Ultimate mask annihilate coronavirus thermal filter invention: With several months of experience in what it means to live under a global pandemic, it is well known that masks have become one of the most effective weapons to filter COVID-19 and thus reduce its risk of infection. Now, with this on the table, a team of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) aims to go one step further and create a model that, directly, inactivates the action of the virus through heat.

Researchers at the American Center intend to develop masks that incorporate a battery-heated copper mesh. This filter, to put it plainly, allows air to flow repeatedly through the mask and inactivates any viral particles-mainly, due to the high temperatures in the tissue—. If their production process comes to term, says the MIT team, both health professionals and citizens could count on a new measure of protection, especially for situations in which social distancing becomes impossible, such as in the case of public transport.

"This is a completely new mask concept in the sense that it does not primarily block the virus, but lets the virus pass through the mask, but slows it down and inactivates it," says Michael Strano, MIT professor and author of the article, on the institution's website. According to the professor, the first prototypes are already underway and tests will soon begin at MIT with several collaborators.

Strano and associate professor Jacopo Buongiorno began exploring concepts for new types of masks in March, shortly after MIT stepped up research operations on campus to treat coronavirus in its various areas. These 2 professors joined other members of the faculty and their most outstanding students to propose a possible improvement of the different types of masks offered in the specialized market. Over time, they realized that none eliminated the virus by heating.

"The ones we use now are designed to capture the virus. They offer protection, but no one really thinks about deactivating it and sterilizing the air," says Strano about the germ of the project. With this idea in mind, the team set out to design a mask that would effectively kill viruses. To do this, they chose to use a copper mesh as a heating and capture element. "The vast majority of masks today work by filtration, filtering particles by size or electrical charge, but not by thermal inactivation," Faucher adds.

Ultimate mask annihilate coronavirus thermal filter invention

The researchers calculated how quickly different types of coronavirus degrade at different temperatures and conditions, concluding that a temperature of about 90 degrees could achieve between 1,000 and a million times the reduction of viral particles, depending on the final size of the mask. It was also easy to achieve, since it could be achieved by an electric current on a copper mesh of 0.1 millimeters, thus improving the production capacity and battery life —currently, the prototypes have several hours of autonomy before recharging—.

"Of course, we must take into account the safety and comfort of the mask users," emphasizes Faucher. "The air will cool down after viral inactivation so that the mask is comfortable and safe to use." That is, as the person wearing the mask inhales and exhales, the airflow is continuously reversed, allowing any virus in the mesh to be circling over the tissue until it is completely deactivated; being neoprene-coated and heat-insulated, the particles cannot escape from it and ensure that the air is perceived cold for the wearer.

These masks would, of course, be more expensive than fabric or surgical masks, but according to the researchers they could be useful in situations where the risk of exposure is very high and the cost is not so important. At the moment, in any case, there is no price for its hypothetical marketing.

Ultimate mask annihilate coronavirus thermal filter invention

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This is the perfect time to buy or sell a second-hand iPhone and make the most of it

With the arrival of the iPhone 12, there are many users who bet fully on the new generation of Apple smartphones and put on sale their current device to make it cheaper, but there is also another group of people who prefer to bet on a second-hand device that can be more profitable and spend much less money.

You are in the group you are, you may be wondering when it is better to buy or sell a second-hand iPhone and according to a market analysis prepared by Milanuncios there are several key moments to put it on sale and get the maximum benefit and specific moments of the calendar in which it is better to wait a little to find the device of your dreams cheaper.

In this way, if you want to sell your second —hand iPhone to get the most profitability possible, you must be attentive to the first day of the month, the day of the launch of the new model— or its presentation -, the week after and after Christmas.

As shown, some data: the first day of the month is when the greatest demand for second-hand iPhone occurs with an average of 3,313 searches, which is 92.28% more than the daily average.

January also recorded high demand with more than 2,200 searches, 28% more than the annual daily average. As is normal, Christmas is also a time when more iPhones are put on sale, since the Magi usually bring the new model on their camels and those who have received it put their old device on sale.

As for prices, the average of a second-hand iPhone is 389 euros, but with the arrival of a new model, it becomes expensive.

Starting from the launch of the iPhone 11, the model of the previous year, on September 1 it had a price of 336 euros and was on the rise until the day of the presentation that reached 459 euros and rose to 469 euros 24 hours before its launch.

This pattern has also been repeated with the presentation of the iPhone 12, as the average price of second-hand iPhones was around 412 euros and grew to 455 euros 24 hours after it was shown.

Logically, if your intention is to buy a cheap second-hand iPhone you should avoid at all costs this type of dates as well as the week after the launch of the new terminals because many users take a few days to assess whether they continue with the old model or bet on the new.

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