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 Website developer Alex Costin

"Domain names and websites are Internet real estate."


A website developer is an individual/specialist who can develop websites (server applications) that run over HTTP or HTTPS from a web server to a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer).

As a website developer, I build SEO friendly websites (that have the correct keywords, the correct text/HTML ratio, images, links, backlinks and get shared on social media campaigns).

This helps set websites to get a good positioning on Google and Bing. One that happens, the websites (let`s give as an example - with their link to other websites I create - help increase the trustworthiness of other websites I assign them to advertise (like Then the third website from a new customer ( gets two backlinks from the other two websites (a and b). And the story goes on and on and is loved b Google. This is also referred to as "OFF PAGE SEO".

I love creating websites as they are - from my point of view - art, as they portray online some form of information/thoughts which inspire and help others.

I know how to create websites as I learnt HTML and CSS from when I was keen on learning Digital Marketing (2007).

Unlike many individuals who use amateur platforms (like WordPress), I use the latest releases of the most advanced platform known to the digital sector (Drupal).
Unlike other developers who use existing themes (templates) to add to platforms they use (WordPress, Joomla), I develop custom bespoke themes for the need of each customer.
Unlike other professionals who use outdated techniques which they learn years ago, as a Google Specialist, I am up to date with the latest trends and Google algorithms and my website meet and comply with all rules imposed by Google: render-blocking of JavaScript and CSS in above-the-fold content, leverage of browser caching, minify of existing JavaScript files, avoiding landing page redirects, I enable compression, I minify CSS and HTML, use optimised images, prioritise visible content and reduce server response times. I also respect HTTPS and mobile friendliness.


6 Criteria for Websites &  Website Developer

These six criteria manage the substance of Web locales instead of the illustrations or webpage plan. Apply these criteria when you inquire about on the web.


Authority uncovers that the individual, foundation or office answerable for a site has the capabilities and information to do as such. Assessing a site for power:

  • Authorship: It ought to be clear who built up the site.
  • Contact informationshould be plainly given: email address, snail mail address, telephone number, and fax number.
  • Certifications: the creator should state capabilities, accreditations, or individual foundation that gives them position to display data.
  • Check to check whether the site upheld by an association or a business body


The reason for the data exhibited in the site ought to be clear. A few locales are intended to advise, convince, express a supposition, engage, or spoof a person or thing. Assessing a site for reason:

  • Does the substance bolster the reason for the site?
  • Is the data equipped to a particular group of spectators (understudies, researchers, general peruser)?
  • Is the site sorted out and centered?
  • Are the outside connections fitting for the site?
  • Does the site assess the connections?


It is hard to evaluate the degree of inclusion since profundity in a site, using joins, can be unbounded. One creator may guarantee thorough inclusion of a subject while another may cover only one part of a theme. Assessing a site for inclusion:

  • Does the site guarantee to be particular or complete?
  • Are the themes investigated top to bottom?
  • Think about the estimation of the site's data contrasted with other comparable destinations.
  • Do the connections go to outside locales as opposed to its own?
  • Does the site give data no significant outside connections?


Money of the site alludes to: 1) how current the data displayed is, and 2) how frequently the site is refreshed or kept up. It is critical to know when a site was made, when it was last refreshed, and if the entirety of the connections are current. Assessing a site for cash includes finding the date data was

  • first composed
  • put on the web
  • last reconsidered

At that point inquire as to whether:

  • Links are exceptional
  • Links gave ought to be solid. Dead connections or references to locales that have moved are not helpful.
  • Data gave so pattern related that its convenience is restricted to a specific timeframe?
  • the site been under development for quite a while?


Objectivity of the site ought to be clear. Be careful with destinations that contain predisposition or don't concede its inclination uninhibitedly. Target destinations present data with at least inclination. Assessing a site for objectivity:

  • Is the data gave a specific predisposition?
  • Does the data attempt to influence the group of spectators?
  • Does site publicizing strife with the substance?
  • Is the site attempting to clarify, educate, convince, or sell something?


