WhatsApp deletes Archived Chats folder and replace it with another 'read later'call: According to WABetaInfo, WhatsApp will delete the Archived chats folder and replace it with another, with greater visibility, called Read Later, where you can archive those conversations that are not important.

As you probably know, if you have an iPhone you can find the Archived chats folder at the top or, if you have an Android, you can view it at the bottom of the conversations window.

However, the New read later tab is set to replace the archived Chats tab, which you can enable in a future version of the app.

Basically, this is an improved version of archived Chats. And, with the new update, all the conversations you have archived will remain in this new folder now located in a favorite place at the top of the conversations window.

So, if you get a message from any of your Archived chats, you will not skip any notification. Instead, it will remain in the new folder.

WhatsApp deletes Archived Chats folder

Of course, you can unarchive the conversations when you deem it appropriate.

The new update is especially useful for archiving, for example, those annoying groups or those conversations of contacts that do not interest you at all but that you do not want to lose either. By having them archived, you will no longer receive notifications of their messages unless you take the task of entering, from time to time, this folder.

According to WhatsApp, read later has been implemented to reduce interruptions.

This feature is currently in development and will be available soon.

WhatsApp deletes Archived Chats folder

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Lalo, the Asturian youtuber who emigrated to China and now works at night as a 'streamer' on AliExpress: why are you going to see more and more Spaniards teaching products in online stores

E-commerce has entered a new dimension: that of live videos. While conventional brands still bet on influencers on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram, AliExpress has been enhancing a vertical of its mobile application for months: the wall.

It is a wall similar to that of any other social network, except that the sellers can upload publications such as photographs, texts, videos, and even direct. And the AliExpress wall has been filled with brand new influencers broadcasting live the offers of their respective stores, as well as testing and showing the products they have in stock.

On November 11 of each year is commemorated the day of The Bachelor, a Chinese holiday that de facto is also one of the ephemeris that most online commerce moves around the world. For this reason, this week the streamers of AliExpress have poured their energies into convincing their potential customers of the benefits of their offers.

This is the case, among others, of the Spaniard Lalo López. His name has gone around the world in recent hours because the AFP agency has published an article detailing how foreigners are increasingly present in the "armies" of AliExpress streamers.

Lalo, in particular, is a YouTuber of Asturian origin with "very modest" figures, as he himself acknowledges. It has 5,000 subscribers on Google's video platform, and about 2,000 on Instagram. However, he has another job: every night he gets into a studio of the company that contacted him, a Chinese marketing agency called Linkone Interactive.

Late in the morning in Chinese time, he is engaged in assembling, assembling, testing and live commenting on the products offered by the customers of such an agency through AliExpress. The reason for its schedule is none other than its message is intended for the Spanish and Latin American markets.

Right now, if you enter the AliExpress wall, you will see a real competition to choose from your "favorite presenters". Several streamers of Spanish or Latin American origin compete for customer attention. Lalo, in conversation with Business Insider Spain, confirms that Spanish is one of the languages in which Alibaba, the parent company of the Chinese e-commerce platform, is putting the most focus. Along with Cervantes ' language, lalo also highlights Russian, French and English.

Today, the word streamer is more associated with live content creators like Twitch. The Spanish Twitch community is one of the largest in Europe and in it compete names as popular as Ibai or elrubius. YouTube remains a huge showcase thanks to the number of influencers who focus their content on fashion or home. The same goes for Instagram.

But in a matter of years, the word streamer will also be indissoluble from ecommerce. It is already, at least, in China, confirms López. He considers that the bet of platforms such as AliExpress for the streaming of products is a consequent movement "as things stand", he details in reference to the coronavirus pandemic.

"We went from people no longer buy in store, no longer watch TV and now use the mobile phone to buy. In the end these are ads within the same buying platform. It is as if Carrefour put in its own app people showing you their news. It's organic, " he says.

Lalo López, who on YouTube is better known as This is Lalo, explains that he reached some notoriety when the COVID-19 pandemic began. He started making videos explaining how the health crisis was going on in China. A Chinese citizen who had been living in Spain came across its contents, and wanted to take him to the agency for which he works.

Thus, Lalo is able to earn for each direct he makes at night about 1,500 yuan, which at the current exchange rate is about 192 euros. "But my salary is modest," he warns.

Lalo explains to Business Insider Spain that to do his live shows it is not enough to put the camera to talk. It compares to some Spanish celebrity. He sets an example to the actress Ursula Corberó. "She can have a tea quietly while she is live that will have thousands of people watching her because there is a previous interest."

On AliExpress, however,"you are alone in front of the camera and you have to entertain people for a while." "For most people, Lalo doesn't stop being a guy with curly hair who's there, trying to entertain me." Lopez prepares his videos, and remember that it is not a pleasant schedule. "And qualities are needed. It is not enough to know Spanish".

I work for brands but honestly

"We are moving from influencers who put on a T-shirt or a dress that you can buy to people who make direct explaining and detailing how the products are on sale," recalls the youtuber. "I take and I am showing you a drone that you simply click below, in just three punctures you can buy it".

Even so, Lalo points out that his is an honest job. These streamers do not pretend to sell at all costs: they also solve consumer doubts. "In the comments they ask me how long the drone battery lasts," he exposes as an example.

Lalo extends the example of the drone. "In my live shows I attend a lot to the budget of users. If I am teaching an expensive drone, I will not recommend it to people who want to enter the world of drones, " he admits. "You work for brands but honestly." "If you have money for this drone maybe you should buy this one that only costs 30 euros, and see if you use it often."

"If you take out the 30 euro drone several times and it hooks you, you might buy the 300." But Lalo prefers that customers spend 30 euros than 300 euros for a drone that they may not use enough later.

How Lalo's journey in China began

Lalo is now professional streamer for AliExpress. But before he was a Spanish citizen who studied Canal, Road and Bridge Engineering in Santander and who already tried the honeys of living abroad when he finished college, in 2010. He lived for a year in America.

The crisis hit his sector in a wild way, he explains, Since Public Works was one of the investments that were most constrained by Spanish institutions. "When I started the career in 2005 the job board was full. When I finished it, it was empty."

Therefore, Lalo decided to emigrate after his passage through the United States to Shanghai, 9 years ago. A little less ago he started his channel on YouTube, with which he wanted to teach his followers what life is like in the Asian giant. "I'm very comfortable", while remembering that "normal life is already made here".

Lalo achieved some notoriety in Spain when the pandemic broke out. In March, many television networks contacted him so that he would tell their impressions about what was happening in the Eastern country. Today he exposes that there is already fully normal life. He recorded weeks before everything that ended up arriving in Spain happened: home confinement, massive temperature shots, mask supply problems.

Now we will have to see if the phenomenon of streamers reach other e-commerce platforms also in Spain.

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