Windows 10 computers updates features announced - These are the news that will soon arrive on your Windows 10 computer as Microsoft continues to improve its operating system and make it more attractive to users. One of the last changes was its new modern and minimalist design that you can now activate.

And the novelties do not end here, because next fall is expected to update Windows 10 20H2, which will help free up space and improve computer performance.

This Windows Update will be activated around October and will be the last of the year. It will focus on small changes that are interesting to the user, such as an improvement in the storage configuration.

In particular, new cleaning recommendations will be made in this section so that you can get rid of applications, programs or files that do not give too much use but consume resources of your computer. So you won't have to be as vigilant as before to free up space.

To achieve this, Windows will include a new screen called "cleaning recommendation", in which you will find a list of files and applications that are likely to be removed. You will have the option to delete them simply by clicking with the cursor.

In addition, these are not the only news to consider in the next update.

For now it will replace the classic Edge, but it is expected that over time it will end up even bypassing Internet Explorer. Until now Windows brought the new browser to users through updates or direct downloads. Now everyone will have it in Windows 10 20H2

Windows 10 computers updates features announced

From autumn it will also be much easier to switch to tablet mode. Now Windows is dedicated to automatically activate it when it detects that you are using a touch device, and this can be annoying. With the new update, the user will define the default behavior and use of a tablet.

Other future changes that are already known are the lesser presence of the control panel, which gradually tends to disappear, and some improvements in the Start menu.

The Windows 10 20H2 update brings more control panel functions to the settings menu. This will happen in the fall with the system page.

On the other hand, the Start menu will be much more intuitive and clear, and you will have the option to anchor in it everything you want to make the experience more comfortable. In addition, the icons lose their color background, which was confusing for some users.

So far, if you connect a new monitor you have to go to the screen settings to select the refresh rate. But this will change with the future update, as you will be able to change the options in the settings menu, without having to get lost among different menus that are tedious.

End of Windows 10 computers updates features announced

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The iPhone 12 could have less autonomy due to the 5G

The next iPhone 12 would be the first Apple smartphone to be compatible with 5G connectivity and this technology brings with it the integration of new components that carry a high price. Therefore, the Cupertino company would be devising a plan to minimize the cost of production, and this could involve the inclusion of a battery of fewer cells to save between 30 and 40% per unit.

Ming Chi Kuo is a well-known analyst who filters information, mainly from Apple. The vast majority of times that Kuo claims something, it ends up being fulfilled, so it corresponds as a very reliable source of information.

The new processors that would integrate an integrated modem compatible with 5G technology would have a fairly high cost per unit, since Apple would also want to include in its smartphones a millimeter wave technology to get a better connection to the 5G network.

For the iPhone to be compatible with a 6 GHz network would cost between 65 and 70 euros and millimeter wave technology would have a cost of approximately between 125 and 135 dollars per unit.

As you can imagine, are components that would make the next iPhone integrate more than 170 euros in new components, so Apple, would have started to work on cheaper other components such as, for example, the battery.

The batteries you currently use in everyday life are lithium and are composed of several cells. The bitten apple would be devising a system through which there were no cells, or very few, so that according to the analyst would reduce its cost between 30 and 40% compared to the current battery of the iPhone 11.

This same battery system would also be thought to include it in the next AirPods, but these would not see the light until 2021.

Although the date of the next iPhone is not yet known, the company would have scheduled an online presentation for the next September 10, where the new iPhone will be known although it is not yet known whether or not it is an error.

The fact that Apple is trying to trim other components by integrating 5G connectivity into its new phones doesn't mean they're going to be cheaper, but they're probably more expensive, even though they've had to trim components.

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