There are scarcely any gauges to check the exactness of data on the web. It is the duty of the peruser to evaluate the data displayed. Assessing a site for exactness:

  • Reliability: Is the creator associated with a known, good foundation?
  • References: do measurements and other verifiable data get appropriate references as to their starting point?
  • Does the perusing you have just done regarding the matter cause the data to appear to be exact?
  • Is the data practically identical to different locales on a similar point?
  • Does the content observe fundamental standards of language structure, spelling and organization?
  • Is a list of sources or reference rundown included?


Section 1: OVERVIEW

1Introduction - Website Developer

Numerous associations discover it progressively essential to have a site as a feature of their business, advertising and client relationship the executives endeavors. Sites regularly comprise of distinguishable substance, yet may likewise offer highlights like internet shopping, enrollments, compensate programs, occasion enlistment and criticism. All things considered highlights may require the site to gather, use, uncover, and store individual information, similar to client and installment subtleties, associations ought to know about their commitments under the Personal Data Protection Act ("PDPA").

2Purpose of this Guide - Website Developer

This guide contains a rundown of valuable themes for associations to think about when building secure sites that gather, use, unveil, or store individual information. While the rundown isn't comprehensive, it tries to help associations by giving key contemplations to the way toward setting up a site. It can likewise be utilized by entrepreneurs to manage their dialogs with IT sellers whom they connect with to manufacture their sites.


3Key Considerations -  Website Developer

When setting up a site, associations ought to consider:

  • The highlights and elements of the site (for example web based requesting entry, enrollment the executives, online gatherings);
  • The kinds of individual information that will be gathered;
  • The degree of security required;
  • Where the site will be facilitated;
  • Regardless of whether the improvement of the site (or parts of the site) will be re-appropriated;
  • The upkeep of the site, and whether it will be redistributed; and
  • Resiliency of the site (Business coherence necessities).

As sites are continually associated with the Internet, they are exposed to a large number of digital dangers that may bargain the site and uncover any close to home information it gathers. Information breaks can be expensive to the association as it might prompt money related misfortune and cause purchasers to lose trust in the association.


Associations should in this way guarantee the insurance of the individual information and the security of the site is a key structure thought at each phase of the site's life cycle. This cycle commonly incorporates prerequisites gathering, structure and advancement, client acknowledgment testing, sending and activities and backing. Of note, where information assurance isn't considered until the improvement of the site has been finished, causing changes to the site at that later stage to can add more cost to the association including cost brought about to determine any security breaches.4OutsourcingThe setting up of a site, especially with increasingly complex capacities, for example, web based requesting, participation the executives and occasion the board, requires IT skill. As not all associations have the assets to grow such sites without anyone else, they may choose to redistribute the advancement and support of the site. This would involve the commitment of at least one IT merchants to:

  • Provide the plan, format and fine art/designs for the site;
  • Create (program) the site to play out the proposed capacities;
  • Host the site with the goal that it is available on the Internet;
  • Introduce security highlights to guarantee security prerequisites are met;
  • Perform managerial assignments like overseeing client accounts; as well as
  • Maintain the site by refreshing the structure, format, illustrations and programming when required.This area depicts general contemplations that associations ought to know about when connecting with IT sellers to set up sites.

4.2 Negotiating IT Vendor's Responsibilities -  Website Developer

4.2.1Organisations ought to accentuate the requirement for individual information insurance to their IT merchants, by making it part of their legally binding terms. The agreement ought to likewise state plainly the obligations of the IT merchant as for the PDPA. When talking about the extent of the re-appropriated work, associations ought to think about whether the IT merchant's extent of work will incorporate any of the accompanying:

*Requiring that IT merchants think about how the individual information ought to be taken care of as a major aspect of the structure and design of the site.

Arranging and building up the site in a manner that guarantees that it doesn't contain any web application vulnerabilities that could uncover the individual information of people gathered, put away or got to by means of the site through the Internet.

*Requiring that IT sellers who give facilitating to the site ought to guarantee that the servers and systems are safely designed and sufficiently secured against unapproved get to

Requiring IT sellers to guarantee that all work done is completely reported and that all documentation is given over to the association toward the fruition of the task. Reports should catch the site's prerequisites, structure determinations, client test contents, client test results, just as server and system setups.

