital Ventures—Axel Springer is the publishing company of Business Insider -. He is now working on the creation of legislative frameworks to protect the arrival of autonomous cars in Europe, as they are not allowed today.

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