Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro technical specifications - a door to high-end mobiles whose main competition comes from its own home.

When it comes to mobiles there are people from Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, Realme or Apple lovers who are only convinced by the iPhone. There are also those very of a brand that, by one chance or another (breakage, loss, theft), are forced to try a different terminal to the one they were used to and no longer return to the original. A little this is what happened to me with Xiaomi.

The Chinese company has for years been making an increasingly large gap in the market of smartphones (and smart devices in general) stealing ground from the brands that traditionally distributed the pie of users.

Thus, Xiaomi celebrated during the third quarter of the year (July to September) having become the third largest mobile manufacturer in the world with 46,2 million shipments, ahead of Apple (41,7 million) and behind Samsung (79,8 million) and Huawei (50,9 million), according to the consultancy CounterPoint.

The Chinese company exceeded its own figure for the same period of 2019 (31.7 million) and went from a market share of 8% to 13% in the third quarter of 2020.

Despite these positive data, the consultants warn that we must take the data calmly or, at least, with tweezers, since Apple has delayed this year the launch of the iPhone to the fourth quarter, with what we will have to wait at the end of the year to know the real position of Xiaomi regarding its main competitors.

However, it is undeniable that the Chinese company has made a hole in the market during its 10 years of activity based on offering a wide portfolio, great features, elegant designs and all at an unbeatable price.

In this race to offer the device with the best quality price, to which has been joined the factor of democratizing phones that include 5G, Xiaomi has launched this year several terminals that carry the number 10 in its nomenclature (Mi 10t, Mi 10t Lite...) and, now, presents the Mi 10t Pro.

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro technical specifications

Want to know why or why it's not worth it? Read on and I tell you my impressions about this new member of the Xiaomi family.

The first thing that draws attention to the Mi 10t Pro is its large size, since the device measures 165,1 mm x 76,4 mm x 9,33 mm, which is mainly noticeable in its weight, which reaches 218 grams. This grammage contrasts with that of its Xiaomi 10 Brothers, which exceeds 208 grams, or 10t Lite, which adds 214 grams.

In the end the taste for a certain size or weight of mobile phones is a purely personal matter, some prefer smaller terminals and others that prevail a giant screen ahead of the rest of features.

Personally, I have not bothered the size of the Mi 10t Pro at any time... except when I tried to fit me in the pocket of the jacket and there was no way, there I remembered a little bit about the obsession of brands to make smartphones that look like tablets.

However, despite its large dimensions, the Mobile offers a secure grip, is totally manageable and very comfortable.

Xiaomi again bets on integrating the front camera inside the front screen, in this case in a little hole in the upper left corner that, after several weeks using, does not bother at all when it comes to watching videos, taking photos or using the device in general.

If we move on to the back of the Mi 10t Pro, what stands out most is the rear camera module that occupies the upper left corner. Here we come to the first (and most prominent) defect: The Rolling that causes such a bump.

The truth is that this defect has given me quite anger because, although we are moderately accustomed in the latest models to this feature, in the case of the Mi 10t Pro, being honest, it is quite noticeable.

And it has not given me anger because it is annoying (which a little yes), but because after Xiaomi took out the 10t Lite, where I corrected it by placing the camera module in the central part of the mobile, I think the Chinese company could have opted for the same in this case.

Something else to stand out from the back of the device is the company's once again bet on the mirror instead of matte colors. The Mi 10t Pro is available in Spain in black and silver.

On an aesthetic level, I love the appearance of patent leather because it gives a very elegant and beautiful touch, but it must be said that, if you bring it out, the terminal ends up full of finger marks in just 5 minutes. However, I do not consider this to be an inconvenience, since, nowadays, practically everyone uses a case for their mobile phone, so it is enough to choose one and problem solved.

To the right of the terminal we find the button relative to raise and lower the volume, followed by the button to turn on and off the screen that also serves as a fingerprint reader. This detail has been one of the things I have liked the most about the device, since it is very reliable and works quickly.

In the case of the Mi 10t Pro, the SIM card is located at the base of the terminal, where the USB-C connection and a powerful speaker of which we will talk later are also located.

Finally (and I say this because the left side is completely clear), in the upper frame integrates microphones for audio cancellation in calls and an infrared sensor, something common in the company's devices.