When connecting with IT merchants to give upkeep and additionally managerial help for the site, necessitating that any progressions they make to the site don't contain vulnerabilities that could uncover the individual information. Also, talking about whether they have specialized and additionally non-specialized procedures set up to keep the individual information from being uncovered unintentionally or something else.

*Requiring that IT merchants providingmaintenance and additionally regulatory help to guarantee that all progressions to the site are secure and recorded, and that the documentation is stayed up with the latest.

4.3Confidentiality -  Website Developer

4.3.1An association should clarify the reasons for which its IT merchant is locked in.

Associations ought to necessitate that IT vendor(s) guarantee that the individual information of people took care of by the site isn't unveiled to unapproved parties by their work force or sub-temporary workers.

4.3.2IT merchants ought to have forms set up for the safe treatment of the individual information during the advancement and particularly upkeep stages. As a decent practice, IT sellers ought to likewise illuminate associations regarding all sub-contractual workers and their alloted obligations.

4.3.3Confidentiality understandings may likewise be marked by all work force and sub-temporary workers who approach the individual information took care of by the site.

4.3.4Where conceivable, specialized measures ought to be executed to guarantee steady authorization of the privacy prerequisites. Associations may likewise wish to think about utilizing encryption as well as information veiling measures.

4.4Ready-MadeSoftware/Software Components

4.4.1Organisations and IT sellers may decide to utilize instant programming/programming componentsfrom outsiders who are not engaged with the advancement of the site. While utilizing prepared madesoftware/programming componentsmay accelerate the programming of the association's site, associations and their IT sellers ought to have an unmistakable comprehension of how such prepared madesoftware/softwarecomponentshandle individual dataand how it must be designed, before using it for their site.

Section 3: WEBSITE SECURITY for a Website Developer to know

5Security Policies and Processes -  Website Developer

Security courses of action for the association's site ought not be restricted to specialized arrangements as it were. Associations should likewise set up approaches and procedures to ensure the individual information gathered, put away or got to through their site. There ought to be forms where sellers need to get endorsement from association to make changes to the site. Some recommended strategies and procedures are portrayed in this area, for associations and their IT merchants (assuming any) to consider for execution. Associations may likewise necessitate that their IT vendor(s) propose increasingly definite IT strategies dependent on the recommendations in this segment. Hazard Management

5.4.1Organisations should direct a hazard appraisal of the site, or necessitate that their IT vendor(s) lead one or help the association in its assessment.A chance evaluation will recognize the security chances that the site faces, and to distinguish the potential effects to the association, if the individual information was uncovered.

5.4.2Based on the hazard evaluation, the association, with the assistance of their IT seller (assuming any), will have the option to all the more likely select the most suitable safety efforts for the site.

5.4.3The hazard appraisal and security plans ought to be checked on and refreshed all the time Security Configuration Management

5.5.1Organisations ought to guarantee, or require theirvendor(s)to guarantee, that the product and equipment segments of the association's site are appropriately arranged to avert unapproved get to. This incorporates auditing working frameworks, checking if fitting antivirus/hostile to malware programming are set up and setting firewall rules to just permit approved traffic. The setup of every segment ought to likewise be completely archived, stayed up with the latest, and investigated consistently.

There ought to likewise be an arrangement for testing and applying patches and updates for the site's product and equipment components.This incorporates having a procedure and individual capable to screen new fixes and refreshes that become available.Security Testing5.6.1Testing the site for security vulnerabilities is a significant part of guaranteeing the security of the website.Penetration testing or helplessness evaluations ought to be directed before making the site open to people in general, just as on a periodical premise (for example every year). Any found vulnerabilities ought to be explored and immediately fixed to forestall information breaks.

