Xiaomi Legit Health detects dermatological diseases - These 3 young Spaniards have developed an app capable of detecting skin cancer and other 130 dermatological pathologies with a mobile phone that costs no more than 350 euros

If you have a phone from a couple of years ago, the day you have to renew it you will come across devices from another technological period. The latest in screens, cameras with many megapixels and other specifications that— probably-today are not even conceived.

Innovation in this sector is constant and the big brands are always updating their portfolios, offering increasingly surprising specifications. And it is that smartphones are increasingly sophisticated and evolve to better adapt to our needs. Some of them don't even cross your mind.

This is the case of the Xiaomi Mi Note 10, which is being used in the hospital of Torrejon (Madrid) to detect skin cancer and other 138 dermatological pathologies. Although it does not do it alone, because behind this smartphone is the startup Legit Health, founded in 2018 by 3 young people who saw the potential of applying artificial intelligence to medical diagnosis.

Seeing the possibilities of this combination they decided to found the company, also encouraged by the scant research that there is in the field of artificial vision applied to medicine, as Andy Aguilar and Taig Mac Carthy, 2 of its founders and CEO and CIO, respectively, explain to Business Insider Spain.

"What we really had was a significant breakthrough," Mac Carthy says of the findings of his scientific analysis. He explains that this area is either "very new" or focuses on purposes other than yours, so there was a gap for them. In addition, recently, 3 factors have combined that have made your business idea could be implemented: access to much broader data sources, a more accessible processing capacity and the results of artificial Vision Research in other sectors, enumerates.

The result is the application of Legit Health, which detects skin pathologies more accurately than an average medical professional and the same as a specialist. Aguilar, Mac Carthy and the third founder, Alfonso Medela, have created the software and polished it for that purpose.

Xiaomi Legit Health detects dermatological diseases

- How Legit Health works, the app that detects dermatological diseases

After the doctor uploads the photos of the affected skin area to Legit Health, the doctor makes a true diagnosis with a 75% accuracy. In malignant diseases, such as cancer or carcinoma, this percentage is above 90%. "In some specific pathologies, we have placed special emphasis. We have trained much more algorithms, " says the CIO.

Therefore, it is not another telemedicine program, in which the patient sends a photo via WhatsApp.

"In Dermatology, there are perhaps more than 3,000 diseases and, among them, there are several that are very similar, so it is very difficult to differentiate them with the human eye," explains Aguilar. Therefore, not every image is worth getting a diagnosis.

In addition to the startup's solution, this is where the latest generation smartphones come in:" the fact of having this technology, together with the implementation of artificial intelligence in the operation of the camera, makes this device be able to take photographs clear and of great detail, which help to increase the accuracy of the diagnosis, " argues Xiaomi. The main lens of the phone is 108 megapixels.

"Doctors are using the brand's mobile phones to take pictures of patients," Aguilar explains. In addition to the current project in Madrid, its proposal is in the process of clinical validation with the hospitals of Cruces and Basurto, in the Basque Country, and have started working with the Ribera Salud group.

Another advantage of medical application is that it allows early diagnosis. "It is useful for a dermatologist, but also for a primary care physician. If you go to your head doctor to have a weird mole look at you, ' why not take a picture, instead of referring to the dermatologist and it takes 2 weeks?'"said Mac Carthy.

That's why Mobile is the perfect device. "It's a much simpler tool, easier to use, something you have at your fingertips, you use it for everything," Aguilar adds.

In addition, the monitoring of chronic diseases, such as psoriasis or atopic dermatitis, becomes easier. The founders of Legit Heath also explain that there are very few dermatologists in Spain and that, however, skin problems continue to grow. "It is a situation that is not sustainable, not viable. If it were not for solutions like this, it could not be diagnosed as much as we are doing with the doctors who are using the tool," they think.

On the other hand, health professionals can receive alerts in their consultations when cases arrive and prioritize the most serious files.

The CEO of Legit says that" there is a lot of interest " in the medical field for its solution. For that reason, their short-term plans are to be in as many centers as possible and to help save as many lives as possible.

Of course, from the hand of specialists. "It never replaces the doctor. The algorithm may be very accurate but it's not smart. He doesn't improvise. What it does is to make life easier for the doctor, that if before he could see 80 patients a day with a certain effort, now he can see 800," notes Mac Carthy.

Xiaomi Legit Health detects dermatological diseases

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