Do you miss something important a priori? Well yes, it does not integrate a minijack. Although this might seem crazy some time ago, the truth is that Xiaomi's decision aligns with the current situation in which wireless headphones are increasingly taking precedence (such as the famous AirDots of the same brand) than traditional ones.

However, if you are like me and you are still in the transition between each other, this decision of the Chinese company maybe throws you back when choosing this model, but do not worry because they have thought of everything and the Mi 10t Pro incorporates a USB to minijack adapter in the box. Thus, you can continue to use both types of headphones interchangeably.

We come to one of the strengths of the new smartphone from Xiaomi. The Mi 10t Pro features a 6.67-inch IPS Panel display with FullHD + resolution (1, 080x2, 400 pixels) and a refresh rate of 144Hz, the company's highest to date. And what does this mean?

This feature reduces screen transitions and, in turn, discomfort or dizziness, especially you quickly scroll through the content of the device. In addition, it improves the gaming experience because it decreases the reaction time and you can act faster, something to keep in mind if you want to use this mobile for gaming (then I'll tell you something more about this).

The 'grace' of this refresh rate is that it adds up to the screen automatically adapting each application to the most appropriate frequency in the 30Hz to 144Hz band to optimize power consumption. Thus, if you are watching a movie on this device, the Mobile will choose a rate between 48/50Hz, while if you are playing or scrolling content, it will place it at 144Hz.

At the level of use, the Mi 10t Pro offers great clarity and resolution of the colors on the screen and, despite being IPS, the degree of saturation is quite high.

If it bothers you, you can change it, since the Mobile includes the option to choose in the settings the color scheme and temperature between automatic, saturated or original.

In practice I advance you that you are going to fall in love with the screen this smartphone, whether to see chapters of Netflix series as to use social networks or write emails, you will want to use it for everything and, the truth, the Xiaomi mobile will respond quite well.

The Mi 10t Pro incorporates the Snapdragon 865 which, together with the refresh rate of which I spoke to you before, results in a fluidity and power with which you can demand almost anything from the smartphone, including the most demanding games. An SUV, go.

Oh, eye, and without warming up. In the time that I have had the device as the main mobile, I have not noticed that the temperature rises in excess at any time, not even with the gaming vein.

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro technical specifications: MIU 12: some spanking and many pros.

Most of the phones I have used in my life have been Xiaomi brand, so I am more than made to MIUI and its aesthetics, which in this case is the version number 12 on Android 10, so let's start with the Pegasus.

One of the things I didn't like at all was the split of the notifications and tools drop-down. Maybe you like it and find it useful, but, personally, I find it rather impractical. Better I will not tell you the Times that I have confused wanting to deploy one and I have done it with the other and vice versa, let's say many per minute. Of course, it can be disabled.

The Mi 10t Pro comes with quite a few pre-installed apps, from Netflix to Youtube Music (Youtube's paid app). Here it is you who decides if the ones that are there serve you or you prefer to uninstall them. In my case it is not something that bothers me and can save you some time, so Welcome be.

The rest of the features of this version do not differ too much from the previous ones and continue to work quite well. The design is elegant, it allows you many customization options and the features that it includes (such as the scanning of apps that it has incorporated for several versions) are still to be appreciated.

Xiaomi's device includes 5G technology, a feature that is already practically indisputable in new mobiles and one of the Great claims of this terminal.

However, here the direct competition comes from its own house and is that the Chinese company already incorporated this feature in its brother Mi 10t Lite for a cheaper price (329 euros) or even the Mi 10t (499 euros) that contrasts with that of the one in question (when I started writing this report it was for 549 euros, although its original price is set at 599 euros).

Regarding the security of the terminal, the Mi 10t Pro allows us the option of lifting to activate the screen, the double touch or, in the section of passwords and security, add the face unlock, the password or the fingerprint.

Personally, I prefer the latter method because it seems to me the most comfortable, especially in this terminal because, as I have already told you, the fingerprint detector is located on the side button and works quickly and effectively.

Here would come the time to ask the big question: Are you one of those who prefers bigger battery and a less fluid display or the other way around? However, with the Mi 10 T Pro we do not have to choose one thing or another, at least not definitively.

The case is that the main drawback of phones that incorporate a refresh rate of these characteristics, is usually the consumption of the battery, which accelerates and, as much as we see things very fluid, very stable and very fast, the autonomy time is reduced.

