Xbox Series X first reviews published - The first analyzes have already come out: here is what the world's greatest experts say about the new generation console from Microsoft

There are very few days left for it to go on sale Xbox Series X and its little sister, the Xbox Series S, specifically next Tuesday, November 10 and the first analyzes on the machine have already begun to be released.

Xbox Series X will have a price of 499 euros and the majority of opinions that have come out on the different portals specialized in video games confirm that the evolution with respect to the previous generation is amazing, especially thanks to the loading times, the image resolution and even the architecture.

In this sense, if you are considering its purchase or want to learn about what experts say about the Xbox Series X, here you will find some key points of the analysis of specialized media such as Hobby consoles and Computer today in Spain along with other English-speaking like GamesRadar, Gamasutra, The Verge, Tech Radar, The Guardian, The Washington Post, CNET, IGN and, of course, the assessment of journalists who have already been able to test the console in the United States.

Xbox Series X first reviews published


TechRadar: "it's elegant, modern. A good evolution of the one s and One X models, flat but compact. Even so, the matte black design can cause it to be easily scratched, even if it does not get dirty."

Hobby consoles: "a sober design that 'screams' high technology that makes sense when you start playing, since it makes the console not hot at all. In addition, it is a beautiful and very compact machine."

The Washington Post: The X Series is a very big beast. A large black rectangle that fits quite easily in any media center and that, although it may be a bit cumbersome to load, is much easier and manageable than the unconventional PlayStation 5".

The Verge: "it looks like a compact PC but with a simple design that looks much better upright than horizontal. I'm not in love with design, but it doesn't bother me either. It's a black box that you put under your TV and forget, as long as you can put it under your TV."

Hard Drive

The Guardian: "the console has an ultra-fast SSD disk which is really what changes the experience when you're playing. Instead of waiting forever for games to load, you can move from one to another as fast as changing the channel on a TV."

GamesRadar: "the SSD unlocks the true potential of the system, allowing for faster and more impressive load times, as well as features like Quick Resume, which will allow you to switch between various games that are kept in suspended state in less than 10 seconds."

Computer today: "it's not the fastest SSD of the generation (the PS5 looks really spectacular), but we still managed to not only speed up the initial loads in games, but also make fast trips count on the fingers of one hand in all the games in which we have tried it and that when we die and reappear, the process is instant."

Business Insider: "the loads of games in the X Series are very fast, especially in those of previous generations. And loading times during the game, for example, if you get killed in Doom Eternal or you get hit by an idiot in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, are even faster."

Gamasutra: "a lot has already been said about Quick Resume, but its importance is worth reiterating. This feature kept me playing in Series X for longer sessions, and I'm sure I'm not the only one."

Fan and noise

Hobby consoles: "one of the most talked about aspects of the machine was that it got too hot, and we can assure that in our test of Xbox Series X and series S it is not so. Simply place your hand on the surface (placed vertically) to note that the bottom —where it enters the air— is kept at room temperature, while the upper part (in the vent) emits heat, but it does not mark a difference compared to Xbox One X, and from then it is below PS4 Pro".

TechRadar: "a big advantage of Xbox Series X is how unexpectedly quiet it is. We've almost gotten used to consoles speeding up like they're about to take off when running games that really put them to the test; but the Xbox Series X is the quietest Xbox we've had the pleasure of playing on."

Computer today: "we will not hear the console playing, but neither when it is at rest unless we have the ear stuck. We only listen to the machine when we are watching a Blu-Ray, something totally logical considering that the reader in this case is working all the time."

CNET: "the Xbox Series X expels a good amount of air through the top vent, so it would keep a good amount of free space over the console if you're going to place it vertically."

Operating system

IGN :" if you've had an Xbox One, navigating the X Series will instantly feel familiar. I realize that's anticlimactic for a lot of people; until now, when we bought an expensive new generation console, we got a whole new experience. Microsoft hasn't done that here, opting instead for continuity through generations and sticking with an interface that, after seven years of tweaking, works pretty well."

Business Insider :" If you've never used an Xbox One, You're likely to find the next-gen Xbox user interface very confusing. If you have an Xbox One, you'll find some of the same frustrations he's found you with there. The next-generation Xbox operating system: it's more or less identical, but significantly faster."

GamesRadar: "it has been heavily scrutinized and reviewed over the years, and as a result Xbox Series X is released with what is perhaps the best Xbox operating system to date. It's flexible and fast, designed to allow you to navigate with ease and move the elements that slow you out of your way."

