The Windows 10 October 2020 Update now available, but it comes with 4 bugs that can prevent you from installing it correctly: so you can fix it - The new update of Windows 10 has already been circulating on the network for a few hours and it is possible to access it to download it and enjoy all the new features that come inside, such as its more minimalist design, the custom taskbar or its New Start menu, as well as the correction of many errors and improvements that accompany these updates usually.

However, this time the update has come with a number of glitches under the arm that can prevent you from its correct installation.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update now available

At the moment there are 4 very localized errors that do not let you update to Windows 10 October Update:

- Error installing third-party drivers with an incorrect format: if during installation you see a message saying "Windows cannot verify the editor of this driver software" is that you will have to wait for Microsoft to fix the problem before you can update. Luckily, it's a bug that seems to have already found an answer, so just look for the update in Windows Update again.
- Errors or problems during and after the update with Conexant audio drivers: if you have such a driver, your computer may be affected by a blue screen or receive an error or crash on time. In this regard, Microsoft is investigating the problem, so if you have doubts and you are still in the version before the October Update, you better stay in it until everything is fixed.
- Errors or problems with Conexant ISST audio drivers: this problem would only give to the 2004 version of Windows —if you do not know which one you have here you have it explained— and as the previous case, Microsoft is investigating the matter.
- Problem when using the IME for Japanese or Chinese: an error that they report is already mitigated but not fixed.

As usual in these cases, the Windows 10 October Update will reach computers that can support the firmware over time, so you may not have missed the system notification at the moment and even better, since the first versions are usually unstable and it is better to wait a few days until certain elements of the system are polished that may cause you some problem.

Windows 10 October 2020 Update now available

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Homyhub, the Spanish solution to open the garage with the mobile that has conquered Correos, Naturgy, Iberdrola or Volkswagen, is preparing its international expansion

Lending your garage key can be harder than it seems.

What if a family member needs to use it while you have the controller in the office? How do you rent the place when you are not at home, leave the tenant the original key? What if you make a copy of it? Or, why go out on a bike with the controller on it, if you already have the mobile?

Based on all these questions arises the Spanish startup Homyhub, a solution to be able to open the garages with the mobile phone that has already achieved more than one million euros of financing and agreements with Correos, Naturgy, Iberdrola and Volkswagen in its first 6 years of life.

"But it's not just about that, it's about unleashing all the potential that garages have to turn them into more valuable spaces for people," says Homyhub co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Enzo Zamora in an interview with Business Insider Spain.

And is that Homyhub, apart from being a device that you can buy on Amazon, PcComponentes, in Emails or on your web site— that install and with that you get to open the garage, yours or your company with a mobile application and regardless of where you are, it aims to facilitate the lives of its users in many other different ways.

For example, thanks to its alliance with Correos CityPaq next year, the delivery companies of the public company will be able to leave letters and packages in the garages of Homyhub users who authorize it.

Zamora explains that between 30% and 40% of all packets are not delivered to the first, something that frustrates many users, so this idea of Homyhub would allow the dealer to open the garage, to deposit there the package and close it while the client monitors the operation step by step from the application.

Another option is that, thanks to the agreement closed with Iberdrola, Homyhub users who have a charging point for electric vehicles make it easier for other drivers to use it, charging for it —and paying, those who use it, cheaper rates than they would pay on the street—, as an "Airbnb of electric cars".

The co-founder points out that, unlike other similar solutions, the Homyhub product works via the internet and not bluetooth, so it has the advantage that the doors can be activated remotely.

Homyhub has obtained one million euros in total, and among its investors are the business angel british Tom Horsey (also inverter electric motorcycle Velca), Andreas Mihalovits (also in the comparator car Carnovo) and the CEO of the platform of carriage of goods Ontruck, Iñigo Juantegui, in addition to the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology of the Ministry of Science and the marketplace of investment, Crowdcube, among others.

In addition, the startup has just won the Ford make it Driveable competition and won the prize of the Explorer Youth With ideas program, promoted by Banco Santander and coordinated by the Santander International Center for Entrepreneurship (CISE). He has also been part of the British business accelerator Startupbootcamp IoT London.

Right now most of the capital of the company is in the hands of its founders, Alejandro Nieto ,vvaro Román, Carlos Quijano and Enzo Zamora, and in Homyhub there are 9 employees in total.

Zamora explains that they plan to start their international expansion at the beginning of next year and have 300,000 garages in 5 years. The company has preferred not to share other financial data with this medium.

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