5.6.2Where associations have redistributed the improvement of its site, they ought to either require the IT vendor(s) to lead the above security testing, or orchestrate a cybersecurity seller to do as such. As a benchmark, associations may wishto consider utilizing the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Testing Guide and the OWASP Application Security Verification Standard (ASVS) to check that security necessities for the site have been met.Personal Data Inventory

5.7.1Organisations and any drew in IT merchants should monitor where the gathered individual information is put away, and ought to force a cutoff on to what extent the information is kept, or routinely audit their need to keep putting away the individual information.

5.7.2If the individual information is never again required, associations and any drew in IT sellers should then guarantee that the individual information is anonymised or discarded so that it can't be recovered.Incident Management5.8.1Organisations and any drawn in IT merchants should design their potential activities if the site's security is undermined.

5.8.2An episode reaction plan that is set up ahead of time will be valuable for taking care of security occurrences to guarantee that security ruptures are quickly managed to keep individual information from being uncovered.

5.8.3The episode the board plan should cover business coherence prerequisites, for example, back-up, reclamation and where pertinent, protection of evidencefor examination. Also, associations ought to explain the jobs among themselves and their IT vendor(s) on episode the board.

6Security Design for  Website Developer

Associations ought to require its IT vendor(s) to incorporate security as a significant prerequisite when planning the site. Some key security prerequisites are depicted in this segment.

6.1Access Control -  Website Developer

6.2.1Access control is a basic part of the site's security courses of action. A powerful access control plan ought to be structured to such an extent that:

*Only approved clients (for the most part staff of the association) are permitted to get to the site's managerial capacities and individual information took care of by the site. This is generally accomplished by requiring the client to login utilizing a client ID and secret key, two-factor authentication(2FA) strategies are prescribed for included security. Client IDs and passwords ought to be extraordinary to every client, and ought not be shared;

All clients should just have the option to see the site capacities and information that they are permitted to get to. For instance, individuals from people in general ought not be permitted to get to the site's managerial capacities, yet can see and alter their own enrollment profile;

The rundown of clients who approach the managerial capacities ought to be inspected and refreshed consistently to guarantee that every client has legitimate motivations to get to the capacities and information they are alloted. For instance, staff individuals who have surrendered, been moved, or who had an adjustment in work extension may require their site access refreshed or evacuated;

Just passwords with adequate length and intricacy are permitted. For instance, passwords of at any rate 8characters, and containing in any event 1 capitalized character, number and symbol.At a similar time, the framework can give tips to clients on solid passwords, when requesting that the client make a secret phrase. Such tips may incorporate :

  • Using a five distinct words that identify with a memory that is novel to the client for example Learnttorideabikeatfive
  • Counting capitalized and lowercase letters, just as numbers and images for example LearnttoRIDEabikeat5!
  • Not utilizing effectively logical individual data, for example, names, birthday events and telephone numbersin the secret phrase
  • Not utilizing a secret word that is as of now being utilized in another framework

Clients are kept from getting to the site in the event that they enter inaccurate IDs or passwords a few times in succession. For instance, clients who have entered their passwords erroneously in excess of multiple times won't be permitted to sign in, and would should be re-checked to open their client account;

Clients are required to change their passwords normally. For instance, clients can be approached to change their secret phrase like clockwork;

Passwords are scrambled during transmission and encoded or hashed away. For instance, the login page should utilize HTTPS, and the secret word is hashed before being spared in the database;

Client accounts which have not been utilized for a drawn out period [i.e. dormant], are suspended. For instance, clients who have not signed in during that period would not have the option to get to the site until their record is reactivated.

6.3Audit Log -  Website Developer

6.3.1Audit logs record the occasions experienced by the site, including the activities of the clients. Logs are significant for deciding the reason for security episodes, just as for checking the general strength of the site. Instances of review logs incorporate web logs, server logs and application logs.

6.3.2The logs of the site ought to be intended to record PC or client occasions, together with the individual time stamp, for example:

  • System occasions like beginning up, shutdown
  • Security occasions like access infringement
  • Client logins and logouts, including ineffective login endeavors
  • Activities performed by clients

6.3.3As review logs occupy extra space and will increment in size after some time, associations ought to choose (together with their IT sellers) on the fundamental activities and occasions that ought to be recorded. Furthermore, the framework ought to be structured with the end goal that the review logs can't be altered.