This is what is tried to correct in this model of Xiaomi, since it integrates a battery from 5.000 mAh, 1.000 more than those of its predecessor, with which it tries to compensate for the increased consumption of high refresh rates.

So, I have to say that another of the things that I liked most about the Mi 10t Pro has been its performance. I have used it as a regular phone for almost two weeks and I advance you that, if you decide for it, the battery is going to be one of the things you will not have to worry about again (or almost).

In practice, the autonomy of the phone has reached me for, practically, 2 full days giving it enough use (taking photographs, using social networks constantly, watching videos on Youtube, series on Netflix or connecting the bluetooth to a speaker to listen to music). Wonder.

Here he apologizes and understands the size of the terminal he was talking about at the beginning and, above all, its weight.

The Mobile includes a 33W charger that gets almost two thirds of the battery charged in half an hour. What's more, to give you an idea, I started charging the mobile at 10:45 with about 15% battery and at 11:35 it was already 100%. This supports Xiaomi's claim about this device, which it says is fully charged in 59 minutes.

The Mi 10t Pro has stereo sound thanks to its main speaker and headset, being able to reach 104 decibels.

This translates into incredible power that allows you to listen to music, watch videos or series chapters in great quality.

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro technical specifications: A sensor of 108 megapixels, the great protagonist.

We reached the point that I most wanted to try the Xiaomi Mi 10t: the camera.

As I have already told you, this device is the little brother of the Mi 10t, only differentiating itself at the level of photography, although it maintains the 108 megapixel sensor that already included the Xiaomi Mi Note 10. As a result, expectations were very high for this feature, as it was expected to include much more advanced features.

Go ahead that I am in love with photography. The good news is, if you're a bit like me, and you had in mind to spend this money on a mobile, I assure you that you will not be disappointed. The Mi 10 T Pro incorporates:

For example, in this version we find the option to make vlogs (you record four shots of a few seconds and the Mobile itself edits it), that of cloning (you can make several photos or videos where the background repeats and the same person appears repeated) or that of recording simultaneously with the front and rear camera.

And here comes the why that I told you that you can do "practically everything". It does not incorporate telephoto lens. It is not a catch as such, since it is a fairly complete camera, it is rather a detail that would have helped him to differentiate himself from his own brothers, especially for what it costs.

The wonder of 8k on the Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro technical specifications

In the video part it also has stabilizer, the possibility of recording in 8K, in macro or to follow a moving lens.

In general, the camera of the 10t Pro works quite well and does not suffer when switching to denser features such as HDR, something that does happen on older terminals.

The app fine, but... How do the photos come out? Like everything: some good and some regular. Roughly speaking, I am very happy with the camera of this mobile and, every time I used it, I only received comments like: "my mother, what photons does it do!"And yes, it is true, but it presents some flaws.

Among them, I would point out that sometimes it costs a little to focus the lens manually, change focus in the middle of a video or lose some color in the overall photographs.

However, the rest is impeccable, especially in good light conditions. The camera represents colors very reliably, whether using the macro lens, the selfie or the wide angle. Bluntly: for 599 euros on the company's website. The price may seem a bit excessive when talking about Xiaomi, which usually handles smaller quantities.

However, we must remember that we are dealing with a high-end mobile, where the amount is quite acceptable.

Here the decision is totally personal, depending on the type of mobile you are looking for, the services you consider essential and, above all, the price you are willing to pay.

In short, the Mi 10t Pro is a very versatile terminal that touches mobile services of a superior high range for a price that, despite being high, remains competitive with the rest of the brands.

A camera that works for everything, an original design, a fluid display and a battery that will not leave you lying and, in the event that you love it, it charges in record time, are just some of the advantages that it has.

On the other hand, I think that the main 'stick' of this device (leaving aside more secondary things like that 'dances' due to its large rear camera module) is that its direct competition comes from its own family, both at the level of price and performance. This is the case of the Mi Note 10, which already includes a camera from 108 megapixels for 549 euros or the 10t Lite, which already includes the 5G for 329 euros.

In the end, I think it makes sense to consider that, if you want a mobile with certain characteristics, it may not be necessary to resort to the latest model, but to go back some to find what you are looking for.

Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro technical specifications

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