In case you missed it, this is the story behind the United States period tracking apps boycott.

United States: After the revocation of the right to abortion, American women must be wary of their health data.

•    With the end of the Roe v. Wade ruling in the United States, states may decide to ban abortion.
•    A fear for millions of Americans who are now wondering how to protect their health data, which could reveal illegal abortions, for example.
•    Menstrual cycle tracking apps are not that much more reassuring and could well serve justice.

United States period tracking apps boycott

Not-so-protected data

  • Caused a mutiny against the apps which can track and report their pregnancy status


  • The name of the company that promises not to communicate data to the government and the dust thrown in their eyes as they do not believe it

Transparency needed

  • The crowd shouted for improved transparency apps developments

Anonymous desires

  • Increased protesters are urging the need or anonymous apps

Fake users

  • Two men were spotted downloading the app to produce fake results and mess up data

Restrictions caused the United States period tracking apps boycott

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United States period tracking apps boycott
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