6.3.4The site's review logs ought to be normally surveyed, to guarantee that there has not been any unapproved movement. In the event that such action is recognized, at that point the association ought to apply their episode intend to explore and hold proof and take therapeutic activities to avoid further events. Associations who connect with outside IT merchants ought to examine how this audit can be completed, by whom and the recurrence.

6.4Server and Network Security -  Website Developer

6.4.1Websites require servers and systems so as to work and be available from the Internet. A few measures for verifying servers and systems include:

  • Installing application control1and state-of-the-art antivirus/against malware programming on the servers
  • Deploying firewalls and additionally interruption identification frameworks on the system
  • Implementing HTTPS for all pages that acknowledge client input. For instance, part enrollment, client login, occasion enlistment.

6.5Website Programming -  Website Developer

6.5.1When programming the site, software engineers ought to know about the normal site vulnerabilities, and receive the best possible programming methods and practices to evade them. Software engineers can utilize the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities list as guide and some basic vulnerabilities include:

  • Injection (for example SQL Injection)
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Cushion floods
  • Poor verification and session the board

6.5.2Organisations and any connected with IT merchants ought to guarantee that individual information can't be uncovered, either accidently or by structure, through any such vulnerabilities.The site capacities ought to be altogether tried or examined for vulnerabilities, before the site is propelled.

6.5.3Organisations ought to talk about with their outer IT merchants on whether weakness checking is incorporated into their extent of work or obtained from another specialist organization.

7PDPA Obligations for a Website Developer

Segment 24 of the PDPA requires an association to make "sensible security courses of action to ensure individual information in its ownership or under its influence to anticipate unapproved get to, gathering, use, revelation, replicating, alteration, transfer or comparative dangers." If the site is facilitated abroad and individual information of people are moved from Singapore to the abroad goal, at that point associations are required to consent to Section 26 of the PDPA, which sets out the necessities to be met for the exchange of individual information outside Singapore. IT sellers who approach the individual information to have or keeping up the site, might be viewed as information delegates under the PDPA.

Under Section 4(2), information go-betweens are required to conform to Sections 24 (which is referenced above) just as Section 25, which expects associations to stop maintenance of individual information where the reason for the information is never again fundamental for lawful or business purposes or where the motivation behind thedata is never again served by its retention.Additionally, associations should take note of that they might be held at risk for the activities or oversights of its information middle person that adds up to a break of a Data Protection Provision. The association ought to hence guarantee that its agreement with its information delegate forces adequate commitments on the information mediator to guarantee the association's very own consistence with the PDPA.

8Additional Resources for a  Website Developer

Organisations and IT merchants are urged to allude to the accompanying assets on the PDPC site, which give more data on the regions that are referenced quickly in this guide.

Tips for a  Website Developer to make your site open and accesible

Available sites help with guaranteeing that individuals with incapacities can access and view your online data. The arrangement of data and online administrations through the web is secured under the Disability Discrimination Act (1993). The best practice rules utilized globally on making sites open to individuals with handicaps are the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0, discharged by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) in 2008. The Disability Services Commission plans to meet these rules to an exclusive expectation (Level AA). To meet the prerequisites under the Disability Discrimination Act, state and neighborhood government specialists are urged to agree to the rules at this level.

The following are eight pieces of sites that staff and web organizers can check and modify to make sites open. The data underneath depends on the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

Website Developer - 1. Pictures

Guarantee your pictures have elective (alt) content except if they are only for enrichment. For pictures that are simply adornment, for example, a visual cue or outskirt, the alt content ought to be vacant or invalid. For exceptionally long or expressive alt message, the long portrayal quality ought to be utilized (longdesc). Content ought to be utilized instead of a picture of content, except if the picture is a piece of a logo or brand name.

Check your alt message by putting your mouse pointer over the picture and a yellow box ought to show up with a portrayal of what the picture is (except if it is for design).

Reason: individuals with locate impedance tune in to alt content to hear what the picture speaks to. Content exhibited as a picture can become hazy when the picture size is expanded by individuals, especially with locate impedance.

