USA sues Google monopoly competition, initiating biggest legal challenge in Silicon Valley giant's history - The US Department of Justice has filed an antitrust lawsuit against Google on Tuesday morning, initiating the biggest legal challenge the tech giant has ever faced.

The case argues that Google uses a network of illegal and exclusionary commercial contracts that harm smaller competitors, building an unfair advantage in the realm of both search and internet advertising. Eleven U.S. states have joined the Justice Department in their lawsuit.

Google is unlikely to give up on the legal fight, which could stretch in the courts for years. If the US government imposes itself on Google, the company could be forced to restructure or possibly split up its activities. If Google wins, the case could set a precedent that would free several tech giants from the legal scrutiny they currently face, though lawmakers could still try to regulate or fragment tech companies through new laws.

The Justice Department lawsuit argues that Google unfairly pays smartphone manufacturers to put their apps on the front line by pre-installing them on mobiles. The Justice Department argues that it pays for this using revenue from its advertising platform.

The antitrust lawsuit will be headed by the representatives of the winner of the US presidential election to be held next November 3.

USA sues Google monopoly competition

"Today's Justice Department lawsuit is deeply flawed. People use Google because they want to, not because they are forced to do so or because they cannot find alternatives," a company spokesman has explained.

The expected demand comes amid growing scrutiny from the two main parties to technology companies. Donald Trump has pressured his administration to take tough action against big tech companies, which he perceives to be against him, while lawmakers, both Democrats and Republicans, are calling for tech giants to be more rigorously regulated.

Last month, House Democrats released a report after a year-long investigation that concluded that Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon have monopoly power comparable to the "oil barons and railroad tycoons" of centuries past.

Google is also currently the subject of an investigation by 50 state attorneys general, which was officially announced in September last year. Eleven of those states —Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, South Carolina and Texas— have joined the Justice Department lawsuit filed Tuesday.

USA sues Google monopoly competition

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How to search songs humming on Google on both Android and iPhone mobiles

If you never remember the lyrics of a song and you have broken your head searching the Internet for a clue about what it was, those days have finally gone to better life thanks to the possibility of searching for songs that Google has incorporated simply humming the melody.

Although it is far from perfect and is not the first to offer this type of features, it is a fantastic option that is already integrated into any Android device. The best thing is that, if you have an iPhone, you can also use it thanks to the Google app that is in the App Store.

Of course, searching for songs by humming on Google is not as simple as opening Chrome and tapping the microphone, since that will only open the voice search option, but it needs a couple of extra steps.

As usual with these features, if you do not have it available on your device, you will have to wait for an update of the app to be able to enjoy it.

How to search humming songs on Google both on Android

To use the humming songs feature on Google, follow these simple steps:

0 tap the Google widget or say Ok Google to open the corresponding app, which is different from Chrome.
Now tap the microphone icon and then tap Search song.
0 hum for at least 10 seconds with some power and soon you will see the results appear with a percentage of success.

Since Google is not integrated into the system software, you will need the Google app. When you have it installed, you can open the app or use a widget in a simple way to search for songs humming on iOS.

Once this is done, you will no longer miss any more songs, because although it sometimes fails, the new option of humming Google has a fairly high success rate.

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