Smells across the screen and artificial intelligence to translate live: so sees the Zoom CEO video calls future - The CEO of the video calling platform Zoom, Eric Yuan, participated this Tuesday in the entrepreneurship event South Summit. In an intervention, connected from his own tool, he revealed what his plans are for the company in 10 years.

Its firm has grown by 355% according to its latest public results, which correspond to the second quarter of the year.

"We will be a company that delivers innovation," Yuan said. In this sense, the company's top manager wants to introduce disruptive changes in the video call experience, as he explained.

The ability to smell remotely, through the screen, is one of those changes. If you are talking to a person while drinking coffee, you will be able to breathe that aroma, he has set as an example of the news that will come in the future to Zoom.

Another of its proposals is that artificial intelligence transcribe conversations in different languages and live, so that people can be spoken to globally, regardless of nationality.

The ability to call from all devices and with "one click" is another improvement that aims to introduce: "connect with anyone in the world and feel like you are in the same cafe. No differences, " he said. That is, Yuan intends to move towards a more fluid experience, which resembles as much as possible a real encounter, removing technical barriers.

"We are not there yet, but the future is promising," he said. "We're going to have to keep working as hard as we can and keep innovating." Precisely, innovation will be the central part of the business in a decade.

Zoom CEO video calls future

In addition to unveiling the company's long-term strategy, Yuan has told how he has achieved his goals. Effort and attitude are 2 of the Keys :" be patient, work hard every day. Raising a company is a long journey, so be patient and be humble."

Also, Yuan has said that another of his priorities is to meditate every day: "my routine is very simple. At the end of the day, I have 15 free minutes on my calendar in which I do not check the Mail, the Mobile, nor do I answer Zoom calls. I am dedicated to thinking and meditating."

At that time, you ask questions like what you need to improve, what you can do differently, and if there's anything you miss. "I'm critical of myself," he concludes.

Zoom CEO video calls future


Kibo Ventures launches third $ 100 million fund to invest in 20 companies

The venture capital firm Spanish Kibo Ventures has closed its third investment fund, with a size objective of 100 million euros, with the present to invest in some 20 european companies with between one and three million each (rounds pre-series and Series (A) and a maximum of 10 million per startup.

The sectors in which it plans to invest with this third fund are big data/artificial intelligence, mobility/logistics, fintech, healthcare and digital education, as reported by the venture capital firm led by the investor Aquilino Peña, who believes that the present is "a perfect time to invest", as they hope that the entrepreneurs who stand out in conditions "as complicated" as the current, with the impact of the pandemic coronavirus, will be "excellent", has indicated in a press release.

The venture capital company has added among its investors, in addition to the institutional ones that have been investing in it since its inception, more than 20 successful entrepreneurs who will help by bringing their knowledge and experience to the companies invested, with the aim of "adding value" to the companies invested, as detailed partner Sonia Fernandez.

"Today more and more entrepreneurs are choosing the investor. We know that only by providing value at every moment can we become a reference so that the best teams want to work with us", added Fernandez.

Kibo Ventures has in its portfolio investments in successful startups such as the Spanish unicorn Flywire, the payment management platform that exceeded $ 1 billion in valuation in its last round. They also contributed to the growth of companies such as JobandTalent, Carto, Blueliv, Worldsensing or Qustodio.

Nine companies invested in its fund I were sold to international companies, with cases such as Jetlore (bought by Paypal), Trip4Real (acquired by Airbnb), Ducksboard (bought by New Relic), Blink (bought by Groupon) or PromoFarma (bought by zur Rose), among others.

In their second fund they joined companies such as Devo, DefinedCrowd, Tier, Paack, Clarity, Vilynx, Coverwallet, Exoticca, Gamelearn or Aerial. Half of those invested have raised other rounds, even during the pandemic, with the $ 60 million received by Devo or the $ 50 million from DefinedCrowd.

The geographic focus of Kibo Ventures will continue to be on European ecosystems, particularly in Madrid, Barcelona, Lisbon and Porto, where they have a good history. "We are committed to Europe where companies can develop local talent and scale globally. Identifying the best teams soon and attracting the best international investors is really an essential part of the secret of our success, " said Kibo Ventures co-founder Javier Torremocha.

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