Website Developer - 2. Sound and video

Guarantee you have captions, subtitles or at any rate composed transcripts accessible with video and sound content.If there is sound that plays naturally on a site, guarantee that these sounds can be delayed or halted by the clients.

Check your sound and video has open inscriptions (subtitles that are accessible constantly) or composed transcripts and that there is a respite or stop on programmed sound on your pages.

Reason: individuals with hearing disability use inscriptions and captions to peruse what is being heard. Sounds that play consequently with no choice to respite or stop can be befuddling to individuals tuning in to content.

Website Developer - 3. Hues

Guarantee that there is high differentiation between the shade of the content exhibited and that of the foundation. Guarantee that shading isn't the main brief used to pass on data (eg don't state "select the red hover to proceed").

Check your complexity by guaranteeing that your experiences are dim with light content, or the other way around. Utilize the free apparatus (Color Contrast Analyser) accessible from Vision Australia to test your differentiation.

Reason: Low complexity (eg light dim content on white foundation) makes it hard for all individuals to see sites and all the more so individuals with locate impedance. Utilizing shading to pass on data is wrong for individuals with shading related visual hindrances.

Website Developer - 4 . Content

Guarantee that your content can be made bigger without influencing the substance or capacity of the page or site. Try not to utilize pictures of content for enriching purpose.

Watch that your content can be made bigger and littler and that the page keeps on appearing well and good in Internet Explorer by choosing "view" and afterward "content size" and select "biggest".

Reason: People with low perceivability need to expand the content size of pages to see the data. Content ought to be content, pictures can be hazy when resized so simply use straight content and style as suitable, except if it is for a logo or brand name.

Website Developer - 5. Connections

Guarantee that your connections portray where the connection is going, what the connection is or the reason for the connection. On the off chance that you connect to a report, guarantee that you state what kind of archive it is (DOC or PDF) and the document size.

Watch that connections are shown effectively (eg use Disability Services Commission not and never Click here or Read more....). Check archives express their record type and size after the report name in the connection.

Reason: People tuning in to connections need to realize what the connection is or intends to pick on the off chance that they need to go to that goal or open that report. The record size allows individuals with moderate association with realize to what extent that report may take on their association.

Website Developer - 6. Route and site structure

Guarantee that all pieces of your site can be gotten to without a mouse. Guarantee that the perusing and route request is intelligent and instinctive. Guarantee that there are various methods for discovering data.

Watch that the site can be explored through utilizing "Tab", "Shift+Tab" and "Enter" keys on the console. Take a gander at pages in a book just program, for example, Lynx View to affirm that the site bodes well and shows up consistently. Search for a site search, site map, related connections just as fundamental route on your pages.

Reason: People who use console just or voice-just won't have the option to access portions of the site that depend on a mouse click. Severely built destinations are hard to explore and make it difficult for individuals to discover what they are searching for. Individuals use sites in various manners and numerous pathways to your substance makes an increasingly natural and traversable site.

Website Developer - 7. Structures - including fields of content section, catches and checkboxes

Ensure there are marks quickly beside fields you need individuals to type in or click on.

Watch that fields that brief for an info (eg name, email, remarks) have a name by it which discloses what information is to be placed in it.

Reason: People utilizing assistive advances should have the option to distinguish what is to be placed in every one of the fields and will tune in to the guidance or brief to recognize what has a place in that field.

Website Developer - 8. Page time breaking points and glimmering

Guarantee that pages with a period cutoff can have as far as possible balanced or killed. Moving, squinting or looking over can be utilized to feature content inasmuch as it keeps going under three seconds. Nonetheless, don't place anything in your pages that flashes multiple times in any one second.

Check you have no snappy blazing content or time points of confinement forced on pages. In the event that there are time restricts for instance before a page changes, guarantee there is a control to alter as far as possible or turn it off.

Reason: People set aside some effort to see site pages and forcing changes before the perusing is done can be confounding and disappointing. Multiple flashes every second is unseemly and known to cause seizures.