USA grants emergency authorization convalescent plasma therapies to treat coronavirus - President Donald Trump has announced that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will grant emergency authorization for convalescent plasma treatments to be used as approved therapy against COVID-19.

Convalescent plasma is a therapy that uses the blood of patients recovered from the disease that contains antibodies to treat the sick.

The president assured that the rapid approval of the treatment has been made possible thanks to Operation Warp Speed, the initiative launched by his administration to accelerate the development of vaccines and drugs against the coronavirus.

However, some experts believe that the approval of convalescent plasma as a treatment against COVID-19 is a premature decision.

Although it has shown hopeful data in clinical trials, the phases at which therapy is being tested have not yet been completed and there are no conclusive results.

USA grants emergency authorization convalescent plasma

The FDA's own chief scientist, Denise Hinton, has assured that "it is still necessary to receive more information from other analyzes and controlled clinical tests in the coming months" and that plasma "should not be considered the new standard treatment for patients," according to the vanguard.

The FDA's decision could even be motivated by political pressure from President Donald Trump, who has accused the agency of delaying the authorization of drugs and vaccines to damage its chances in the election.

Dr. Luciana Borio, a public health expert working on the National Security Council, told The New York Times that the approval of the treatment would be a sign that the FDA was " yielding to political pressure."

End of USA grants emergency authorization convalescent plasma

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This is the best way to clean electronic devices you have at home, according to experts

Since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, hygiene has become indispensable.

You probably already have a lot of internalized washing your hands with soap and water often or doing it with hydroalcoholic gel when you're on the street, but you may not pay as much attention to the objects you touch.

Electronic devices such as your mobile phone, TV remote control or your computer keyboard are probably objects that you touch very often and that you practically never clean.

They also require proper regular hygiene, at least once a month, and no longer just because of the coronavirus, but because of the thousands of germs they may contain.

In addition, not all are cleaned in the same way or with the same products, but it is important that they are turned off or disconnected from the power to avoid discharge or cramps.

Below you have 6 types of electronic devices and how to clean them easily, quickly and safely.

1. Clean your phone with a disinfectant wipe with 70% isopropyl alcohol and, for the camera, use a microfiber suede like the glasses

2. To remove scratches from your computer screen, use ordinary toothpaste

3. Use a microfiber cloth moistened with a specific liquid to clean screens, circling in the same direction, to make your TV shiny

4. Use a toothbrush to remove dust from the TV or console controls and then wipe them with a disinfectant wipe

5. Remove accumulated dirt on the keyboard with a soft brush and moisten a cotton pad with water and alcohol for the keys

6. Wipe your computer mouse with a damp cloth and a stick with alcohol to avoid damaging the optical sensor

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