CNET :" when you turn on the Xbox Series X, you will only see small settings in the current Xbox One menus. They are remarkably similar, with the same advantages and peculiarities. That's not to say the experience is perfect. The Xbox interface moves quickly, but it's too full of stuff and not exactly intuitive."


Hobby consoles: "the Xbox series X gamepad is a slight evolution of the Xbox One controller, with the same shape, the same dimensions, and some improvements that make our experience even better (and that was already one of the best controllers that has been designed)".

IGN: "the new controllers are only slightly revised and the older Xbox One ones, as well as the expensive Elites, are still rock solid, so if you like the one you already have, you're not going to notice much change."

Business Insider: "the' new ' Xbox controller looks almost exactly like the Xbox One controller, so much so that it's easy to confuse them, but when using the gamepad, the differences become apparent. They are many small details that add to an evolutionary step forward for the Xbox controller. It feels familiar, comfortable and yet surprisingly New."

TechRadar: "the Xbox series X controller feels familiar in the hand but subtly different, with improved touch textures and refined geometry for a more ergonomic and comfortable gaming experience."


The Washington Post: "the Xbox Series X is clearly a powerful machine, capable of running complicated high-end games at high frame rates."

The Verge: "games feel better. Whether it's because of load times, better frame rates per second or just the CPU, SSD and a better GPU that makes things like menus or character changes in games feel instant."

Computer today: "as a hardware it is a spectacular system. We see games that have a level of visual quality comparable to the best PC versions and the best thing is that it no longer gives laziness to do some tasks with the console thanks to an SSD that makes the system, Games and loads fly".

Gamasutra: "upgrading from an Xbox One to an Xbox Series X is the closest analogy there is to a PC Gamer upgrading their graphics card. Games like Gears 5 look great on Xbox One, look better on Xbox One X and perform better on Xbox Series X. The X Series version of that particular game is basically the Ultra PC setup."

Backward compatibility and streaming play

CNET: "beyond the hardware, the Xbox Series X is based on an Xbox Game Pass subscription software model that offers a lot of great content and is worth subscribing to."

TechRadar: "a handful of Xbox One games have been optimized for Xbox Series X. These titles have been updated or built with Xbox Series X in mind, in order to take full advantage of the power of the console and demonstrate it. For example, Gears 5 on Xbox Series X features ray tracing and 4K at 60 fps, which makes the campaign mode look better than ever and load faster."

Hobby consoles: "Microsoft consoles do not feature any exclusive release games. Microsoft has opted for a smooth transition, which means that all games with the 'next gen' version can also be played on consoles of the previous generation. However, there are a handful of Microsoft games with exclusive improvements and "thrid party" games with version for the new generation."

GamesRadar: "if Microsoft's efforts for Backward Compatibility show anything, it's that we're about to see a big shift in developers prioritizing frame rate over resolution, or at least giving consumers a choice."


GamesRadar: "it's easy to be impressed with the Xbox Series X. It's a powerful and capable machine that prepares Microsoft for the future: massive reduction in load times, ability to boost games to 60 fps stable at 4K or improvements in games from previous generations are some of its strengths.

Hobby consoles: "there are two words that perfectly define Xbox Series X: elegance and efficiency. The new generation of Microsoft does not seek to amaze with an aspect or playable possibilities "from another world", but has opted to take advantage of all the experience accumulated so far in the Xbox family and enhance it to the maximum. The result is a sober but attractive console on the outside and indisputable in its technical performance."

The Verge: "not only does it feel like you're upgrading your PC if you go from an Xbox One to an Xbox Series X, it feels and looks like that. (Hello, tower design for PC). You take everything you already have, even existing hardware accessories, just like you do on a PC.

IGN: "the Xbox Series X is a quiet, compact gaming machine that should turn 4K / 60fps gaming into the wonderful new norm, but it currently lacks mandatory gaming."

Computer today: "you have to understand Xbox Series X, in my opinion, as if it were a new PC in which everything that already went on the previous machine works, but where we will play at a better quality both visual and performance".

TechRadar: "a perfect console if you are looking for minimal load times and very smooth gameplay and a spectacular audiovisual and multimedia experience."

Business Insider: "If you already have an Xbox One, A PlayStation 4 or, above all, a gaming PC, it is much more difficult to recommend a new game console during this holiday. And The X Series may be the hardest to recommend of all."

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